Trappy’s Origin Story: The Legend of 2 Chainz’ Very Good Boy

-Hey, hey, hey. How you doing?
-Hey, how’s it going? -I’m 2 Chainz.
-Melissa, nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Hey.
2 Chainz.
Brad. ♪♪ What you got going on
here? English Bulldog, French Bulldog
is the most exclusive and the highest quality
show Bulldogs on the planet. How — How old are —
are these? He’s about eight weeks
right here. Eight weeks?
[ Dog snorts ] Chill out, bro. What makes ’em show Bulldogs?
What makes ’em…? Well, uh, just like,
uh, um, with women, you have certain features
that are gonna be, uh, um, in demand. Uh, um…
[ Cricket chirps ] So, we have —
right here, is a rope. It’s called
a nose rope. It’s a wrinkle
and so it’s really — people really like a really
big nose rope on — on the dog. Yeah, just the physical
features, people really
pick ’em apart. Just like, uh,
um, with women. Uh, um, these are about
10 grand. This one’s going, right here,
uh, to Thailand, sold for $10,000. This guy right here’s, uh,
Micro Machine. And, uh, he’s —
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
I like him. He’s known right now
as one of the best blue French Bulldogs
on the planet. I love him!
Now, do you breed him? Oh, yeah, he’s got, uh — he’s sired, uh,
about 35 liters last year. What’s his name?
Micro Machine. Micro Machine. I like him.
He likes me. Can you sell me him?
He — he’s mine.
He wouldn’t be for sell. But he would be
about $75,000 pretty soon. $75,000 to $100,000. Just because of how
much he can make. He’s the number one in the
world, you know, um… For $100,000, motherfucker,
we gotta be riding, right, you gotta be driving me
somewhere. ♪♪ I love him, man.
Now, let’s really keep in touch, ’cause I’ma be interested. Each sample of semen
we get off for him is $5,000,
that’s what’s up. How you — how you do —
how you know — how you know — how you know —
how can you tell what it’s…? That’s what we sell.
We breed him and, uh… Oh, he’s swimming good,
then. How long
do you breed him for? He’s good up to about five
or six years. Okay.
Yeah. You’re making about,
over a million off of him. Yeah, technically. You doing better than most
of these rappers. This is a French
and this is a English?
This is the English, yeah. And the French is where the —
where the — where the dick — where the —
where the money for the dick? It’s popular
in the rap world. We’ve got, uh —
Wiz Khalifa just got one. -Snoop.
-Um, Snoop Dogg just got one. How could I not have known
about this? I want one! Dough Boy’s father,
which is Pudge —
Mm-hmm. Oh, see, I like to see
where it came from.
His name is Pudge. -I like to see where it’s —
-This is Pudge. All: Whoa! That’s what — Don’t come over
here, fucker, all right?! Yeah, he’s trying
to protect you.
Yeah, yeah, yeah! Micro, Micro, come on back, Micro! I thought y’all Micro ain’t
with the shit! Micro with the shit!
[ Laughter ] Micro, I like you! Come back! [ Indistinct ] Yeah, he’s bad, huh. You really got you
a nice hustle going on. Thank you so much. 2 Chainz: Dear Trapper, me and your pops really
hit it off back in 2015. And only a few months later,
you joined my family forever. Since then, we’ve been traveling
all over the world together, killing the rap game,
going on tour, being in the studio together,
hanging out on the red carpet. I’m sure glad I met those
breeders out of California, ’cause the world is a much
better place with you in it, the drenchiest dog of them all. Love, your best friend,
2 Chainz.

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  1. Lesly A says:

    Who's cutting onions

  2. QueenMaxine says:

    I ❀️ trappy

  3. Dizzle Da Lucci says:

    Listen to Black Lord by Dizzle Da Lucci #np on #SoundCloud

  4. david chappel says:

    Big shit like a dinosaur did it

  5. augy says:

    what a wholesome ass ending, 2 chainz lowkey putting his feelings out there thats nice

  6. Jiggely Juice says:

    Let's not sleep on the editing

  7. babyhairrs says:

    4 years later

  8. treefiddytwo says:

    Trappy on the tonight show too πŸ˜‚

  9. GoldenBoiiProduction says:

    This who Chief Keef got his dog from?

  10. Dj Alizay says:


  11. StarOfMyCity says:

    Micro with the shit !! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  12. Dave Del says:

    This episode is how i got my French Bulldog (Bugsy).. Thank you Viceland and 2 Chainz

  13. Bailey Williams says:

    Too lit I love trappy

  14. Monique Walters says:

    Lmfaooo I screamed when Micro attacked that English bulldog and 2Chainz got all hype.

  15. Isaiah Martinez says:

    I remember this episode when it first came out, that women commentπŸ˜…, the editor made him look dumb and corny as hell πŸ˜‚, but they are hella corny and dumb acting hella pretentious, acting like there better than everyone else

  16. Adri p says:

    He told the puppy to chill outπŸ˜‚πŸ˜…

  17. Dineo Seloma says:

    I think im in love with chainzπŸ˜‚

  18. Hope Lopez says:

    We need more episodes with Trappy!!

