Top 10 Shortest Living Dog Breeds in The World

Top 10 Shortest Living Dog Breeds in The World Top 10 Shortest Living Dog Breeds in The World

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7 Responses

  1. ManaMoL says:

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  2. aster hess says:

    when you brought up to the bull mastiff you showed a picture of a boxer… also, your english is terrible.

  3. Ben Wa Balls says:

    omfg can none of you idiots that make videos get anything right… Brazilian mastiff 5yrs, great dane 5 to 7 years, 5 being the norm, the neapolitan mastiff, 5 years…

  4. Jeff Reeds says:

    What a shit video to make. Thanks for reminding me my dog won’t live long.

  5. Yeasir Rajan says:

    rottweilers are not short living you dumb ass rottweilers live for 15 years

  6. Winston Elston says:

    I like Norwegian Elkhounds. Not a giant breed, but a fairly long-lived dog, devoted to the family, and they can be real clowns. The best-kept secret of all the family dog breeds.

  7. Joseph Smith says:

    English bulldogs live shorter than all of these.

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