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So, over the last six months, I’ve done quite
a bit of traveling and one thing I’ve noticed is that I seem to take the same things with
me again and again whether I’m taking a road trip or whether I’m flying domestic whether
I’m flying international. I’m wearing a lot of the same clothing again
and again. So, I thought in this video I could share
with you some of my favorite items when I’m traveling the world. So, to give you a little bit more context,
here’s my travel schedule for the last six months. So, we started off in Wisconsin, took a road
trip headed out to Chicago. Went to New York City, went to Washington
DC, stopped in Detroit, came back to Chicago, then back home to Wisconsin. After a couple of months we were back on the
road, went out to Santa Fe, saw the Grand Canyon, went out to Los Angeles, then went
out to San Francisco, drove through Oregon, saw up my sister up in Portland. Came back down, flew out of LAX, came and
live in Kiev, Ukraine. I took a trip right back out to Atlanta for
STyleCon, then I returned back out here to Kiev, Ukraine. Now, we’re about to head over to Bangkok. After a month in Thailand we’re going to check
it out, we’re going to come back to Kiev and then we’re going to return to LAX where we’re
going to take another road trip on the way back to Wisconsin this time going north. So, guys, as you can see I’m doing quite a
bit of traveling. Oh, and by the way, I’ve got four young kids
and a wife I’ve taken on this entire trip with me, so all the items I’m going to cover
here actually they’re more for maybe a family guy. And, I would love to hear from you guys down
in the comments what I missed, what you would have added to this, what are your favorite
go-to pieces when you’re traveling the world. So, the first item I’m going to talk about
is this overcoat. You’ve probably seen this in the few of my
older videos. I’ve had this jacket for a decade, I spent
a lot of money on this jacket, I had it custom made. I love this jacket and I’ve got my mileage
from this jacket. I chose the color charcoal gray, it easily
covers up dirt anytime it gets dirty. It does a great job better than black or a
lighter color. Another thing is the top is functional, so
notice how I can bun it up right here, it goes all the way down This also goes down below my knees by about
three inches. The reason I went with a longer jacket, I
wanted it functional. So, if you’re going to get a jacket make sure
you get something that works, is functional, and fits your lifestyle. So, the next item you probably noticed is
the sports jacket. This is a pretty new addition to my wardrobe,
but you may notice I always go with blue, I go with olive green, I go with tans. Those are colors that work with all the other
items in my wardrobe, they’re interchangeable. But, this jacket in particular as soon as
I saw it, I grabbed it. I knew it was perfect because I looked at
it and I saw, okay, it’s got a light blue, it’s got a dark blue, it’s got a navy blue,
it’s got all of these these really nice mix here and it’s going to work with items already
in my wardrobe. Many of you guys know I love a navy shirt,
so no surprise here that I have a navy shirt as my go-to shirt. Now, another right thing about a sports jacket
is not the level to the suit, but I could wear this into a business meeting. The pocket square here adds a bit of color
and actually makes it I think a very stylish combination. Now, the next item I want to talk about you
may have noticed it peaking in and out, guys, is the watch I’ wearing. This is from Vincero and Vincero is the paid
sponsor of this video. I’ve been working with this company for over
a year. Guys, great watches at an affordable price. Let me pull up the watch that I’ve been wearing
as I’ve been traveling the world. Gentlemen, here are the products specs on
this particular watch. It uses 316L surgical grade stainless steel. It uses a quartz movement and it has a sapphire
coated mineral crystal glass which makes it basically scratch-resistant. It has 5 ATM water-resistance, luminous hands,
and a genuine Italian leather band. So, one of the things about working with a
brand long term is I get to continuously test the item. And, you know, see how it fits how
it functions, but also how it stands up how durable it is. And, they were a little bit hesitant because
they don’t guarantee that it will survive this, but here is a quick story. So, we’re in Portland, Oregon visiting my
sister. My wife decided she’s going to do the laundry. So, what she does she goes and she grabs my
pants, throws them in the laundry, but this watch was in the pocket of my pants and she
washed them twice. In any case, I was like, oh, my gosh I did
not expect it to nothing happened to the watch, it works perfectly fine. There’s a reason why I decided to take this
watch. I have a lot of other watches I could have
carried with me. I decided if I’m going to take one, I wanted
to take one and there were other reasons. I really like how it’s got the date how it
actually has, you know, a little stopwatch functionality, you know little things like
the complications. I really like the overall how it would fit
with my wardrobe. So, there were many reasons I went for this
watch, but one thing I can tell you about Vincero it’s a great company. Go look at all the five-star reviews. And with that let’s get into some of the other
points. Next stop on my go-to items when I’m traveling
the world is going to be a well-fitted pair of dark-colored jeans. I like to go with a lighter weave, something
that’s going to be a bit breathable because I can always wear a pair of thermal underwear
underneath if it’s really cold and my jacket like I said is going to be a bit longer. But if I’m going to be going into a hot area
such as Bangkok up here soon, I want something that’s going to be breathable. With those I have a pair of dress boots. I go for a dark brown, something that can
be polished up at the same time I’m looking for a rubber sole. I want to able to get traction, so right here,
we’ve got really slushy wet snowy weather here in Kiev, Ukraine, but if I go into another
environment that’s going to be a lot warmer, I still want to be able to look good with
what I’m wearing here. Next stop let’s talk about underwear. I look for boxer briefs that are well-fitted
made from either a cotton or a synthetic blend. The key is fit. I don’t want excess material, so if I’m going
to be sitting on a train or sitting on a plane for five to ten hours, I don’t want to have
