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These amazing dogs are
living completely new lives. It’s time to get inspired with
our favorite weight loss transformations. We were in shock. I had never seen a dog that big. It actually said, “black
lab, a tad overweight.” I saw that and I got tears in my eyes. They opened the door and
he came bombing out. He was enormous. But was so happy. His
tail was wagging. He was such a love. I just knew we could help him. Shiloh weighed 146 pounds when he should
have weighed between 65 and 85 pounds. He looked uncomfortable. He could barely make it down the street. He just plopped down. Walking was hard at first, but it
got a little easier each day. After just two months,
Shiloh lost 20 pounds. He’s done a great job. Every step we’ve been proud of him. He’s a good boy. Lu-Seal could barely walk when
she was found abandoned. She was 9 years old
and weighed 16 pounds. Twice as much as she should. But luckily, she got adopted. And her new mom put
her on a strict diet. Here we go. Now Lu-Seal weighs under 9 pounds. Obie came to me six years ago,
after I read about his story. It was a plea for help that a family
member wrote to get him out of his current situation. He had become increasingly
more and more overweight. His feet hadn’t touched the ground for
at least eight months at that point, because they were physically unable to pick
him up and get him outside. It was a pretty desperate situation. So I was one of the first
people to read that plea for help. And I said, well, “I’ll take him.” Obie pretty much stayed to
one room in my house. And it was the closest to the back door
so I could drag him out on a quilt, to get him outside to go potty. Physically, Obie wasn’t able to really
interact with the other dogs. But he wanted to, so you could tell that he
was really just kind of keep an eye on the other dogs and me.
Him wanting to see what I was doing and what the other
dogs were doing kind of encouraged him to get up and move. So that was great. I think he was a little
sad not being able to interact. So as he became able to interact with
them more, he was happier and more animated. I used to take him
for quite a bit of hikes. These days, he’s able to do pretty
much anything the other dogs can do. I just have one step so he
can get on the couch by himself. I have stairs so he can
get in the bed by himself. Yeah, he’s pretty active, living a
normal dog life these days. He’s slowing down a little
bit, because he’s 12 now. He’s brought a lot of
awareness to obesity in pets. So because he’s so happy and he’s so
animated and so easy going, he has a really special story, but I think it’s
his personality that people are really drawn to. Maxo’s daily life was
becoming a struggle. He was in need of a special home to
help restore him back to a healthy body weight. When Charlotte and her family adopted Maxo, he
couldn’t even get into the car by himself. He weighed 99 pounds. But they were determined to get
him back to his old self. Originally mistaken for an old dog
by most, by overcoming these challenges, Maxo soon dropped 35 pounds. Now he’s 16 kilograms lighter. He has rediscovered his youth and he can
now run, jump and play with the best of them. His life has completely transformed. Maxo regained his independence and is
always ready for the next adventure. When I first got her, it was really
tough because I felt like I couldn’t take her out places because everyone would look at
her like, oh my gosh, what did you do to this dog? I almost felt like I need to put a
sign on her that said, “I didn’t do this. She’s on a diet. Don’t worry.” When she was rescued, Bertha was nearly
three times the size she should be. And that’s when she met Allison. She had popped up on Instagram and she was
so cute and I felt so bad for her. She was so big, it
was obvious she was uncomfortable. I used to work at a veterinary hospital. And so I had seen a lot of
dogs come in that were really overweight. I would see what a difference it would
make when their owners would help them lose the weight. So then when I saw Bertha, it was like,
“OK, I know I can help this dog.” It really was just the diet. She runs around a lot herself. So once she started losing weight and
she was feeling better, she started moving a ton. You can tell it has just
been a steady progression of, “OK. I got up the steps, now I am going to
be able to run through the grass a little quicker.” It’s kind of like having a new
baby almost, like every day or every week, there’s something new in her
personality that wasn’t there before. Now that she’s losing the weight, Bertha
has a whole new lease on life. The other night, I had her in my purse,
and these guys were like, “Oh, my gosh, she’s so cute.” They’re like, “Is she a puppy?” “No. She’s 9 years old.” She’s a pretty awesome little girl.

