Training a German Shepherd, a Malinois, a Cattle Dog | Teaching tricks

Training a pack of dogs. A German Shepherd, a Malinois, a Cattle Dog. An optional programme. Cherry (the name of the dog), come! Cherry! Down! Down! Down! Down! Down! Heel! Heel! Fox, heel! Fox (the name of the dog)! Heel! Cherry, heel! Heel! Okay, sit! Sit! Sit! Stand! Down! Stand! Sit! Sit! Flint! (the name of the dog) Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit! Well done. Down! Sit! Sit! Stand! Sit! Stand! Down! Down! Down! Down! Down! That’s right!! Come! Round! Round! Cherry, round! Cherry, round! Round! Round! Round! Come! Round! Round! Round! Round! Take that. Easy! Okay, circle! Hey, circle! Circle! Cherry! Circle! Flint, come! Hey you, come here! Come! Circle! Circle! Circle! Cherry, circle! Come on, circle! Cherry! Circle! Move on, circle! Circle! Go on! Circle! Circle! Come on! Circle! Stop! Stop! Circle! Cherry, go on! Cherry, circle! Circle! Come on! Circle! Circle! Circle! That’s right, circle! Circle! Come on! Cherry, circle! Down! Down! Down! Down! Down! Flint, stand! Stand! Cherry, down! Flint, stand! Stand! Cherry, come here! Down! Stand! Fox, over! Fox! Fox, stop! Stop! Over! Stop! Flint, over! Cherry! Calm down! Stand! Down! Cherry! Cherry, down! Fox, stand! Flint, over! Stop! Stand! Fox, over! Down! Down! Down! Easy! Calm down! Down! Down! Come! Come here! Well done, hold it! Well done! Well done! Circle! Circle! Come on! Circle! Circle! Come on! Keep going! Circle! Come on! Hey! Move on! Fox, circle! Fox, circle! Circle! Circle! Move on! Go on! Come on, Cherry! Circle! Go on! Circle! Come on! Come on! Circle! Good girl, Cherry! Hold it! Come! Come here! Stop! Stand! Cherry, hold it, good girl! Fox, leave it! Fox, leave it! Fox! Cherry, come! Give it! Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit! Cherry, take it! Take it, Cherry! Fox, leave it! Cherry, come! That’s right! Go away! Go away! Cherry! Cherry, come! Cherry, sit! Sit! Cherry, take it! Cherry, take it! No-no, Cherry! Cherry! Cherry, take it! Yes! Fox, leave it! Cherry, good girl! Well done! Okay. Cherry, come! Down! Down! Fox, sit! Flint! Sit! Sit! Cherry, take it! Come on! Fox! Fox, leave it! Cherry, come! Yes! Good girl! Yes! Cherry! Cherry! Down! Down! Fox, down! Sit! Down! Sit! Cherry, take it! Cherry, take it! Come on! Fox! Flint, leave it!

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80 Responses

  1. Jeffrey Chua says:

    Hi from the Philippines. Lovely work. Love to learn more how you train the Russian way. Any DVD your offering?

  2. Henry Rights says:

    Cherry, the lil girl with big attitude and over enthusiasm =] the stuff they have to do are kind of weird for me though =] anyway good obedient students they are.

  3. hendyono sasongko says:

    Cherry looks like my molly.. So cute

  4. omguanyin says:

    3:55 this guy has no patience, stop watching this garbage channel. He's training dog for the sake of training it, not bonding or even enjoying it.

  5. RezidentVenus says:

    cherry made me laugh so hard the entire time! adorable! flint is super smart!

  6. Georgia Freer says:

    It is clear that Cherry is afraid of the owner. He does not have any patience and the way he is grabbing and hitting the dogs is abusive. Stop liking his videos and stop watching this channel.

  7. QueenMem says:

    Too aggressive with his dogs. Thumbs down.

