Traveling with your french bulldog

A lot of people chooses to bring their loved pets with them when travelling. For me, it’s really convenient and fun to have a self-driving tour, especially the national parks. I’ve already taken freckle to places like Redwood National Park, Yellowstone National Park and The Great Canyon. Today, I want to share the experience about how to take your pet on a self-driving tour. First, you need to have a large sized travel bag that is easy to recognize. So it would be easy for you to carry all the food, pet utensils with you. Second, I would recommend to take a large blanket for your pet. You can put it on the backseat so that it traps pet hair and dirt while it safeguards your car’s seat. It also make a comfortable area for your pet so that it can sleep on it. Also, when you are in the hotel, you can put it on the bed which is a good practice. Other thing I normally take for freckle are the dog medications. For example, anti-inflammatory drugs, drugs for curing insect bite. One time, freckle threw up on the car, I realized it’s important to bring some medicines along the way to keep your pet health. This dog collar is also something that I love to bring, you see, there is a light attached to it. You can turn the light on at night when you are taking your dog out, so that it’s easy to find him. Remember to put your phone number/home address on the collar in case your dog is lost. One of my favourite is this travel-used bottle for pets. It’s super convenient. After putting the water inside, open it like this and just squeeze it, your pet can drink from it. It’s easy to carry it along. Depends on whether the place you are going is hot or cold, you need to make different preparation. French bulldog like freckle is really sensitive to weather. If I take freckle to somewhere below 10 F, I would take this sweater, this coat and another raincoat for him. You also need to check whether you are allowed to take your pets when you are travelling. A lot of US wildlife parks do not allow pets because it would startle the wild animals. You need to check their websites to see whether your pet is allowed when you are planning the trip. This is something to remember.

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