Top Internet Pet Myths…Debunked!

The internet is a great place to get tons
of information. And rumors.>>Meg: And pictures of cats!>>Stephen: And emails! I wish that Nigerian
prince would write me back. And scams.>>VO: This episode of Cone of Shame brought
to you by Natural Value treats from Loving Pets.>>VO: And now, your host, the vet who just
wants you to notice him,>>VO: Dr. Andy Roark! [Music] This week, we’re talking about the top internet
pet myths. This is the first show ever to bust myths.>>Stephen: Uhhhh…Mythbusters? This is the first show ever to bust myths
and be hosted by a veterinarian.>>Stephen: Nailed it. So what are the myths that you’ve probably
read that simply aren’t true?>>Meg: I heard that if you say “Spuds MacKenzie”
3 times in a mirror, >>Meg: you’ll get sad about how old you’ll feel. Oh that’s true. That’s not a myth. Here are my least favorite myths. Swiffer WetJet and/or Febreeze are dangerous
for your pet. Despite persistent internet rumors that just
keep resurfacing, both of these products are totally safe to
use around your pet as long as you follow the product instructions. Using Swiffer WetJet to clean your pet or
spraying your pet with Febreeze like it’s Axe body spray, that’s not following the instructions.>>Meg: And maybe don’t use Axe.>>Meg: At all.>>Meg: Ever. For those that are curious, the rumor usually
goes that chemicals in Febreeze and the Swiffer WetJet can get on your pet’s paws then when your pet licks her paws, she can
be poisoned. The rumors also usually state that both products have
chemicals in them that are similar to antifreeze.>>Stephen: Febreeze and Antifreeze rhyme,
so it must be true. Both of these rumors are false. Dogs eat grass when they’re sick. Sometimes they eat grass when they’re pulled
over by the police. Sometimes dogs will eat grass when they have
an upset stomach, then later on they throw up because they don’t feel good
and then we see that grass again.>>Meg: And then if you wait long enough,
they’ll eat that grass again. It’s like a way grosser Circle of Life. Some dogs just like to eat grass and they
go out to graze. If your pet is eating grass exclusively however,
you should get her checked out because you may actually
own a small cow. Pet’s that lick or eat concrete, rocks, or
other “stuff” must have a nutrient deficiency. Ooh! This one time I tried to eat a rock…I
had to get dental surgery. Oooh! That must have cost your parents a fortune.>>Stephen: No. I paid for it. This was on
Tuesday. Ohhh… Typically this is not true. Nobody knows why
dogs eat weird stuff though some believe that it’s associated closely
with boredom. Just feed your pet a complete and balanced
diet and provide lots of mental and physical exercise. That being said, if this is a new behavior
that your pet has just picked up I might get them checked out at the vet just
to make sure everything is ok. Purebred dogs are healthier than mutts, or
vice versa. Though many people feel that they “know what
they are getting” with a purebred dog certain breeds are prone to certain diseases.
For example, boxers have their own heart condition. The smush-face breeds are prone to breathing
problems. I’m talking about the boston terriers, the
pugs, the bulldogs, the frenchies>>Stephen: Yeah, well “frenchies” are pretentious
and they smell bad. You’re talking about the dog breed?>>Stephen: Sure? Don’t get me wrong. I’m not knocking these
breeds. I love them.>>Stephen: He’s just saying that because
you’re gonna send angry letters that I have>>Stephen: to read and they make me sad. They make me sad, too.>>Meg: I like them. Conversely, there’s also not much evidence
to support the popular idea that mutts are healthier than purebreds. There is, however, strong evidence that pets
named Lucky are not. And pets named Eileen tend to fall over. Though mutts tend to have fewer genetic diseases
than some purebreds mutts can still inherit diseases from their
parents. On a personal note, I inherited my mom’s love
of animals and thirst for knowledge.>>Stephen: I inherited my mom’s collection
of left handed gloves. Cats can’t balance if they lose their whiskers. Cat whiskers help them sense their environment. But the whiskers really have nothing to do with balance. Studies have actually shown that cats use
their legs for balance. Despite that, whiskers are attached to a sensitive
part of the skin, so don’t ever pull or cut your cat’s whiskers. Or tail. Or ears. Just don’t pull on parts of your cat, please. Garlic prevents fleas and/or treats worms. I totally understand why this sounds legit.
You know, fleas/ticks/worms, they’re all bloodsuckers. Garlic repels vampires.
It seems so obvious. But… Garlic, like onions, is actually toxic to
dogs and cats and can cause anemia, which is a loss of blood cells.>>Stephen: What about Funyuns? No, I wouldn’t do them.>>Stephen: Well, can I have Funyuns? Maybe later. There are plenty of safe, effective ways to
treat fleas or deworm pets. Garlic is not on that list. [Music]>>Stephen: So, are you gonna share, or what? These are Natural Value dog treats, by Loving
Pets. They are 100% Natural. They are 100% made
in the USA with USA sourced ingredients. They are duck, chicken, and beef. They come
in sausages, tenders, and sticks. They are gluten, wheat, and soy free. And
the chicken and beef are grain free. And they’re called Natural Value because the
price on these is great. They smell fantastic. They taste fantastic.
Or so my dog tells me.>>Stephen: They look really good. They actually look amazing.
>>Stephen: I think you should eat one. Are you serious?>>Stephen: Yeah, you should eat one. Turn the camera off. [chewing sounds] Mmmmmm… And that’s our show! Thank you so, so much
for watching, my fellow Coneheads! Pease help me to help pets by sharing this video, subscribing to the channel, and telling me
what topics you’d like to see on the Cone of Shame in
the comments section below and until next time, hey, let’s be the people that our pets deserve. [music]

