Training of German Shepherd/Trening Owczarka Niemieckiego

Major, what do you say for a lesson? What you think about it Paw Second Wait, once more Paw Second Good dog Let’s go So, sit Sit Good Major Lay down Good dog Maybe I should buy a clicker Major. Come, come to me Good dog So Sit Stay Stay Good dog But if I’ll out of your sight range, you’ll run, what? Lay down Major lay down Lay down Major lay down Lay down Lay down Lay down Major sit Lay down, lay down What’s this, sit Major sit Good dog Lay down Major where are you running? It’s lesson, come here Major, come To me To me, good dog So What’s up What did you find here? I already know what Yesterday some soup spilled here. Now you recall this? Good dog, you good react on name Good dog Paw Paw Not lay down Sit Sit Sit. Sit, good dog Paw Good Major, nice dog You can, if you want to & now this new trick Dead dog Dead dog, not sit, lay down Dead dog Dead dog Good Major! Nice dog How fast you’re learning Only few times we repeated this command & you almost good perform it But from “lay down” position Major, you looks like, I don’t know, doggy logo of Puma Major let’s go Good dog Lessons for Major are almost daily Sit Major second, second Good dog Good Major, how good he recognize paws Lay down Not, sit Lay down Good dog Great & answer about, if GSD are easy to train I answer, they are easy to train What Major? How your ears are standing Your ears are standing nice You fluffy handsome Dead dog, no, dead dog Not sit, lay down. Not sit, lay down Dead dog Dead dog Dead dog Major Major, dead dog, dead dog No, no, no. Oh it fell I train you from the begin, from when you had 2 months Right Major? Come to me Good dog Such a nice day Major to me Good dog Good Major, nice dog Major stay Stay No, I didn’t say “come”, sit Good dog Stay Stay Stay Good dog Major lay down Bad Major let’s go Stop Good dog Lay down Not, sit Leave, what are doing? Major what’s this? Oh, you smell food in my pocket Leave it, leave it Calm Good dog, calm What’s wrong with you? You don’t want… …to fight with me. Guess who’ll win No, not you No fight, peace Oh peace one more time, that it won’t, that I show bad symbol Sit Lay down. Lay down Major Lay down Good dog It’s probably end of the lesson Major started to wash himself Dead dog Dead dog Dead dog Good Major One more for good perform of commands Really good Do you want to rest? Or maybe walk, what? So thumbs up for obedient Major Right Major? Thanks for watching & support Like, subscribe, comment & share & see you next time Later

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