Trump’s Most Extravagant Purchases!

Here are some of President Trump’s most
extravagant purchases! 11 – The Trump princess
Donald Trump supposedly isn’t a boat kind of guy. In fact, he’s not a beach kind of guy. So why on earth would he ever buy a boat? He’s said himself he’s not into boats,
but oh well, only billionaires can spend roughly 30 million dollars on something they don’t
really want, won’t really use, but only because they like the idea of owning a boat. Trump has referred to his yacht as his ultimate
toy. He actually saved a million dollars off the
price of the yacht, because the previous owner didn’t want to have someone else to have
a boat with his daughter’s name on it. So Trump, being as savvy as he is, negotiated
a discount to rename the boat as the Trump Princess. The Trump princess is, of course according
to Trump, a work of art. And what makes it a work of art is the quality
that can be appreciated with the RIDICULOUSLY lavish interiors. From hand-carved Onyx bathrooms to gold handles,
the interior design is just straight old money baller. With room for over 50 people, a helicopter
landing pad, and its own movie theater, the Trump Princess is the type of yacht even 100
millionaires dream of. 10 – Allow himself to introduce….himself
At a charity event in 2007, famed speed-painter Michael Israel painted a portrait of Trump. Israel was able to do it in only 6 minutes,
I mean…..for someone’s called a speed painter that’s something I can expect! After the painting was finished on stage,
the portrait was auctioned. Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly, Trump’s
wife Melania won the action. Her bid was 10 thousand, but later on, she
doubled it. The final price of the painting was 20 thousand. Half of the money went to the painter, Israel,
and the other half to the charity that hosted the event. Unfortunately, it was later revealed that
Donald Trump actually didn’t pay for this piece of art with his own money, but rather
with money from donations to the Donald J. Trump Foundation. The whereabouts of the portrait were unknown
until 2016. A former assistant to Israel said that after
the auction Melania instructed him to ship the painting to Trump’s golf club, located
in Westchester County in New York. I guess if I were a billionaire, I’d buy
a portrait of myself as well, but I definitely wouldn’t use charitable donations! 9 – Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren
It’s no secret Trump loves cars. He’s said several times since stepping into
the White House how much he misses driving. And who wouldn’t miss driving if they owned
the supercars The Donald does? Trump’s 2003 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren cost
a small fortune, as it set him back about $455 thousand. Making a big show out of it, because this
is Trump we’re talking about, he got it delivered in 2004 right in front of the Trump
Tower, so the press could cover it. It’s been featured several times on articles
about Trump’s wealth, the most popular of which has to be the photo taken for a Vogue
magazine spread back in 2006. In the photo, Trump was sitting in his SLR
McLaren looking back to his wife Melania, who was pregnant at the time and nearly-naked
on the steps of the Trump’s Boeing 757. 8 – The T-Bird
If you’re a dude who’s a billionaire, chances are you’re gonna be the type of
person who’s not wasting time flying commercial. It definitely makes sense for Trump to buy
a private jet, however, buying a full 757 is still a bit over the top. However, Trump’s Boeing 757 is an older
model and it was used, sooooo at least Trump held back juuuuust a little bit! It was already pretty old when he bought it
back in 2010. In the mid 90’s, Microsoft co-founder Paul
Allen bought it and improved it as only billionaires can. He removed a lotta seats and instead built
two bedrooms, a master suite, a guest room, a giant bathroom with a full-sized bathtub
inside, AND a conference area. Hey, gotta get work done right?! But apparently Allen didn’t have a need
for it anymore, so Trump seized his chance at a decked out 19 year old 757. It was an undisclosed purchase, so no one
can be sure of the actual price, but let’s just assume it was expensive. He kept the general layout Allen had, but
Trump obviously felt everything inside needed improvement. Because it’s Trump we’re talking about,
that obviously meant out with the old, in with the gold. After the renovation, the 757, which Trump
likes to call the T-bird, is valued at $100 million. It has twin Rolls-Royce engines to make the
plane go faster than 500 miles per hour. And oh yeah, 24 karat gold everywhere, and
I mean EVERYWHERE, from the seatbelt buckles and trim to the gold bathtub. 7 – Not just any watch
The year was 1999 and former president Ronald Reagan’s watch was being auctioned right next
door to the Trump Building in New York. Apparently, the auction was a huge sensation
in the watch world. In this one-of-a-kind event for charity, the
watches of famous people all over were being auctioned off. The event was actually named Famous Faces. The total amount of money this charity raised
was roughly $544,000 for about 87 watches. Overall, the idea behind this event was kinda
brilliant. I mean, get a lot of celebrities to donate
their watches to sell for charity and then have a bunch of other celebrities buy them. Among the watches’ owners were George Clooney,
Leo DiCaprio, Jerry Seinfeld, Elizabeth Taylor, Oprah Winfrey, Paul Newman, and, of course,
Ronald Reagan, to mention just a few. Near the end of the auction, Reagan’s watch
came to light, and Trump immediately had his eye on it. Whatever Trump felt about Reagan in 1999,
it was enough for him to purchase a relatively low-value watch, as it was one of the least