any bunging up in that area. The same thing for undershirts, I’m looking
for something that fits me well. I want to go with the V-neck. Usually, a heather gray in color because it’s
not going to show under a light-colored shirt and I’m also again looking for a particular
type of weave. I want something that’s breathable and with
no hotspots. And if I could throw in one bonus item, it
would be a quarter zip lightweight gray sweater. I think I could actually layer it under what
I’m wearing right here. And I find that when I’ just lounging around,
it’s a great go-to look when I want to take the jacket off maybe not even have the shirt
on underneath, I can wear it by itself and have a more relaxed look. All right, gentlemen, that’s it for clothing. I know I could have gone into a lot more details,
but I wanted to keep this first part focused in on my go-to clothing items, what do I find
that I’m going to again and again. Now, I’m going to talk about my go-to other
items that I carry that I find I use again and again, are great for international or
domestic travel and let’s start off with bags. So, the first go-to bag I want to talk about
is my leather briefcase. This was a gift I received from Brett and
Kate McKay over at the Art of Manliness years ago. To this day, I still carry my computer, my
charging cable, maybe a few pieces of important paperwork. Everything that is important to business,
I keep in one simple briefcase. My next go-to bag is my satchel and you can
call this a man purse, you can call this whatever you want, but I call this a life saver. Now, a year ago I didn’t carry anything like
this, nowadays I’m like how could I have lived without this because whenever you’re traveling
with four kids and your wife and you got to keep track of six passports, six sets of tickets
times three, eighteen tickets for all the different times you’re going to be flying,
train tickets back and forth, money in different currencies, I have a place that I can keep
things that are near and dear close to me and it is just such a useful item. But, what do I put into this bag? Let’s talk about that. All right. So, let’s start off with some of the usual
suspects. I’ve got my passport, I’ve got American currency,
I’ve got local currency especially and some of you guys are saying, oh, well, you know,
use your credit card. I do have a credit card which I take with
me, but sometimes you’re on a cash base society and you actually do need to carry the local
currency with you. So, these next items will make you a hero. Wet wipes, tissue, gum. So, when you got a screaming kid, give him
a piece of gum, they’re happy. Or course you can use it for your breath. And when somebody sneezes, somebody gets a
bloody nose. Boom! You’ve got them covered with tissue. Other items I take with me when I travel,
I like to have a nice pair of sunglasses. I don’t really trust buying sunglasses when
I’m on the road. The cheap ones I just find that I can’t see
the road as well when I’m driving. And, if I’m going to be on the beach if I’m
going to be out walking around, I want something that actually is going to protect my eyes
from the sun. Next stop we’ve got face lotion. Why do I have face lotion not hand lotion? Face lotion can be also used on your hands
and you can also in a pinch use it on your lips, but I also try and take some ChapSticks
with me. Now, another form of ID, in this case, I’ve
got my military ID. I’ve even gotten discounts from hotels. But, I’d like to carry an additional form
of ID with me just in case I lose my passport. So, as it I am a YouTuber I need to be able
to get videos on the go. Here is actually a quick little rig that I
thrown together and used. Notice here I’ve got just a simple tripod
right there you can guy those for 10 bucks. Then, I’ve got this adaptor that works on
any type of phone, you can find that for about $5 to $10. Then, I’ve got this thing right here and it’s
made by Shure, it’s the MV88. I’ll put again the link. Go check out the support article, I’ll link
to it down in the description. But, this right here turns my simple iPhone
into a great video camera because the big thing is, you know, those video cameras are
good, but the sound is really bad. That little shotgun microphone really ups
the sound quality. So, I always have a pen with me and I don’t
carry a really high-end pen. The reason being my kids are always asking
for the pens and they’re losing them. Next stop, I’ve got like a little USB drives. I find that these are really useful especially
when we’re visiting family and they want to be able to transfer pictures between computers. This adapter right here, so I’m going to link
to this one. I love this adapter. What I love about it is of course it’s got
for the all the different countries out there. And is anyone can anyone guess what country
is this? Let me know on the comments. Obviously Ukraine right there. This right here is what I really love. Two USB chargers and I can instantly plug
right in. This has been a lifesaver. I love this little device. And two wrap things up I always carry a book
with me. I like a book now, I’ve got audio books, I’ve
got music on my phone and that’s great to listen to. But, when I just have a few minutes and I
just want to read something quick, I like having a book especially one that’s broken
into small sections that I can grab get some quick reading in, it’s using that dead time
that allows you to get ahead. All right, gentlemen, so now it’s your turn. I want to hear from you down in the comments
below, what did I miss. What would you have added to make this video
better? What is your go-to item when you’re traveling
around the world whether it’d be clothing, whether it’d be accessories, whether it’d
be one of the items, or you may disagree and say, Antonio, why in the world are you doing
that? I want to hear from your guys. And check out Vincero, a great sponsor. They allow me bring content to you. And, guys like I said I’ve been using this
watch for over a year. I love this watch and when I get extras I
love to ship them out to you guys. All you have to do is let me know specifically
from their website which is your favorite watch, be very specific to the collection
to the description of it. All those details put down in the video comments
and we’ll go down there and if we got extra ones to send out, we’ll notify you let you
know you’re a winner. Guys, that’s it. Take care. I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. Real Men Real Style says: – Click here to discover Vincero. Use code RMRS for 15% OFF. Huge RMRS thanks to Vincero for being a paid sponsor of today's post.

