Training with Cyril Benzaquen – @Parijs and location: Temple Noble Art

hello everybody welcome in this new
episode of training with today we are in the beautiful Paris and we’re gonna
train with Cyril Benzaquen. I hope you’re gonna have fun let’s go to the
gym and don’t forget to subscribe hello brother hello hi thank you
fine yes yeah thank you thank you for having us welcome to Paris
thank you hey today you’re gonna let us see how it is to train in there French
yeah nice oh here it is a like famous gym in Paris they have many gyms like
for people but not actually it’s not supposed to be for fighters it’s for
like people want to Train ok as we are in the summer I like to come there
training it’s nice nice place for watching together so so you won’t like
the warm herbs like what I knew yes yeah I do
so at the beginning I’m I start with my my shadow yeah so I’m walking on my own
I I move my body in the same damn hop job with my job then my right arm so we
do in the same time yes we located one yeah and push on the underneath one one
one two yes one two okay one two one two then we move a little bit and hookah yes
one two hook one two hook and we move one with your leg I go back
yes for bands and a bracket oh yeah don’t go too much don’t go down you your
booty go down but not yeah yes yeah yeah okay boom hook the same right hook okay
you same one two three four five five yes one two three four five five one one
always with the jab one one one one two
okay and we try to not finish with the right like one two and I put my my left
one okay okay for security one two three okay so now
we start to warm the up of the body for example one then I open my legs and I
should go inside one two go and sometimes one two on the
other side here or it depends I can walk on one two and same on the same same way
okay so we start i open i open yes and always with my guard up yeah when you
start one open yeah because if I you you not only yes
nice yes okay so one I go outside and I shoot okay one two I go outside on this
and I should okay and I keep my arm my leg the leg we shoot is like strong you
know when I open this is a how do you say like is yet insanely guy
standing and when I shoot look if when I I do it with you one too
if I hear and I hear quite good but heap one two and open it’s more more
efficient do one open yeah stand stand your leg – yes okay one open
okay good and then ezel in the other way one to open in with the leg to open
yes but don’t forget do it yeah one to open open this way
but yeah keep your handle that’s the important one yeah yes one two yes you
different style Thai style as I do it but for the logic it’s better when I go
there hey I put my hand on me I put my my
fingers on my head like I know anything can happen you should but I shoot you
here hop back okay do it again one two yes in the other side one two yes yes
one two yes okay we are we are in Holland we are
used to do well like a little bit hello I do this for the middle kick
yeah but not father looking little kick yes depends of style
something’s early because you come yeah you come close so because some people
are waiting for the low kick to punch your face exactly I like to walk when
I’m a defense way I’m moving with my job and from kick with my leg up job job and
from kick with the legs with the left one
well I are with Allah you were on your leg in front okay because when you do
this one you can be open after yeah so I will I stay in my god up up up and I
would not want to don’t come don’t come to me hop hop stay
stay far hop up hop okay yes again okay you hand help you knee and push with
your body okay do it yes okay I’m still moving papa
yes okay well when my opponent is coming to me I I can defense with left middle
kick because he’s on the liver yo so I’m moving and he’s he is moving on me
so he’s like that and he want to punch so he’s open on the arm so I move like
this and I can do the right or the left okay independer so for example and
moving puff pass back and when she come boom so now for the middle I do this for
more extension extension so yeah like just like the salut kick but for Samia
with a right to Anna yes that’s here yeah and though for is
with right bracket all right and and always with the hoop okay okay and punch
with your body like not like this like this born more boxing way yeah yeah
yeah I feel the different one that okay like of open no we do with like 1 2 3 4
5 ok 1 2 3 4 5 just okay now I have 1 3 4 5
yes ok yes do we do it yes and yes
1 1 1 1 right ok 1 1 right ok 1 1 right hook oh yes 1 1 right hook
yes 1 1 right okay boom like boxes I learned that at the ladder but
kickboxing do you see a lot of this I yeah yeah I bought them because with
this one you’re standing for yes Father if you’re standing closest this one yeah
but that’s why as I come yeah that’s better
I do with my body and then with my body I’m closed so I need to go from when I
get home okay yeah the one I like to do is left left
left to the body I left to the body and then I go up like
boom boom boom so tool to left yeah boom boom you know
it’s with the left I left so still three one two yeah you can come with a big
right yeah one know is that you can do it the other one oh yeah big right
