Training the land T (modified) with a labrador retriever. (jachthondentraining)

There are four piles with dummys. At the left, left in the back, in the middle and left in the back. The first line I always give without a stop whistle. I let Joe come alongside of me. This way I can get him right back on a line. I chose deliberately to leave in the direction of the last line that I gave the dog. As a result, the dog is in the alignment of the next line emphatically moved from the old line. Another line without a stop whistle. Stop whistle. The dog does not have to sit. That way the tempo stays high. I cast the dog the oblique way. The direction of the stack in the left corner of the field. To keep it fun and speedy I hold a ball between my legs. Sometimes he gets the ball and sometimes not. This way it stays fun and unpredictable. Also train lines diagonally across the field! Occasionally a piece of game keeps the pretty boring concepts fun. Stop whistle. I cast the dog towards the pile of dummies in the back of the field on the right side. The oblique angle. The lines should be fast and tight. I maintain two fingers of margin. If the line is not tight enough, I whistle the dog back and start the line again. If necessary I support the dog by walking up, walk the line, toss the dummy etc. I hold the ball between my legs. This time he gets the ball. Another happy ball to keep up the fun factor. Stop whistle. I cast the dog to the left. I usually finish with a line without a stop whistle. I end the exercise with one or more happy dummies. I use a command for a happy dummy. “Hop, hop, hop!”

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