Top 10 SMALLEST Dog Breeds In The WORLD!

this is Top 10 smallest dog breeds in the
world Number 10: Yorkshire terrier
first on our list is the yorkshire terrier. This super cute puppy wuppy is one of the
more popular dog breeds, and originated in the beautiful land of northern england. They are amazing with any family or friends,
and have a high level of energy to keep you entertained for years on end. The yorkies coat takes about 4 years to fully
develop, and has little to no shedding. The yorkshire is a wonderful breed of dog
that will fill your heart full of love. what kind of dog did dracula have? a bloodhound. Number 9: Japanese Chin
The japanese chin is well, japanese. this special breed is a great companion, with
many unique features. This amazing baby lap dog has a semi cute
and tiny face to match is small structured body. its said that these dogs were given to royalty
as gifts back in the 700 to 1000AD. This breed is known for its bubbly personality,
which some could claim is very cat like, with some pep in their step! The japanese chin can reach heights of almost
1 ft tall, and could reach up to 10 lbs in weight. You will have to maintenance this breed with
care to keep their coat perfect and healthy. The japanese chin can even reach ages to over
15 years old. what does a dog and a story teller have in
common? they both have tails! Number 8: Affenpinscher
the affenpinscher was originated in germany, and has a beautiful heart full of love and
joy. These little puppy wuppys can reach anywhere
from 6 to 13 lbs in weight, with a height of around a foot tall. This breed is great with other dogs and people. They have a shorter lifespan then your usual
smaller dogs, with a average of 11 years of age. The affenpinscher is known for its lack of
shedding, which is great for a easy cleanup around the house with no hair to be found. They are also known for being fantastic with
kids, giving them a best friend for a lifetime. whats a affenpinschers favorite state to visit? New yorkie! Number 7: Papillon
this amazing breed is not only super puppy wuppy cute, but they also have a higher level
of intelligence then most. You wont catch these dogs chasing parked cars
thats for sure. The papillon has the ability to learn almost
any trick you can attempt to teach them. They are great for socializing and keeping
anyone company, but they may need to be a tad more careful around kids, as they could
get a bit snappy if handled improperly. This breed can be seen wagging its long wonderful
tail with a beautiful coat of hair to match. They have such a innocent little face and
energy to them, and only require your attention and affection from their owners. The papillon has a very unique sets of ears
pointing upwards that give them a exotic and loving appearance. The papillon has a bit of a longer lifespan
then most, reaching ages up to 18 years old. The size stays relativly the same to eachother,
making them perfect lapdogs as well. What did the cute cat say to the dog? Check meow-t! Number 6: Pomeranian
The pomeranian is one of the most popular dog breeds known for their superb cuteness
and tiny little bodys. This breed of dog only reaching around 4 to
8 lbs in weight, with a smaller height potential of only 12 inches or less. The pomeranian has been a well sought after
companion over its time in existence, known to be owned by the rich and famous, like former
youtuber logan paul, and even members of royalty. This breed can be perfect for the family and
kids, but when it comes to other dogs, it could potentially try and mark its territory
by standing up to them with some form of aggression. The pomeranian has such a friendly energy
and can light up any room it enters. do you know what a pomeranians favorite instrument
is? a trombone. Number 5: Pug
This wrinkly ball of puppy wuppy joy will bring you happiness by just looking at you. The pug breed is not only one of the oldest
ancient breeds, but are known for its scrunched up puppy face with tiny little eyes poking
out at you. They were also very known for being owned
by royalty, such as the famous napoleons wife. The pugs are a pure and gentle breed, with
the cutest curly q tail behind them. They have a stocky build, with noticeable
muscles to match. This breed is great with kids and family and
is less aggressive to people over other dogs. They might have a small body but their hearts
are bigger then ever. The love provided by your favorite pug will
have you fulfilled for a lifetime. why did the pug cross the road? to get to
the barking lot. Number 4: Boston Terrier
The boston terrier is originated in our great united states of america. This extremely suborn but friendly dog breed