yeah bigger right yeah another one if you want to do with the right I like to
do is for example one two then I go with my right and I go back with the hook or
an uppercut yeah depends oh yeah and big right move and
then I it depends hook is nice but you have to do like
this better than like this because sometimes when you do the right you go
down and you can fail uppercut I like apricot yes okay look one two I go there from there
I just like this not like this just like this so my my shoulder and my body is
still open on the right and I just I’m here from here today and I can do like
this it depends like this or if I’m okay with the distance yeah do do it fun so
when you do the right to the body again again be careful don’t on your on your
legs yeah yes no but yeah it’s good like just more assured yeah more with your
body yes okay no yes okay stay still
yes yes that’s nice you hum yeah and you’re still like this okay and then
yeah okay good one boom boom yes one two boom okay nice
yeah right with nobody now we don’t have work on
the knee and I like was also orogeny so we are going to one two three three and
then go back one two step three knee okay three point just me yeah I watch it
oh right laughs yeah when you do the knee don’t
forget yeah yeah yes sorry no free things for the knee
first one my hands up and my feet go near to my butt and I go with my hips
and this legs opened like this and same I go
it was left right left boom yes then left right left step which yes this one
is better yeah left okay yes doo doo doo
yes okay but don’t forget fault for engine with the knee you have to be
close so if too fast so one two who with the
hoop is better for the distance okay one two hook me wait
yeah then left right left so it’s poop always hook hook okay or if you prepare
sometimes I do like this I’m here one two and I and I I walk but on the back
it’s not easy one yeah yeah okay okay now I get some I’m gonna get some French
punches hope I will survive sparring with sparring with three wins
Hakeem yeah I said to the camera I hope I was a five yes
hey still uh she’s still alive we do extra yeah no problem that were yeah I
think you pick me up after this runt I think hahaha
no that’s okay this was only the warming up yes amid this right yeah I think it would be
nice on the yeah on the camera with thank you but you fastest it’s good yeah yeah now
you have to morale kick more punch with your body yeah
like I told you when you’re more with your body and sometimes feel where you
want to go that means when I was boxing with you for example I was here and then I go
there so go where you want to go boom because I close this door you open open
this one or I go like this I know you are going to move on that way boom no
it’s not because you open it because I’m closing door like up I go there I could
put the low kick or the hook and you you can do the same in defense way as your
smaller a present when you go you think like like for example you go on that way
I’m going to here and you with the look hook back one even if you’re different no back way yeah when I’m moving boom what you what you do for cooling down
actually when i cool down I walk little bit my shadow again but really slowly
just on my position one two again three cool down just my technique then I can
do little bit abe’s and sometimes stretch but for be honnest I’d not like
stretching so I open outreached not the house and not do it everybody not a vita
yeah it’s not some time why not because I allowed III read an
inquest where it was because kickboxing and Thai boxing are not very democratic
sport you know so I learn I’ll read the book on karate at least you know and
they follow sweet kind of outlets one was very very stretched like you can do
everything with his leg one was medium like like a lot of people like this you
know and one was like like hook you cannot like who do anything and the
athlete what the more performant it was more efficient in competition was the
medium guy wasn’t the stretching guy you know so too
when I read this this this book I say wow I don’t need to be too much stretch
because when you’re Moscow is to stretch you lose power understand so you have to
be a medium a little bit of sweat but not so much and another thing to enter
right to the question is it’s not is not how can I say it’s not good for it’s not
very good to stretch after a training for example if you do miss collation or
running it’s better to stretch in another training like you stretch you’re
just stretching for 30 minutes on the morning or because when we are walking
we helped a little bit our musical for example because we do muscular up our
hurt a little bit and you stretch on it you can get hurt
though so cuz everything is under pressure
yeah exactly everything that’s it yeah so it’s better to stretch at the
beginning a little bit if you want but after like three hours a lot of people
think to stretch when they are worn yeah but because when you are one you
are more stretch and you know we are random generation so we all want you all
we always do this but we cannot all do guys but you know I wasn’t thinking
about it because you are warm your muscles are under pressure
yeah it’s exactly what she says yeah not good for it stretch everything that