  8. World With WaQas says:

    Wow great job…

  9. Destry Brack says:

    Wtf is that voice

  10. Destry Brack says:

    That poor ACD! Don't do that yelling is enough but to grab her and hit her like that not cool dude

  11. Dylan Skilton says:

    he has bean hitting the little one it finches hen he puts his hand over him

  12. Dylan Skilton says:

    I hope the little one bits him

  13. rene levesque says:

    my father was a blue heeler , my mother was a rottweiler

  14. Michaela Langston says:

    I can appreciate that the dogs are clearly working in drive, and the corrections were not too harsh in my opinion, but the constant repeating of commands and not following through with any sort of reward or correction on dogs who were clearly not solid enough to follow through the first time – It is poor training habit.

  15. Mr. Wolftastic says:

    what a fucking ass

  16. kestrelmuse says:

    My new little cattle dog 50 lbs. looks amazingly like your smaller one. My Axel has the black eye patch and a mottled white and black , from New Mexico. I guess he is half cattle d and half Dalmatian??

  17. Sarah Stridgeon says:


  18. RāMBō says:

    the woman voiceover is annoying but the dogs are beautiful

  19. Alex says:

    Jerry for gods sake..

  20. MRO says:

    Cherry is a bit slower to pick things!.. I think malinois is most energetic than GSD

  21. barbara broeske says:

    I have Mailnois. I like to see dogs trained in a PLAY context. Not for competion. Fun active obedient PETS.
    Vid shows GOOD comparison here between GSD and Malinois side by side. 3 hi-drive dogs train/play TOGETHER?! A fun challenge! Great dogs. ????❤️❤️❤️?✨

  22. Francesco Giunta says:

    this instructor shows results obtained with violent submission techniques as it is evident at all times even by the only hesitation that dogs have because of the rapid succession of even complex orders. This is a bad instructor with a bad method that creates frustation and is not applicable with the most intelligent dogs as it is also evident in this case with the cattle dog which, being a working dog, sometimes finds absurd and not sensible commands to do them listlessly or not to do them at all. In these cases the instructor reacts violently threatening, intimidating and even violently affecting the animal. SHAME to behave like that and SHAME only to show it with satisfaction. BAD.

  23. Francesco Giunta says:

    этот инструктор показывает результаты, полученные с применением жестоких методов подачи, так как это проявляется во все времена даже по причине того, что у собак есть только колебания из-за быстрой последовательности даже сложных заказов. Это плохой инструктор с плохим методом, который создает усечение и не применим с самыми умными собаками, так как это также очевидно в этом случае с собакой крупного рогатого скота, которая, будучи рабочей собакой, иногда находит абсурдные и неразумные команды делать их вяло или не делать их вообще. В этих случаях инструктор реагирует яростно угрожающим, запугивающим и даже сильно воздействуя на животное. УБЕДИТЕСЬ, чтобы так себя вести и ПОСМОТРЕТЬ только, чтобы показать это с удовлетворением. BAD.

  24. Francesco Giunta says:

    dieser Lehrer zeigt Ergebnisse, die mit gewalttätigen Unterwerfungstechniken erzielt wurden, wie es zu jeder Zeit offensichtlich ist, sogar durch das einzige Zögern, das Hunde aufgrund der schnellen Folge von sogar komplexen Aufträgen haben. Dies ist ein schlechter Lehrer mit einer schlechten Methode, die Frustration erzeugt und nicht bei den intelligentesten Hunden anwendbar ist, wie es auch in diesem Fall mit dem Viehhund offensichtlich ist, der manchmal als Arbeitshund absurde und nicht vernünftige Befehle findet um sie lustlos zu machen oder gar nicht zu machen. In diesen Fällen reagiert der Ausbilder heftig bedrohlich, einschüchternd und sogar heftig auf das Tier eingreifend. SHAME, um sich so zu verhalten und SHAME, nur um es mit Befriedigung zu zeigen. BAD.