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22 Responses

  1. Leaine Lodoen says:

    Love your videos! Great info.

  2. thestapleklown says:

    Why does my dog only like to play with things that aren't his toy's, for example my socks, hats, news papers , cat toys (my cats aren't happy about this), cardboard, rope and other stuff. but not his own toys

  3. Sharon Moseson says:

    ROFLMAO… Once again you started off my day with a big smile and some very good info….. The Coneheads reference was also timely since this weekend is apparently the 40th Anniversary of SNL! (Really… a small cow, eh? I will have to pass that on to my dog owning friends…LOLOLOL)

  4. Crowe Lee says:

    Lmao XD I tell everyone at work they need to watch yoir videos. Including the top 5 ways vets can annoy their techs and stuff. XD Hehe Egh I have a friend who would probably try thosem. She thought the horse treats I had would taste like apple because they really smelled like apples. She was wrong. XD

  5. Debi Matlack says:

    I love, love, LOVE your show! Giving people good information and making it entraining (so that it's more likely to stick) is a rare gift and you have it in abundance! My suggestion for a future segment is one devoted to the fact that animals aren't tiny people and can't have all the same medicines and foods as people? I still encounter people that want to feed their pets chocolate and raisins and give them ibuprofen when they are sick.

  6. Stacy Harvey says:

    Awesome, as always! Thanks Dr. Roark!

  7. Animal Medical Center of Wyoming says:

    Another awesome video! Can't wait to share it!

  8. Dr Sue Cancer Vet says:

    Another great episode! Awesome! PS Did you eat it!?

  9. Amanda Saunier says:

    I do own a small cow! LOL Just kidding, my little sheltie loves to graze on grass. I call her my little bovine…she's so adorable 

  10. zoocrewphoto says:

    Just as he said a cat named Eileen would fall over, my cat fell off my desk onto my lap.

  11. Brendan Howard says:

    I haven't watched this yet, but SEVEN MINUTES?! Y'all are gonna LIGHT UP these myths! POW POW!

  12. Vashta Nerada says:

    I have just started feeding my new puppy a raw diet, what fruits & vegetables other then Grapes & raisins, garlic & onions are bad for him?

  13. Chrissy Pasut says:

    Hey dr, I'm a new subscriber. Love your videos. I have two dogs both husky mixes. We have a rescue who is husky/border collie who may have had some trauma during training sessions with previous owner. He gets very anxious during any form of training or skill building sessions. Ive only used postive reinforcement method with my fur babies. Even though I've tried presenting it differently, making sure I'm in a calm state of kind, or even casual "not training" sessions. He still has "meltdowns". Which include but not limited to, husky singing and crying, light mouthing of the hand, paw slaps, and for the finale… flips on his back while crying/singing. That's all because I've asked him to "shake" 3 times. Denver is definitely a drama queen… well, king. Could you do a video about dog anxiety and breaking thru it? I hate feeling like I'm traumatizing my dog while trying to let the border collie mind (he's super smart) learn.

  14. Lucy Rose says:

    Wanted to point out that anyone with a pet bird should be careful about any cleaning product, especially sprays, as they can be irritating to the avian respiratory tract. But that's birds, and everyone knows birds are odd.

  15. ꧁.꧂ says:

    I burst out laughing at "Studies have actually shown that cats use their legs for balance."
    Your sarcastic humour is hilarious. You, Sir, have just earned yourself a subscriber.

  16. Heather Nokes says:

    "You may actually own a small cow…"

    Love you guys!

  17. Sharon Butts says:

    Why is it important to groom you're pet.

  18. Sharon Butts says:

    information about dog stress when being groomed.

  19. joe tighe says:

    Why am I never lucky enough to work for a funny vet? …lol

  20. Pandaka Bob says:

    You guys have pretty good comedic timing.

  21. THAT GIRL ;P says:

    "Sometime they eat grass when they are pulled over by the police"

    I understand that joke buts it meant for humans.😬😂

  22. Our Pets Health says:

    If you don't know what they taste like how can you recommend them 😂. Seriously though, why do people still give their pets garlic 🙄

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