actually today we do it wasn’t so hard for the muscle so we can but when you
for example run a lot and you are really tired with your leg it’s very dangerous
to stretch on your legs just after the station you have to wait yeah you see
stretching before oh yeah oh yes let’s do the work oh yes a little bit yeah one
a good one when we are walking together yeah go in front of me yes I only stopped counting when stop
burning okay like Muhammad Ali I’m joking yeah good
that you have good yes with a good memory
yes and keep your hands up not like this yeah if you do you’ll go
hump outside your body it’s going to help you and it’s not your abs walking
if you keep your hands up it’s you are doing with you only only my
abs standard very important is to walk on the on the side because most of our
kick and benches we move with our body so a nice exhaust is you can do together
like this this one burn quicker than the other one half exactly I feel it now one
two one two one two one two one two one two one two one two okay you feel it’s
it’s good exercise for our body when uh when I’m training I do like a doula
exist with my partner it depends also sometimes push-ups
it depends switching position like cool position like this you know my legs I’m
not stretching but I can feel a comfortable like like a little bit like
them yes exactly just relax relax position but not
twitching myself that the body is getting rest yeah you’re letting
everything a little bit go yet okay thank you you go to the shower one yes
yeah it’s automatic
thank you for training yeah you’re welcome
I really appreciate what nice let us come here dealing with you cuz it was a
nice training mm-hmm you’re welcome I appreciate a little bit nose bleeding
a little bit in but inside I have that our always when I get a bunch on the on
the nose and Lawrence Bari something gets open inside Oh Mia I have a Boonton
hey I had the beginning I thought you you push my my forehead and then I look
in the oh it’s a but you you wake up you wake up the boot and with the punch
maybe and maybe a little bit yeah it gets irritated a little bit yeah now
we’re gonna move to the yellow Paris yes sorry today’s very center let’s go thank you for having us here and tell us
more about yourself okay so my name is Cyril Benza ken I’m 29 years old and
fighter professional fighter in boxing rules that’s one part of my life and as
we were talking as be a fighter is sometimes difficult in friend I have the
opportunity thanks to my parents to continue my my students and then walk on
my assets from my students to walk on my career that mean for example I try to to
walk on my image my brand image and then I can have a commercial partnership and
when did you start starting with martial arts with much of us I start at 14 years
Oh 14 years of fortune he liked me a little bit that was I was also 13 14
years old year I did a lot of as you do before you know and she do but I stopped
and then I I try different sports and then I don’t know why I want to go and
choose the martial arts into a real martial art like boxing or kickboxing
and I went to a kickboxing gym so I was fortunate years old which mu started
that it was a team coaching by an unknown famous champion whose name is
Eleni on yachts it was a French the last name yeah yeah and it was famous he was
a big French champ and and so I start in this gym and it’s funny because I wasn’t
like someone very physical or never or aggressive guests and then I when I
go to this gym it’s when it’s like I I I smell my own blood that mean when I go
into the gym I saw like compare shot and I know I was going to do this for my
life and when one was your first professional
fight my professional fights I think I was 22
something like that yeah first fight was 18 because my parents don’t want me to
fight before 18 so I have to wait for Amelia I know that yeah from 14 to 18 I
was I want to fight I want to fight that just sparring in the gym and then I
start in amateur junior metelitsa and professional fight I think it was around
22 something like that and I know you’re still nervous before before you you have
read exactly the same the same feeling before the fight from the first then –
yeah yeah maybe it change a little bit because III can sleep well or like that
but before the fight a little bit nervous a what how many how many times I
have okay you know I want to go you know it’s it’s something yeah but it’s good
pressure because I think if you are like too slow and know no pressure it’s not
good and it’s how do you keep your head cool before the fight like before the
moving actually when I like to be to be a warm that mean I want to be always
moving cetera and listening some music sometimes it depends before I used to
put music musics always music no I can’t with experience not okay I mean some of
so much music but I read sometimes to mix make yourself a little bit angry
too yeah so I asked you about I will know for sure before your fight yeah and
how is your feeling towards your opponent yeah in the right yeah yeah
actually maybe it can be a strange for some
people because I don’t feel aggressive it agressivity or aggressive filling for
my open and before fighting I just want to know my opponent and I want to
