Toy Truck Videos for Children – Toy Bruder Mack Fire Engine and Toy Police Truck and Helicopter

Christopher/Lucas: Oh. My. Gosh. [upbeat music] Christopher: Yeah!
Lucas: I get this one! Christopher: Yeah. It’s actually
called a helicopter. Lucas: I got mans, I got mans! Christopher: Well
Lucas: The doors can open like that. Christopher: Whoa.
That can open? Seriously. Lucas: What have you got? Christopher: Whoa. Whoa-ha-ha. Christopher: It just pops right out.
I knew it could do that. Lucas: Look at this. Lucas: Whoa.
Christopher: They don’t come out. Christopher: These are the blades that help it fly. Christopher:
Oh, a light to see where they’re going. Christopher:
A cockpit is where the driver sits. Christopher:
The trigger makes those turn to make it fly. Lucas: Look at this. This can spin like that. Lucas: Whoa-ho-ho-ho.
Christopher: And this is great! Christopher: Now let’s go and start this truck. Christopher: I got this side. Lucas: Whoa-ho! Lucas: Hey, look how far this hose goes.
Christopher: This is called the nozzle. Lucas: Oh, nozzle?
Christopher: It sprays the water. Christopher: It’s not a hose. It’s called a nozzle. Christopher: That makes this go up. Lucas: Or down; up or down. Christopher: Up and down! Christopher: That is called the ladder.
So if it’s… if the fire is in a high building Yeah. So I think I know how high it’s going to get. Lucas: Whoa. Whoa. Christopher: That is tall.
Lucas: It is bigger and taller than me. Christopher: Even taller than me, too. Lucas: Yeah. Lucas: Whoa, that is so awesome! Christopher: That’s called the cockpit. Christopher: Every car or truck or like
a vehicle must have a cockpit. Christopher: I think that connects to that one. Christopher: Whoo! [siren] Christopher: It’s called…
I forgot what it’s called. Fire extinguisher. Yeah. And if the water is not working, I think
you can use this and then spray it at the fire. Christopher: I think – oh yeah. They can. Lucas: It has to be, like, here. Lucas: I can. Lucas: [indiscernable] Christopher: Watch out, Lucas.
It might crush your finger. Christopher: I think it’s for controlling this. Christopher: This is a cockpit for this. Christopher: He’s turning the ladder up. Lucas: Oh, nice. Lucas: What’s that? Christopher: These are helping it not to roll. Christopher:
…because look, they’re the same color! Christopher: Isn’t that cool?
Lucas: Yeah! [making noises] Lucas: It’s standing.
Christopher: Hey. Lucas: Also up here. Lucas: You can use that. Christopher: Well, he won’t fit. Look. Christopher: It’s a waste of time. Christopher: It can almost close. -I know.
-Cool. Lucas: Can you see it? Fire engine,
fire engine. They match! Christopher: Yep. Christopher: Now, let me play it. Lucas: Wait. Lucas: And they can touch that. Lucas: It can touch the leaves. Lucas: Thanks for helping, Christopher.
Christopher: You’re welcome. Christopher: It’s out. It put out
one part of the fire in the tree. Lucas: It goes no higher. Lucas: Hey, look how high it’s going. [siren] Lucas: We have more water for you. Christopher: Thanks. Fill me up! Put it right in there. Click to subscribe! Or watch more videos!

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