Training left and right (multiple stop whistles) with labrador retriever Newtons Joe of Upperclaws.

The dog is in the middle of the line. Right and left is a pile of dummies. Distance to the piles and towards the handler is dependent on the level of the dog. I always start with one or more lines without stop whistle. If you stop the to much it will slow down. You let the dog come in front or get next to you. Depending on what you want. I change it. Take the time for this. You let the dog follow to the starting place. Take the time for this. You can put the dog on a leash. I walk back with my back to the dog. If its a young dog you better walk backwards and stay in contact with the dog. I cast the dog to the left. When the dog is on speed I stop him. Then i cast it the other way. It is important that the dog does not slow down. If this is the case? Then you stop the dog way to often or the drill it is not clear. For a change I’ll now let the dog follow with a dummy. Keep it unpredictable. Another line without a stop whistle in between. Now I let the the dog come in front. Variety. Stop whistle 1. Vary the distance to the pile of dummies. This keeps it unpredictable. Stop whistle 2. No reduction in speed. (popping) Two more freebies (no stop whistle). The second freebie. An oblique line in order to keep it interesting. Happy dummies. Always on command! “Hop, hop, hop!” Sorry for the sound. A new mic is on its way. Stop the dog right in front of the pile and cast him to the other side. Pay attention! Only stop advanced dogs in front ore on the pile of bumpers.

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  1. Killkenny 62 says:

    Mooi werk, maar waarom laat je het apport de ene keer voor afgeven en dan weer naast je?

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