Trimming the Nails of a German Shepherd Dog

Specific for a German Shepherd How we do trim the nails of that kind of dog. I personally prefer this kind of scissor like cutter. That works fine for me. Let’s talk about the length first. How long should they be? They say as long as the hair… They are slightly sticking out, where the hair ends. In this case we have to be a lot shorter. But you can’t cut this off all at once, we have to cut a little bit every week… … until we are at the desired length. Those are really way to long. They could be half the length. At this step i show how to position yourself and the dog when you do this. And this works best for large dogs. Not the little ones! You exercise first. so that the dog allows you to hold the paw. This may take a while until the dog gets used to it. Don’t bend the legs sideways! Like i show here. The scissors you hold in this angle. Watch exactly how i do it.>>>That’s a good boy!

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9 Responses

  1. Common Sense says:

    Great! I can tell, you didn't do this for the first time?

  2. rob wayne says:

    Good info thank you

  3. Malik shab says:

    hap angrej

  4. Courtney BrindAmour-McClure says:

    Very informative video. Just what I need for my G.S.

  5. t millz says:

    thankyou for this my GF has one and i noticed they needed it ..i allthough have rotties?

  6. ksteng15 says:

    How is your dog so calm? Mine will lay in a down position, but as soon as he sees a leaf or hears a noise he will get up..

  7. Kim F. says:

    Thank you for posting!

  8. Sammiwolf says:

    On a German Shepherd, how do you find the quick?

  9. Lucas Phipps says:

    Ending was golden lol

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