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100 Responses

  1. Kalinin Dippy says:

    The people talking about their dogs transformations were so animated and lively. The narrator by contrast is absolutely flat and sounds sincerely disinterested. I know many voice-over artists and narrators who would do a better job for free.

  2. TheBritishTwat says:

    They should do this with people!

  3. Maribeth Spence says:

    It's unhealthy and uncomfortable for me to be overweight so I know it's got to be so not good for these dogs. So glad someone took them in their hearts and helped them get rid of that weight.

  4. Akwaaba B says:

    definition of personality: "The totality of qualities and traits, as of character or behaviour, that are peculiar to a specific person." hint: non humans don't have them. instead they have "caninalities" or "felinalities": qualities and traits, as of character or behaviour, that are peculiar to a specific dog or cat!

  5. Carla Vela says:


  6. Julien Freddy says:

    Obi…. You are too big my baby!! Thank you.

  7. TSC Hellobfi says:

    Doggos 🐶 Like
    Cats 🐱 Comment

  8. Ronna says:


  9. Phyllis Wurm says:

    You can see how much better they look and feel. Kudos to the rescuers thank you for caring and doing a great job

  10. Jonny Bravo says:

    I love seals lol

  11. Małgorzata Karolak says:


  12. ٰ ٰ says:

    All animals in SUBARU community is healthy
    OR YOU didn’t deserve both

  13. Alan jones says:

    Animal abuse pure and simple ignorance !

  14. saika says:

    How To help your dog lose weight?

  15. AlterMelon says:

    These dogs are healthier than me..

  16. Warlord Of The Infernal says:

    Obie Should of been #1 because that story was the most drastic in sudden change of weight & Character Obie Triumphs!

  17. Bäbýģirłĺøvë avakin says:

    these dogs are so cute ❤❤

  18. Warlord Of The Infernal says:

    Who am I kidding? I love all these dogs! All of them Are Amazing 🐾

  19. Jesse M. says:

    Now y'all fatass people need to do the same 👌

  20. Chasity says:

    I'm glad they got help and support. They're healthy and happy now, going to live longer.

  21. Glenn Weeks says:

    Sadness in their eyes is heart breaking…

  22. vanoss2 canada says:

    U guys are awesome and u bring me and others inspiration with those puppers

  23. Kawaii Queen says:

    How do they get that fat?! I’m glad they lost the weight though ❤️

  24. Manish Khamkar says:

    So biuteful Dog animals in the world thanks so much for your help with Donet 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  25. Nora R says:

    yeeees!!!! i love to see how happy they're now

  26. blue03r6 says:

    We need laws that allows a vet to take an animal from these owners and the state prosecute owners for abuse. For some reason people always over feed their dogs. They don't need a whole filled bowl of food. My 58lb pitbull gets 1.5 cups of food per day. That's all they need. I watch people put 3 cups of food in the bowl 2 and 3 times a day. It's way too much food!

  27. Rumrunner says:

    These dogs are all so precious and look so much happier. Watching Maxo leap into the back of that wagon made me reverse the video and watch it again. What a happy boy! ❤️❤️☮️

  28. Pirom Tep says:

    The 3rd one was sad

  29. Asmr Apples Lover says:


  30. Asmr Apples Lover says:

    I am so happy they are better now omg thank you to the people that love this beautiful doggies!!!

  31. Asmr Apples Lover says:

    Go Vegan World

  32. Jaaman06 says:

    Il en est de même pour les chiens que pour les être humains, à trop manger, ont devient obèse. Comment peut-on laisser son compagnon grossir de la sorte 😮

  33. Johanna Duran says:

    This is very inspiring. Thank you for this piece. 😁

  34. sivkasta bjeloguza says:

    Amazing stories 😌🐾

  35. Joe says:


  36. Okami says:

    Fat bois

  37. Don Voltonus says:

    #3 was one chonky doggo boi!