understand him for know where he is going to made a mistake and now go into
his mistake and sometimes it’s human because I’m human I go into the
aggressivity mood because for example I don’t know we are fighting and it
touched me or something like that and I want to to punch him now but when you go
to a greasy beachy feeling that means you know some fighters are really
aggressive there they want to kill you they want to punch you you know them you
know what you are going to you know how the fight is going to be you know he is
going to go on you and so when it’s this kind of fighter you just can go into the
technical bullying and up we do retreat with the file
yeah but in in in the keep your energy on your agressivity for the right was
the right moment that means for example instead of being aggressive from the
beginning you can shoot your own extra and then when you make your opponent
into the corner then you go to the aggressive aggressivity mood exactly the
difference fighters move from apart I’m not aggressive and it’s sports or I’m
not here to kill my opponent I’m just here to win my fight and for me
kickboxing or boxing on martial art is about the more efficient with the less
of energy you know exactly a more efficient less energy it’s been yeah
touch my touch my opponent without get touched yes
because you’re gonna read the fighter and yeah that’s nice is it smart of you
to fight like that yeah and uh yeah like we yeah wikipedia tells a lot about you
and but it’s nice to hear it from the man himself i we read about you
supporting supporting charities yeah and yeah tell me more about that it’s nice
it’s a nice thing as a player I think all the fighters are generous because we
are generous for from our discipline because it’s yeah but actually of the
sitcom it’s because you know we get an image we can serve for different causes
and then so I’ve been approached by charity association and I asked me if I
can help them and so instead of staying in my home when I’m not training I can
give my time to these people it’s just time and if for example two hours of my
time can bring them a lot of joy and good things I think it’s important if
everybody things like that and give a little our do little things to somebody
to somebody yeah we can grow up every so nice that’s a nice thing for what
charities do and if you can support them that’s amazing oh yeah it depends of the
period of my era of the fight yeah but when we are not not close to a fight I
can give time and be there for that so it’s it depends it’s sometimes it’s
charity for for the concert desires or it can be or for children it depends thank you yeah thank you for your time
again yeah do you have a message for all the young fighters yeah message can be
you know for me the more important thing important thing for a fighter is when
when you start fighting you meet people stronger than you more technical they
have greater skill than you but the more important skill to develop is when you
fail when you have a problem when something goes wrong is to keep you in
your mind your goal and never brag how can I say and never go down and that
means I was when I was kid I was fighting with a lot of friends that were
better than me but we start fighting at 18 and then we win we lose and there was
no money but some stop at I know know I want to do other thing some continue a
little bit and others think of like me know I want to do it and I will get my
money after but I will keep my my goals yeah you know your message area to keep
your focus on your goal yeah exactly yeah keep your focus on your goal and
never forget that you have to be you have to a global vision like global
fighter a global vision that mean a lone goal and you put short shorter goal that
mean I don’t know a young fighter wants to be UFC champion he cannot just think
about that he have to think yeah for beat UFC champion I have to be in that
lab yeah here the this goal in he never forget
this one but he has lower goals that’s the only
advice I can give there is a nice advice thank you for for having us here and we
train together it was nice to be in this nice City and
you’re welcome it was a pleasure to share this afternoon together and more
ahead moreover it was very nice because this kind of interview was like
different and I like when the interviewer you you come into my my
world and you share because we don’t only share like you come and you feel me
training you come and train we train together and I think it’s the best way
for no people it’s to to train together and then we can enchant it better
oh yes that’s what I said earlier – that’s what I said also yes you train
together you you create a bond you know you know each other you know you talk a
little bit and training without talking you you create a creator like a religion
like yeah you make something together of course and then after it will be a and
many fighters for example are a quite reserved quite shy and if you go into
the the univer into the world and trains with them after they can be more exactly
expensive thank you much yeah you’re welcome for the viewers subscribe yeah
thumbs up the first question yes French version of subscribe tell us yes how do
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