Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Richard Sherman! (NFL) – PART 2

EverythingTop10 is proud to present, part
2 of “The Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Richard Sherman!” #10. He does not shy away from trash talk. He has always had an abrasive personality
and is considered a divisive figure in many circles. Over the years, he has been in the spotlight
for talking trash to opponents and other people in the football world. He does not shy away from controversy and
has clashed with superstar quarterback Tom Brady as well as sports debater Skip Bayless
before. He once went after Skip Bayless on ESPN in
response to a seemingly endless barrage of criticism from the sports debater. Skip Bayless had called his ability into question
more than once in 2012, despite the fact that Sherman had pretty impressive stats that year
and was named to the NFL All-Pro team. #9. Sherman has a running beef with Darrelle Revis. In his true combative and controversial nature,
one of the people Sherman has always been at odds with is Darrelle Revis. They are both cornerbacks, and their beef
can be traced all the way back to 2012, when Revis was seen as one of the best cornerbacks
in the league. Their rivalry spilled onto social media, with
Revis accusing Sherman of always talking about him in order to stay relevant. Sherman, in his characteristic nature, did
not shy away from the spat, essentially telling Revis that he was much better, and not his
competition. Revis has since retired, but the jury is still
out on who, in their prime, was the better football player. One thing is for sure, though, Sherman was
the better trash talker. #8. He is a huge Harry Potter fan. Harry Potter fans in the football world will
be delighted to know that Sherman is a huge fan of the fictional character and the franchise. He was so obsessed with Harry Potter that
he once wore a full Harry Potter costume to a press appearance, complete with a magic
wand. Granted, it was mostly because his son asked
him to, but it only cemented his place on the list of Harry Potter fans in the NFL. He has reportedly followed the franchise for
years, reading all the books and attending the midnight releases of the movies when they
came out during his college days at Stanford. #7. Sherman is heavily invested in video games. He loves his video games; his favorite video
game franchise is Call of Duty. He not only enjoys playing, but is also an
investor in gaming teams and companies. In 2019, he was signed by Enthusiast Gaming
as part of their Luminosity Team. He has since been a brand ambassador of the
company, a shareholder, and a member of their Call of Duty team. The plan is to challenge other NFL players
to publicly stream matches across the company’s networks. For context, Enthusiast Gaming is one of the
largest e-sports companies in the world, with up to 150 million visitors to its platform
every month. #6. He is married to Ashley Moss. He and Ashley got married in 2018, but have
been together much longer than that. They got engaged in June of 2015, a few months
after welcoming their first child together. Their son Rayden was born just a few days
after Superbowl 49. Their second child, daughter Avery, was born
in April of 2016. The two celebrated their wedding in 2018 in
the Dominican Republic during a period when Sherman was recovering from an Achilles injury. #5. Sherman is an active member of the NFL Players’
Association otherwise known as the NFLPA. He is one of the more vocal members of the
NFLPA and is often one of the first to comment on matters, regarding player welfare. His controversial nature has also seen him
make some unconventional decisions, like representing himself instead of choosing an agent. He is also one of the more active writers
on the Players’ Tribune, a website that tells the players’ stories from their own
perspectives. #4. He has a strong Venture Capitalist portfolio. According to Sherman, not many NFL players
often think about life after football, something he is more than willing to rectify for himself. He has invested in such companies as VICIS,
a startup company that makes helmets aimed at reducing the impact of head injuries in
football. He has also invested in Oxeia Biopharmaceuticals,
a company that has been focusing on drugs that mitigate the effects of concussions as
soon as they happen. He also joined VC firm Decibel as one of their
investors and advisors. #3. Sherman is a big Lakers fan and was friends
with Kobe Bryant. He is a huge fan of the Lakers, and has been
seen with a Lakers jersey on numerous times supporting the team both courtside and at
home. He was friends with Lakers legend Kobe Bryant,
who in the past reportedly helped him overcome his Achilles injury. Kobe also suffered a much publicized Achilles
injury, and was in the best position to advise anyone on recovery tips. #2. He is very committed to helping the less fortunate. Despite his perceived arrogance, he is still
committed to giving back to the community. He has a charity called Blanket coverage,
which operates under the Richard Sherman Family Foundation. He was brought up to care for everyone else,
with his childhood home often serving as a local hub or refuge during the holidays. He has kept with this spirit and has over
the course of his career helped hundreds of families spend the holidays more comfortably,
buying them gifts and supplies. #1. Sherman negotiated his own contract. His belief in himself seemingly knows no bounds. In 2018, he, with a little help from his wife,
negotiated his own contract with the 49ers, a decision that was heavily criticized by
experts in the league. Things went well for him despite this, and
he signed a three-year contract worth up to $39 million. Many thought it was a poor contract, thinking
he should have gone for more money. His contract did not have as much money guaranteed,
but was loaded with incentives that would eventually raise his base salary. That’s all folks! If you missed it, make sure you check out
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