  25. abdyfe says:

    beauitful job my brother..fuck all theses people on here with the negative comments

  26. panzertoo says:

    omg awful

  27. boodywarrior says:

    Poor Cherry 🙁

  28. Malikah Divine says:

    That trainer was abuseive twords the gray dog and had no patience like he was giving the big dogs more attention like he just throw her twords the ground and smacked the dog

  29. Malikah Divine says:

    He's so abusive I wonder what he does to them off camera

  30. naveen zfg says:

    ultmt bm

  31. Ernest Sanne says:

    Wow the fat guy grabbed the dog and forcefully pushed him down, even smacked it in the face, what kind of training is this.
    Id smack him if I ever meet him then Id forcefully push him down so he can feel what his training is like.
    Why is the girl narrating it’s obvious she’s not giving the commands because the dog is doing it a split second before she even says it, it’s just weird like some backwoods people with British accents

  32. bahloul Hamid says:

    très super

  33. DA42PIC says:

    Take them to a dog park and have them do it just outside the small dog area fence with a half dozen yapping purse dogs at the fence line 6 inches from them. You're in a no distraction isloated environment. My dog will do anything in that forest. Take her 6 inches from the dog park fence… yeah you betcha.

  34. BIG T says:

    Them dogs show fear not respect .

  35. Andy Shaheen says:

    poor training .

  36. Mi Amour says:


  37. slamberger says:

    circus new in town.

  38. Karan. mt aPPUS says:


  39. POLACO BR says:

    ACD… Noob… KKKKK… KKKKK…

  40. ekielr jayme says:

    is that a blue bay sheperd?

  41. M A says:

    Respect. you are professional ??

  42. EXPLORE LIFE says:

    best dogs ….. ♥️

  43. El Chapó says:

    K entrenador tan chafa no les tiene pasiencia

  44. El Chapó says:

    Esa vieja con esa voz de Piruja

  45. Jhonathan Marquez says:

    That’s is not the way to train a dog food training send the wrong signal to the dog

  46. Corrina & Michael says:

    For those who think hes being abusive to the small dog has never been around a Cattle dog. lol

  47. mary mcdonagh 4u Mcd says:

    Shit trainers need too food train.

  48. jeremy banks says:

    He doesnt own the cattle dog nor does the cattle dog want to own him

  49. Karol Kress says:

    That Heeler is amazing

  50. cecagjacob khaob says:


  51. Linda Leman says:

    stop saying the cattle dog is afraid – they're afraid of nothing! (except maybe a bath)

  52. Liz C says:

    none of this looks fun, what is the approach?

  53. Mike Benjamin says:

    She is talking English I am sure he is talking another language Russian.great video new sub.

  54. Karol Kress says:

    This Heeler clearly rules!

  55. Anya Vlad says:

    I knew the guy was Russian even before I clicked on the video… Russians are a bit too aggressive towards animals…I dont like this guy..

  56. Mathew Hawkins says:

    Nice work

  57. ivankaXD says:

    he should stop saying down 20x in a row. down means down the first time and stay down. cute well behaved dogs though 🙂

  58. Ruben Castillo says:

    Tengo una perra pastor australiana y es muy inteligente

  59. Melissa Moore says:

    This man has got it goin on with these Shepherds good trainer

  60. jurassicgalaxy9 says:

    God damnit Cherry, quit fucking it up for everybody. Wonder if you could train blood hounds to do the same thing… that would be amazing.

  61. carol m says:

    If the cattle dog attacks .it would be natural to go down low and hard .then duck and retreat
    They are not good at attacking continuously .
    The will let you into a yard and will not let you out

  62. João Bicho says:


  63. Cindy Smith says:

    The trick is to do with without the treat.

  64. hannah j says:

    n that's why malinois rule over all breeds.

  65. oscar mendoza becerra says:

  66. nagamahesh janigarla says:

    Nothing can beat belgium shepherd

  67. Catgirlforever365 says:


  68. Reynaldo Consepcion says:

    como lo ase

  69. K C says:

    These are obviously well trained and happy working dogs! Loved watching this video.

  70. Veronique Vanderswalm says:

    Waw, Magnifique ! Chapeau voor de trainer !!!

  71. Christine Löwe says:


  72. Christian Sanchez says:

    Excelente trabajo ,se ve que es un excelente entrenador felicidades

  73. Bradie Thomson says:

    Wow two people giving commands big no no

  74. Mark Martin says:

    I ❤️ all dogs, my Mali’s have all the AKC’s markings. I have never seen a Mali with white chest before? Good training with all these super intelligent canines!!

  75. freddy h says:


  76. one-of-us says:

    Wow, great job.

  77. Fhasmo theplay says:

    Malinois that like german shepherd friends

  78. Diaz Diaz says:

    Useluss training

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