Training Labrador Puppies

okay so this is olive this is my brother’s puppy which is
exciting that she’s gonna stay in our family
so Cody has been training her for a week and he’s going to train her for three
months total which is fun and a handful she’s one of four puppies that Cody has
been training and it hasn’t been easy I’ve helped them a little bit and done
what I can but it’s a lot and we knew that you know going into it but it’s
different once you have them so he Cody has let much he’s been up a lot during
the night and I’ve woken up most of the time he wakes up I don’t hear it much
and it’s hard to figure out their schedules and keep them on a schedule
throughout the day that still allows us to do what we normally do and still have
a life puppies so it’s a challenge and we started this training by taking them
to Portland for a week just a ruie and that was good they got like their own
routine and then just a couple days ago we’ve talked to them up and came back to
Washington and kind of their whole life changed again the routine changed what
they were used to change their environment change so that was a hard
night the first night back here but they’re doing better since then um just
getting used to you know there’s their life and their training schedule and and
everything they’re really sweet once they do calm down they’re super sweet
and cuddly but you just gotta wear them out a little bit so it has been really
fun to have them they’re really playful and they did bring a lot of joy to us
they’re super cute and when they play together we just can’t help but laugh
you know what they’re doing another a so they are a lot of fun and we’re really
glad we’re doing this we love dogs and labs and puppies so it has been really
fun just a lot of work so we did have one puppy from the litter that didn’t
have a home for a while and we actually just sold him the other night so he will
leave us next week and we’re really excited for him and the
family that he’s going to but if you don’t follow us on Instagram that’s
where we post a lot more pictures and videos of these guys as well as update
you with how they’re doing and how their training is going so head on over to
acts fam on Instagram and you can follow us there and other than that not much
else going on in our lives just full of puppies and work in and and snow so
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8 Responses

  1. Mary Seiler says:

    They are adorable!

  2. Gisela Portella Flores says:

  3. Rise Of Thought says:

    those pups are adorable! If I had a house I would buy one.

  4. Busy Mom Vlogs and Hauls says:

    So cute

  5. EvilLabrador1 says:

    You got a like just for the thumbnail.

  6. Amed Tajan says:

    Its no easy specially because they are stuborn and playful. Greetings

  7. Shally Shallow says:

    Lol olive is my fish’s name

  8. meg g says:

    Labs are super intelligent aren't they? We had a chocolate. Any command "sit" "lay" "come" "stop" we only had to go through the teaching motions 2 or 3 times most and she caught on. NEVER had to house train her, she went to the door 'to potty' from day one on her own. Her only stubbornness was "staying" for more than a few seconds. We bred her at 2years (with a homozygous i think is the word for the male lab that throws same color every time) and ended up with 9 choco pups. Raising those until time to wean was amazing fun. They are smart from birth.

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