    Video Summary:
    1:40 – Charcoal Grey Coat
    2:19 – Blue Sports Jacket
    3:05 – Vincero Watch
    4:47 – Well Fitted Dark Colored Jeans
    5:07 – Dark Brown Dress Boots
    5:30 – Well Fitted Boxers
    5:48 – Well Fitted Undershirt
    6:04 – BONUS Piece
    6:45 – Leather Briefcase
    7:00 – Satchel
    7:45 – Passport and Money
    7:55 – Gum and Wipes
    8:10 – Sunglasses
    8:26 – Face Lotion
    8:37 – ID
    8:54 – Tripod, Adapter and Microphone
    9:29 – Pen
    9:36 – USB/Flashdrive
    9:50 – Adapter
    10:10 – Book – Click HERE To Join our online Facebook Community

  2. Rafael El Guapo Castillo says:

    My friend, where did you get that blue sport coat?

  3. Shayne Taylor says:

    Does anyone know what the sport coat is?

  4. Will Waller says:

    Navy blue and brown is the best color combo next to black and white

  5. Rev. James C says:

    I like the look of the Shure MV88, but don’t have an iPhone. :-/

  6. naenonnn says:

    You look younger

  7. concert610 says:

    Love your videos. I like seeing men being men knowing how to dress and get things done and take care of everyone. This art is lost on most guys.

    Off hand the thing I would add is USB cable for charging phone and a battery pack for phone. Kid wants to play a game, watch a movie at least you can keep your phone going when you get it back. I am never far from a battery pack.

    Also in your man bag I would keep some Advil or something for headaches.

  8. Tyler Daugherty says:

    Antonio, I really must agree with everything you have on your list. The one thing I tend to have in addition is a very light wind breaker or light sweater that can easily be stowed in your carry on bag.
    I also love the white gold bodied watch, with rose gold face indication and hands, and mocha brown leather strap!
    Love your videos!

  9. Jonathan Widiatmo says:

    Does coat got soaked by water? Coat looks so great, but Im afraid it will get soaked on even the lightest rain. Probably you can tell me more

  10. kenneth worde says:

    Add small pad of paper & pencils for notes/thoughts, small voice recorder, business cards & holder. Have important data,names, numbers written down two places

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    millitary id next to the face lotion , very manly

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  13. CT 747 says:

    Betadine (iodine) sore throat gargle & aspirin.

  14. Coach Pete Turner says:

    Taking your children on trips takes patience & courage.

  15. TheLunkad says:

    For the first time I see a non fitting jacket on you. Guess it is coz its an overcoat though>

  16. nick name says:

    Another useless video about the painfully obvious…although much of it is for watchers to live vicariously through the vblogger..

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    Vincero (pron. "veenchero" with accent on "o") in italian is "I'll win". Greets from Roma gents !

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    Antonio talk about suitcases please

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    I always overpack. This helps. Thanks Antonio!

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