  19. Alexandra B. says:

    This makes me very sad!! These breeders are making money off breeds that shouldn't exist. What they didn't mention in this video is how may health problems these breeds have. Fact** if you own a english bulldog, you will spend thousands of dollars in medical bills to keep him/her alive. To start, these breeds have a very hard time breathing and can't be kept outside very long (sometimes less then 10 minutes) because they will get heat stroke. They also can't have natural birth. Yes, that means they have to have a C-section every litter. Furthermore, it is a good idea for everyone to look up the health problems that comes along with not neutering and spaying your animals. For one, when you don't spay your female animals they have a high chance of getting Pyometra (Uterus filled infection). Lets talk about Pyometra… there are 2 types, closed and open. Closed pyometra requires surgery right away and is normally several thousand dollars. Without surgery it is FATAL! Open pyometra is when the cervix is open and some of the infection can leave the body. However, open pyometra's are also surgical and will cost the same as a closed pyometra. If you are interested then look up more details on any medical site (not where breeders think they are vets, but are in fact incompetent selfish people only looking out for themselves and not the animals health). Furthermore, males have a high likely hood of getting prostate cancer if they are not neutered. When you neuter your animals, they have don't have a reason to be aggressive to other animals (specifically other males), because they don't have to compete for a female. That is why the french bulldog went after the english in the video. It isn't funny, it is sad. There are more and more dog attacks coming into the emergency center because of intact males fighting. **Fact** Did you know most hit by cars are caused by intact males running out into the road because they smell a female within a mile away. Intact males will have such a drive to find the female, they do not see any danger and will run into moving traffic. This takes time away from patients and clients that have real health problems and want to help their animals because they are truly their best friends. These breeders/all breeders are SELFISH!!!! Go find a real job and stop getting rich on something you aren't creating. Does anyone know how many animals are in shelters looking for a home????!!!! **Millions** They get euthanized every year because breeders keep breeding and people keep paying! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop paying and go rescue an animal that needs a home for free and wants nothing more than to LOVE.

  20. The Filmatic Condition says:

    Trappy changed color

  21. Maahrukh Mowahid says:

    Omg the title πŸ˜‚

  22. Himadri Nath says:

    Here for 2Chainz and his best friend Trappy. He loves him man.

  23. doll maleficent says:

    $100,000 you better be driving me somewhere lol

  24. doll maleficent says:

    hehe I like your hustle lol

  25. mammie barry says:


  26. mammie barry says:


  27. Charles says:

    Breeder is rocking a next level combover. Just shave it bro

  28. mr magic says:

    Trappy glad u bought him two chainz

  29. Brandon Griggs says:

    1:37 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  30. Kennedy Gilliam says:

    When I first seen 2 chainz look at these dogs I knew instantly that's where trappy came from lbs

  31. Q L says:

    looool those dogs are how much? and my cheap ass rescue pup is so much better <3 #adoptdontshop

  32. Pall mall says:

    AKC will not accept this color of Frenchies!

  33. Rob TKO says:

    They need to make a 2chain and trappy show haha

  34. Seth Lattimore says:

    He got geeked when micro attacked

  35. J.J.Vancura says:

    This is the BEST thing on youtube🐢🐢🐢

  36. Yo! 143 says:

    The ENDING 😍😍😍😭😭😭😭

  37. SHAUN Lawrence says:

    To women 😭😭😭😭

  38. Cassandra says:

    Omg that so sweet that ending. You can tell how much he loves his boy

  39. Calvin Harris says:

    …them thighs thoπŸ‘€

  40. Luke Selby says:

    When micro attacked the other dog

  41. ppp ppplll says:

    These people r just scamming you. I got my dog for 1000 dollars from a akc breeder.. cute face ,beautiful coat, smart, well behaved , has never been to the hospital for 14 years of his life and still has the energy of a 3 year old pup. These people charge you $100,000 and youll never know if its gonna develop health issues . Ik even some pure bred show dogs who are they call top of line have developed health issues as they get older.

  42. Aeron Sumilong says:

    Why isnt the most expesivest shit in gq anymore?

  43. Will S says:

    2 chains seems like a good dude

  44. Ro Ro says:

    That β€œbreeder” doesn’t even know what he’s talking about. Like 2chain said, why the cost difference when out of the same dog. That dude Omar couldn’t even justify why he charges all that money for his dogs. Blue frenchies were given out for free back in the days because it is a genetic defect signifying Alopecia and now they’re marketed as rare. If they were so rare why does every bad breeder have them now for sale?

  45. KJ Burns says:

    That woah part was funny ash🀣🀣🀣

  46. claudia aybar says:

    I love micro!

  47. Gerardo Legaspi says:

    I’m glad a rapper put words how I feel about my dog.

  48. Tiffany Russell says:

    Dogs turn us into big ass kids. 2:08 is genuine happiness and excitement when he say he wants one😍

  49. cheshire cat says:

    The most loyal chonky boi

  50. Horace Davis says:

    U make me wanna do all kinda better

  51. A.o People says:

    I hate when people act like dog is product not living animal

  52. Drei Oh says:

    When the gold popped on the balls my raction wasπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  53. Gamer 94 says:

    What purpose does having a ugly tiny dog serve?

  54. Ross Tucker says:

    What's the kennel name?

  55. B Ehs says:

    Yo man this made me cri. 2 chainz seems likes such a genuinely wholesome guy

  56. Gianella Narvaez says:

    The ending !!! yes 2 chainz is so wholesome

  57. Praneesh A.K says:

    Trappy out here living the life bruh

  58. MOB MILLIONS says:

    She got that juicy juicy

  59. Ed ger says:

    Frenchies are amazing dogs😫

  60. Nene Figueroa says:

    This shit is mad funny

  61. Laura V says:

    Trappy is so cute 😘

  62. Evette Jourdain says:

    Awww Trapppppyyyy!😘😍

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