Train Your Dog to Hunt Birds : Teach Your Bird Dog to Stay

Hi! I am Charlie McCanna, and on behalf of
Expert, I am going to talk to you today a little bit about obedience training.
We are going to talk to you about the command “stay.” When you are walking your dog
and you stop, you want your dog to stop and sit. But when you want the dog to stay, you
need to work on that and give them a hand in front of them and say stay. To work on
this slowly step away keeping your eye on the dog. Your dog is going to at first want
to follow you, and once you have got that down, you can keep your hand up and then you
can say here. Stay… here… By keeping a long lead, you have got control of your dog
and that will help immensely. If your dog is young and it is a puppy, it’s going to
want to wander around and run off but I think with a lot of practice you will have fun,
you will do just fine. Thank you very much.

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3 Responses

  1. SunSadie G says:


  2. panos3320 says:

    do you need tricks such as treats when you train pupies for hunting birds?

  3. Drew says:

    this does not help AT ALL! i had to throw the duck and then hold caden (dogs name) back

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