  38. gardonkulous says:

    Why did you guys start narrating these videos? I'm just here for the animals. Don't add more humans!

  39. CultureShock 99 says:

    I'm feeling pretty good! If they could do it so could I!

  40. Franklin Sharp says:

    I wish you gave ideas and tips for feeding.
    My father had an overweight dog, now I have her. She is a pit mix and has lost 20# over the last 8 months. I love her, hopefully she can loose another 60# over the next 18 months.
    She is Soo much happier now and loves to go on walks.

  41. Yassel Alvarez says:

    I have lost 33 lbs… the feeling of being lighter is a good bonus; bur of course the reward is health.

  42. Michael Sheperd says:

    So sad that so many ignorant owners let their dogs get that way

  43. Lisa G says:

    Awwww what great transformations for all these beautiful pups. Thanks to all the people involved with working out these poor dogs weight issues. They really do have a new lease on life! 🐶❤️

  44. eat the rich says:

    can you please make an addition to the video explaining that pets should be checked by a veterinarian prior to major changes? obese dogs can lose weight, but it should be monitored to make sure it's being done in a way that's not putting additional stress on the pup. but another important note is, some conditions can look like obesity, but are very different in nature and dieting cannot help, like in the case of cushing's disease.

  45. Lunkis says:

    Amazing ❤️

  46. Hammerdak says:

    It’s amazing how people can see an obese dog and say that’s wrong, that’s sad…but obese people ??? Well that’s perfectly acceptable.

  47. Carol Miles says:

    These people before did not exercise their dogs enough

  48. Rachael Hartley says:

    The last one the lady commented that people thought she was a puppy. I have heard many people ask that about my very fit lab (age 5) and have realized that fat dogs are the norm. For many people a dog becomes barrel shaped around the age of two. It breaks my heart and I hope more people would realize the importance of a dog being at a healthy weight.

  49. Alexia Anagnostou says:

    I loved this video sooo much!!😍😍😍😍Could you possibly make a similar compilation about cats,as well!!?? I am a cat mama so I would totally appreciate that !! It would be awesome a compilation of other animals,too…For example, overweight wild animals or farm animals …. Actually~~any type of compilation rocks!!! Thank you so much for sharing 💙💚💛💜💙💚💛💜💙💚💛💜💙💚💛💜

  50. 5,000 subscribers with no videos says:


  51. Atom Smasher says:

    2:27 Wow, that is one fat motherfu**er, glad he's better now!

  52. Ana Garcia says:

    My dog was an shauzner mini and his weight was 23 kg

  53. John G says:

    such scumbag lowlife pet owners out there

  54. Aidan The Lover Boy O'Dwyer says:

    cat version please

  55. omhar super says:

    Wow that was amazing

  56. dflork says:

    👍👍👍 AWESOME !!!

  57. Jimmy jeanpaul says:

    Humans are the most fucked up of all the species.
    I can't wait for overlord aliens to do to us EVERYTHING we do the natural world.
    This isn't a feel good story… How in the first place did these innocent animals get like this…
    I pray every day the animal kingdom develop intelligence and consciousness akin to us and exact revenge…

  58. Marie Antoinette says:

    Silhouette in the thumbnail looks like a cute anime girl.

  59. dadbad67 says:

    Burrosi cicciosi maialosi cicciosferici

  60. dadbad67 says:

    2:23 new brown chubby seal in town

  61. Cee Jay says:

    Weigh to go! Sorry I could not help myself☺️

  62. MariaEmblem Grulla says:

    I really love the Dodo. Thank you for featuring success pet stories

  63. zeldaprincessgirl100 says:

    Now, if obese people did the same 🤔

  64. Mike Latta says:

    Fat people have fat dogs.