and very popular in our region. The boston terrier has a beautiful little
puppy face on their tiny puppy wuppy bodies. This breed has a common set of pointy ears,
with a small and compact body to hold its proportionately sized head. They can reach anywhere from 10 to 25 pounds
heavy, and can reach from 1 to 1 and a half feet tall. Another noticeable feature on this special
breed is their enormous bulging eyes bursting with love and affection. They also carry around a small little tail
wagging around with no cares in the world. The boston terrier has a light shedding, with
a low amount of maintenance involved. This is another breed prone to teeth problems
and will require extra attention in that area. I think its safe to assume every dog breed
should have their teeth taken care of equally, despite the breed. This breed was originally bred to be used
in pit fighting, but grew to be more of a companion pet with the extreme amount of happiness
they prefer to show others. The boston terrier has a very sensitive digestive
system, and should be fed with a healthy dog friendly diet. what do you call a frozen dog? a pupsicle! Number 3: Brussels Griffon
The Brussels Griffon was named after the city they were originated, Brussels, Belgium. This dog was known for its ability to chase
and keep rodents out of their properties. This breed has a miniature body frame, with
a cute scrunched up face and tiny baby puppy wuppy eyes. Brussels Griffons look their best when the
holidays come around, with a variety of outfits to grace them with. They love getting dressed up! The brussels griffon is completely family
friendly, with a endless supply of puppy kisses and love. They love to cuddle and stay close to their
owners for the most part. Training this dog breed is fairly easy, but
should be done with specific care and awareness until fully trained. They can weigh up to 10 pounds, which makes
this one of the smallest dog breeds around, and only reach heights as tall as 1 ft and
under. The interest in this beautiful breed has increased
recently due to the high demand for smaller feline companions. What do you call a dog magician? a labracadabrador. Number 2: Chihuahua
Out of all the dog breeds in the world, the chihuahua is actually the smallest of them
all. There are many different stories of the origin
of the chihuahua, but most can agree that they come from mexico. Its name came from the city in mexico chihuahua. This baby sized dog breed can only reach up
to 7 pounds in weight, with some exceptions of course. The height can only reach up to 10 inches
max, which is extremely small compared to many other dog breeds. The chihuahua can be known to look quite dangerous,
but ultimately harmless. The coat of this dog can reach a variety of
colors and patterns to admire. The grooming for this breed is very minimal,
with next to no shedding. the chihuahua is not the easiest to train,
as it will need a dedicated and patient owner for maximum success. The parents of your pup will greatly effect
the attitude it will have as it grows older. There are also over 8 different crossbreeds
with them that are known, to create many different kinds of breeds. What do you get when you gross a golden dog
with a telephone? a golden receiver! Number 1: Maltese
The maltese is one of the more well known smaller dog breeds in existence. This specific breed originates from the Mediterranean
island areas. The maltese are recorded to be around and
mentioned since 350BC. These cute widdle puppy wuppies can rang from
2 to 10 lbs in weight, with a height of only 5 to 13 centimeters. The maltese is one of few breeds that dont
shed hair, making them a lot easier to maintenance, not to mention no hair on your couch or floors. If you have a dog who often sheds, then you
already know what im talking about. There are many different kinds of haircuts
and styles you can groom your maltese to your liking. This breed is known for their loyal companionship,
and are magnificent family pets, with tons of energy and love to give unconditionally. Another unique attribute about the maltese
is their hypoallergenic nature, meaning they are less likely to give a reaction to those
who are allergic to dogs. one of the most common things to watch out
for in this breed is their dental care. They are known to be prone to cavities and
other kinds of teeth problems. The maltese is not only one of the smallest
breeds in the world, but also one of my personal favorites as well. What does my dog and my phone have in common? They both have collar I.D. Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed this video hit the like button!
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