Top 5 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds

Here the list of 5 most beautiful dog breeds. 1. Pomeranian Pomeranian only weighs between 1.3-3.3 kg and measures 7-12 inches in height. Pomeranian is a very popular active and lovely breed in the world. 2. Siberian Husky The pretty Siberian Husky looks like a wolf and known for its friendliness and loyalty. The strong Siberian huskies stand 21-24 inches high and weighs between 22-28 kg. 3. Golden Retriever The smart, beautiful and good-natured golden retriever is one of the most popular dog breed in the world. A fully grown golden retriever stands 22-24 inches in height and weighs upto 35 kg 4. Beagle It is a pretty, moderately sized dog that looks like a miniature foxhound. This breed stands at a height between 14-16 inches and weighs up to 11 kg. 5. Akita Inu Akita Inu is a large and beautiful dog that originally breed in Japan. This large breed weighs between 34-54 kg and reach up to a height of 26 inches. Thank you for watching, please Subscribe

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