Training Your GSD – Training your German Shepherd

hi everybody my name is Debbie ray and i’m the owner of total dash german shepherd calm and today I’d like to take couple minutes just to share some information with you about training a German Shepherd training your German Shepherd is a very important part of owning a dog and this should start the very first day you bring your puppy or your German Shepherd adult dog home in general dog obedience training will help provide you a lot of benefits among them you’ll be able to give you a lot of mental and physical activities for you and your dog to perform it will also help deepen the bond between you and your dog it will help ensure your german shepherd dog safety and happiness once it learns the commands can perform them you know successfully and above all it can help correct many types of diagnosis behaviors such as jumping on people digging barking chewing and that sort of thing there are at least two levels of dog obedience training just in case you’re interested you know that you can be performed with your German Shepherd depending on just how far you want to go first of all you can teach your dog the basic dog training behaviors and these are the ones that every duction have have to you know at a minimum you know such as said he’ll stay coming that sort of thing there are also competitive bedient dog training exercises that you can do what you can actually go to competitions and perform with your dog basic training behaviors allow your German Shepherd to easily coexist with any other dogs or pet you have in your home and also as well as being able to you know do simple tasks such as take a walk in the park or be able to answer the door of your home without having to worry about your German ship or traveling the person on the other side of the door minimum dog obedience training for all German Shepherds to include the basics such as housebreaking the ability to sit lie down stay come on command heel and that sort of thing many other commence can also be added for the owners of german shepherds who also desire more challenging the training atmosphere and who easily pick up commands and enjoy learning obedience training a German Shepherd is also a great way to establish the social hierarchy in your home between you your family and your German Shepherd above all obedience training should be fun and rewarding for both you and your dog it will definitely enrich your relationship with your dog as well as making living together much more enjoyable a well-trained German Shepherd is much more confident than an untrained dog and can be more safely allowed a greater distance and a greater range of freedom than an untrained dog you know what to expect of a well-trained dog and you can trust it much more readily with all your possessions beat your shoes your home or your children the best money spent in training a German Shepherd in my opinion easily is that spin enrolling you and your German Shepherd in a local dog obedience training class in your area this is a really really good way to learn the basics of obedience dog training a great byproduct of going to basically be deinstall classes include the socialization that occurs as well between your German Shepherd its surroundings and all the other dog classmates that are attending the class after your German Shepherds learn the basics in class many other training sessions can and should be done at home with your German Shepherd good idea is to begin training in an area that is familiar to both you and your dog and with this little distractions as possible as soon as you both feel comfortable and you’re both skilled at several obedience commands try practicing them in different areas of your auditor home this is also a good time to start introducing a few new distractions it may seem like starting at the beginning but it’s actually worth the extra effort in the end who really cares if you’re German Shepherd can perform a sit-stay when no one else is around and there are 0 distractions the real test of a trained German Shepherd is a real world one where the dog actually performs the commands given it anywhere anytime including distractions at all so let’s talk a little bit about a few German Shepherd training tips and tricks and I’ll leave these with you but before we close first of all you want to keep your obedience training session short and sweet and you always want to end them on a good note so you want to end when the dog is doing well having fun and just just leave it at that you also want to reward your dog for any good behavior and this is really really important you want to praise them and place them enthusiastically and praise them off and if they’re doing well praise and praise and praise and this will really make the dog want to work that much harder you also want to integrate your German Shepherd into your daily schedule you want to integrate all the training you know practice it before you you walk out the door or if you’re sitting at supper or when you feed the dog or whatever you want to practice it as much as you can just kind of get it into your daily schedule and it won’t be like practice so much it’s just something that you both do update from day to day you also want to make dog training with German Shepherd a fun activity then no one wants do the same dull boring mindless activity over and over day after day so you want to make it fun you want to make them want to do it and you wanna make them enjoy that and they’ll learn it so much quicker and they’ll learn it better and also if you do need to correct your dog you want to make it short sharp immediate do it let it go forget it the dog won’t remember it after it’s over and you shouldn’t either just correct it when it needs to be and then let it go so if you’d like more information about training your German Shepherd or learning about the history of the dog or if you need information about various health issues or whatever please visit my website at total dance German Shepherd calm so thank you very much I hope you’ve learned a few things here today and I hope you enjoyed watching and have a good day

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  1. Jamesdurbinrules says:

    My German shepherd is the best

  2. edward pappoe says:

    my shepherd is one year three months old can he be trained?

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