Total German Shepherd Dog Secrets

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  1. Darth Belal says:

    As someone passionate about rescueing dogs from shelters, I don't agree with the "just a dog" thing. Though I will say that having learned a bit more about the breed, I've warmed up to them and do like them. They seem to be capable of many tasks and are loyal to their owners. Quite a dog. Should I ever get a house of my own instead of a condo, I'm going to consider the rescueing a German Shepherd.

  2. Shamus Lauer says:

    my sister just got one. i NEVER liked dogs i HATED them. then i dont know what it was about there GSD but i love him

  3. Angelaimee Campano says:

    GSD = Police Dogs = AWESOME!!

    <3 my gsd, Turbo 😀

  4. JMorgan says:

    I LOVE you're website. I visited just after watching your video here..I will be bringing my GSD puppy home in June, and the information on your site is the BEST I've seen. I especially appreciate the tutorial on ear taping, …well, because it is just really good to know "just in case". I'm going to go there again and learn more. THANX for your love of the GSD! I'm finding it so hard to wait until June LOL! Love German Shepherds forever xoxoxox-Jessica

  5. damel ramdeen says:

    flame tank plz make a vid when u get ur gsd to show us and when u do that then show us ur everyday life with ur gsd can sumbody do this and comment on my channel when dun
    Ps dont have to do the puppy part

  6. Akis V says:

    I 'm gonna get one of them in 2 years,6 months and 25 days!!!

  7. Angel Deville says:

    Doy-cher Shay-fer-hund

  8. damel ramdeen says:

    also GSD`s saved warner bros in the 1920`s

  9. Tilan123 says:


  10. Tilan123 says:

    Nice video btw =P. I'm really hoping to get a GSD. Loved em since I was born.

  11. mlowen04 says:

    why would it not be okay to take a german shepherd for a walk? I have two german shepherds and although they have a loud bark as long as you socialize them they are very friendly. you should not be teaching your german shepherd to attack anybody if you're not already knowledgeable on the subject. german shepherds are naturally very protective and as long as you treat them good they will be protective over their master. &&&& you don't teach a dog to swim! dogs instinctively know how to swim.

  12. M Van says:

    if those are your questions, get a different breed.

  13. shubham ss says:

    how to trained GSD personally?/

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