  65. long cat says:

    every dog in the world is a good boye
    no one can change my mind
    because it is a fact
    a darn fact

  66. big spoon says:

    We all feel better a little thinner.

  67. Ji Hoon Lee says:

    how do these dogs get that big in the first place?

  68. MarieJacq Howe says:

    it's abuse

  69. Jeanie J says:

    That smile on Lucille.

  70. Jeanie J says:

    I feel like crying, poor obie. Just horrible. Kudos to all the people who put in the love and time to get them back to health

  71. Jay S. says:

    Thicc bois become fitt bois!

  72. Madeth Lumba says:

    Amazing …thank you for helping him.salute you people who loves dog.

  73. Makcik Lawa says:

    Jayziz! Obie is like a whole different dog! The transformation is phenomenal!

    I can see how Lu-Seal got her name. She's really derpy adorable with this
    👉🏼😋 kinda special smile.

  74. mia Olvera says:

    This made me cry alot it makes me sad to see the dogs so big it hurts me in side but im so happy that they are healthy now

  75. daisy iris says:

    What happend to beau nugget

  76. TheeFri2 says:

    And I’m amazed how Shiloh went from weighing 30lb more than me to 30lbs less—!

  77. Can’t Relate says:

    Now I wish Amberlynn Reid can see how bad she’s neglecting her chihuahua Twinkie Star….the poor dog is so overweight 🙁

  78. Idk Man says:

    if dogs can do it SO. CAN. YOU.

  79. 張星震 says:

    我阿罵養的 哈哈

  80. ᴅᴀʀᴋɴᴇss. says:

    My little dachshund corgie mix looks a little chubby because of the corgie he has. everyone says he should loose a little weight, but in reality hes only 20 pounds. lol

  81. Unlicensed Memes says:

    And that's when she met Allison, who is also 3x the size she should be.

  82. Phillipa A says:

    I dont get why people dont get in more trouble for letting animals get like that its surely a form of abuse. The same as parents causing health problems in their kids for letting them get obese

  83. pcosta816 says:

    She saw an ad for a dog that said “a tad overweight” and started crying…Some people have no idea when to cry.

  84. Terence Jay says:

    As my vet said, 'It's perfectly fine to keep a fully-grown dog a little hungry.' What's surprising is these dogs don't seem to have problems with excess skin after extreme weight-loss in the same way these 'My 600lb life' people do.

  85. Nicole Wallace says:


  86. Karen Bailey says:

    Good grief! That is so cruel to let your dog get into that state!

  87. ClydeRaven TV says:

    I thought those dogs are pigs…

  88. J Waddell says:

    Did the diets these dogs were on come from the vet? Can these diets be shared for dogs that need to lose five to ten pounds?

  89. Maddy G. says:

    What beautiful transformations ❣️

  90. Syno Nymous says:

    Obie shouldve been n° 1

  91. Remymees35 Huisman says:

    I don't understand how people could do this to there dogs. This is a way of animal abuse as well thinking you're dog is always hungry. And feed hym until he dies. I could be really angry about this.

  92. Urine Animal says:

    Inflate Obi again! That was pretty cool looking baloon

  93. Adele D says:

    Before: DOG
    After: dog

  94. superlucylu1231 says:

    Those dogs are so cute!

  95. Edie Koller says:

    Great stories

  96. Arnica Moana says:

    There is zero excuse for having an obese pet, and very very few reasons for your pet to be overweight, especially cats and dogs. Obese pets are not cute. Not cats, not dogs, not rabbits, not guinea pigs, not lizards or birds either. You are killing your pet.

  97. Arnica Moana says:

    PSA: Using your own obesity to excuse your animal’s obesity is not acceptable. Stop killing your pet because you’re irresponsible. I hate seeing 20 lb applehead chihuahuas in my clinic.

  98. Drago Musevini says:

    Looks like the mascot for Nathan's.

  99. RL Fam. says:

    Swimming are Good for human and pet's …

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