Top 10 Weirdest Vending Machines

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Going to the grocery store may be a necessary
behavior in 2018, but in some countries that are living in the future, all of their shopping
can be done on a vending machine in the subway ride home. I mean, why interact with other humans for
any kind of purchase? It goes beyond groceries, too. No more snacks, drinks, and quick fixes in
these machines! Whether you’re looking for a new pet, a,
rather odd additive to your rice, an umbrella, or even vegetables, these super weird vending
machines are here to provide it for you. But before we get started, why not become
an archivist today by clicking that subscribe button and notification bell so you don’t
miss out on any future uploads! If you end up enjoying this video, let us
know by giving it a thumbs up and tell us what type of vending machine you’d invent! 10. Flying Fish Soup
Anything that says “fish” or “flying” on it does not belong in a vending machine. I want a human hand to give me my salmon,
my trout, and anything that may or may not have flown at one point. So, of course, this particular vending machine
sets off my gag reflex. This isn’t even just a flying fish in a
bag, it’s flying fish soup in a bottle with algae. Apparently, it’s regularly used in Japan
to flavor food and people will straight up buy it from a vending machine closest to them. This means someone’s mom is putting on her
slippers, leaving the pot over easy, and walking to the corner vending machine to pick up an
extra bottle of flying fish juices. Nice one, Japan. 9. Umbrellas
Now, this is something I can get behind! Or under, I suppose. Japan wins again with the umbrella vending
machine. Whether you’re fresh out of umbrellas because
you lent yours to your friend who never returned it, or just left yours in your other bag,
this machine will save your day! Unlike sneaky street salespeople who will
increase the price of umbrellas as soon as the storm rolls around… this vending machine
has it ready for you anytime, and without the markup! Although I would deeply benefit from one of
these as a serial umbrella forgetter, I think it is also a deeply enabling machine that
will never let me learn… 8. Ramen
Number eight is a vending machine that every college in America should be investing in
immediately. In fact, we could probably cover tuition prices
nationwide if only we put a Ramen vending machine in every campus in the country. Upcharge a quarter per pack for the convenience
of not leaving your dorm floor and ba-da-bing! You have yourself a business that makes money
while you sleep and students drink! Or study, or whatever kids in dorms do at
night. What’s better is that this isn’t your
same, lame 90 cent ramen from the grocery store. No siree, this is punch-in-your-order-and-get-it
hot and fresh like your upscale Japanese place would make it for nine dollars. 7. Surgical Masks
This is definitely something that we might have a hard time relating to. In the United States, we take clean air for
granted. In countries like Japan and other countries
in Asia, they suffer from air quality issues. This is why people frequently wear surgical
masks outdoors. Whether they’re commuting or going to the
store, it makes sense that vending machines are selling their most highly-ticketed accessory
in vending machines that cross your path during your everyday journey. These babies distribute masks for all situations,
whether you’re avoiding pollen or the black smoke coming from China. 6. Puppies
Cat cafes are so last decade. I’ll be moving straight into the future
where I can calm any and all my anxieties with the push of a button at a puppy vending
machine. With this vending machine, I can do that for
the low price of $88. The puppies are kept in relatively decent
boxes with windows and toys while spectators choose which one to take home. Sure, it’s a little different than choosing
between a water bottle and a Fanta, but a beagle vs a pug is a much more fun decision. Of course, a Fanta isn’t going to pee on
the floor later, but every vending machine has its pros and cons. All I can say is, I’d probably become the
male version of a cat lady and come home with four puppies every single day if they had
one of these near me. 5. Live Crabs
Japan isn’t the only cool kid in Asia with cool vending machines. China is also making shopping quicker, even
for crustaceans, as seen in this Chinese machine that sells fresh crabs! They’re intricate machines because it’s
not all about taking bills, giving change, and refrigerating soft drinks. The internal temperature has to be an even
41 degrees Fahrenheit to be somewhat humane to the creatures. The crabs, at this temperature, stay at a
state of hibernation without dying. In fact, the vending company goes as far as
to compensate any dead crab you buy with three live ones. Not a bad deal! 4. Toilet Paper
This vending machine kind of reminds of the umbrella one. Just hear me out. You don’t approach an umbrella machine unless
the clouds are going #1. You don’t approach a toilet paper machine
unless you need to go #2. It is a per-need basis and if these people
aren’t charging up the wahoo – literally – for this TP, then they are better humans
than I am. Just imagine, you had some dodgy vending machine
flying fish soup and now you really have to go, but you know your subway bathrooms are
less than hygienic and toilet paper is scarce. What to do? Hit the TP machine. Regardless, I see the future of this vending
machine pooping, I mean working, quite well. 3. Lettuce
Number three is so far into the future I feel like we’re in a Black Mirror episode before
the horror drops. This vending machine is exactly what it looks
like, and is called “The Chef’s Farm”, and accurately so! It grows sixty heads of lettuce per day inside
its super calculated mini-environment that uses fluorescent light. They’re all bright, fresh, green lettuce
heads, perfect for any chef who needs a big batch quickly and easily without making a
trip to the store. Vending machines for Snickers and Gatorade
are too old school. This is the future and if a head of lettuce
will cost me $10 dollars, so be it. 2. Live Bait
Fishermen seem to be like boy scouts, always prepared. However, you’d be surprised how many of
them leave many of their supplies at home. It may have been their jaw holder, their line
gripper, their… I don’t know any more fishing accessories. What I do know though, is that the worst thing
to forget at home has to be the bait! You can have all of your fishing gear together,
you get on the water and you have nothing to make your rod attractive to actual fish. Fear not, fisherman! Just petition your city for a batch of these
babies. They’re bait vending machines, for every
fisherman or woman who may forget or run out of bait when the time comes. Need an extra worm or a fly? It’s been chilled and prepared for your
catch of the day. 1. Gold
Finally, of course, the one thing we all want when we see the shining light of promise from
a vending machine across the room. Whether it’s at an airport gate, a hospital,
a mall, or even a school, we could all benefit from a vending machine full of… gold! Is this the brand new Barbie Dream House? Not quite. This vending machine in Abu Dhabi will, for
a price, give you your own small box of gold to take home. Well, a small black box holding your tiny
little bit of gold. The coins can weigh up to ten grams and, surprisingly,
sells to you at the market value, updated every ten seconds. Maybe this won’t get you out of a bind anytime
soon, but it certainly is cool!

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    The "surgical masks" are worn not because of bad air quality (mostly) but because of not wanting to get or give germs to/from other people on the whole. The only peeps who wear them for air quality are roadside workers and peeps like that.

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    Listen, I’ll take a vending machine that I put a dollar in it, and it gives me 100 bucks. Let’s go, inventors.

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    Sorry, not a fan of the pet vending machine. I just think it gives an excuse to mistreat animals. But an animal supply vending machine would be good. Food, medicine, toys, ect.

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    Yes to the Ramen soup vending machines. It obviously serves it piping hot in the bowl ready to go. Perfect for any college student trying to grab a hot meal between classes!!!!!

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