valuable watches at the event. Trump bought the watch for the final price
of $7,000, which was clearly many times more than the value of the watch, which was a Colibri
Quartz watch. Hey, it definitely looked to be a passion
purchase by Trump, not because of the watch, but because of the previous owner! 6 – Rolls-Royce Phantom Saloon
The Rolls-Royce Phantom Saloon was one of the latest cars Donald Trump bought before
becoming President. And he even drove it regularly. Although Trump does have at least two private
drivers who used to take him and his family around town before he became president, he
actually enjoys driving on his own. This bad boy cost about $500,000 dollars,
and since it’s a bespoke car, Rolls-Royce offers them in thousands of different colors,
but Trump chose this one in an elegant black. He used it frequently during his presidential
campaign but stopped shortly after he was elected. Actually, the funniest part with Trump and
a Rolls Royce was when Melania recorded him blasting Taylor Swift while driving the car. The video was posted on Melania’s facebook
page back in 2014. To be honest, a video of Trump listening to
Taylor Swift is one of the last videos I’d expect floating around on the internet! 5 – Sikorsky S-76
Back in 2011 Trump decided that what his life was lacking was a helicopter, and it had to
be as great as he himself was. You guys starting to catch the theme yet? At that point, he already had his Boeing 757,
but I guess he needed a new aircraft to get him to some tighter spots. The new addition to the Trump fleet was a
second hand Sikorsky S-76. Some experts say a previously owned helicopter
like Trump’s is worth between $5 and $7 million. However, when Trump bought it, his Sikorsky
wasn’t in tune with his usual style, so Trump hired famous aircraft interior-designer,
Eric Roth to put his touches on the helicopter. Roth had already worked with Trump before
with the design of his Boeing, so he was already familiar with what The Donald might have in
mind. The renovated interior now has pretty much
the signature Trump 24 karat gold hardware, from handles to seat belts, including the
Trump coat of arms in actual gold paint on the side. Although numbers aren’t clear because of
the confidentiality agreement Roth’s faithfully kept, this makeover is believed to have cost
over 750 grand! 4 – Mercedes Maybach S600 Pullman Guard
Guarded cars are nothing new, not really. For pretty much forever, the rich and famous
have needed protection. The Mercedes Maybach S600 Pullman Guard is
the combination of the S600 Guard, a fortress on wheels, and the Pullman, a regular limo. Many people will settle for either of the
two versions, but there are some people that need both the protection and the extra wheelbase,
and Donald Trump is one of those guys. For about 513 grand, he S600 Pullman Guard
offers tank protection to its passengers. It has steel reinforcement panels inside the
body and extra protection panels in critical weak areas. It features ultra-thick laminated bulletproof
glass windows and armored floors. It has its own ventilation system in case
it falls into water, such as a river or a lake. But the real question is, is there gold everywhere
in this car?! 3 – Best View of NYC
If you think you know what luxury means, you’ll probably have to redefine it once you see
how Trump used to live. Trump’s penthouse in Trump Tower takes the
word lavish to a whole another level. Some people think it’s overwhelming, some
people dislike it entirely, and some people would k1ll to live in a place like this. But whichever camp someone is in, everyone
has an opinion about it. Covering the top three floors of the Trump
Tower, this unbelievable a hundred million dollar penthouse has breathtaking views of
Central Park and all of Manhattan. It was designed with french king Louis XIV
style in mind. For those of you who’re not too familiar
with Louis XIV, let’s just say he was referred to as the Sun King for obvious reasons. The Trump apartment is decorated with 24 karat
gold and Carrara marble from the same canyon Michelangelo got his material. It also has gold replicas of many famous sculptures
and works of art. It was such a sick place to live, First lady
Melania didn’t want to move to the White House after Trump was elected! 2 – Lamborghini Diablo
This special Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster is probably one of the most iconic cars Trump
has owned. Although it’s not in his garage anymore,
as he sold it recently, Trump has said that he misses it a ton. This Lambo was specifically made for the Donald
back in 1997. The Diablo was bright blue with tinted windows,
and it was the only blue Diablo Lamborghini made that year. When he sold it, it was actually held on auction
at eBay. This Lamborghini Diablo ended with a final
bid of $460 thousand. No one is really sure if Donald Trump actually
sold it for that amount, as he claimed he expected more. Just to put it in perspective, a modern Lamborghini
Aventador sells for only 600 dollars more. Whether the buyer overpaid or not, at least
he has the only Lambo out there with a personal Trump badge on the car. 1 – The GOAT
So who would own a 15 thousand dollar book? Well, it’s not just any book, but it’s
a tribute to Muhammad Ali. GOAT, in case you didn’t know, is an acronym
for Greatest Of All Time. GOAT is a massive tribute to the one and only
Muhammad Ali. Each copy of the book costs 15 grand. For that price you not only get the book but
an original sculpture by artist Jeff Koons, as well as four silver gelatin prints signed
by Ali and photographer Howard L. Bingham. I know that most of us won’t be buying a
book that costs that kind of money, but I’d say it’s more of an art piece than a book. The book itself contains over 3,000 photos
of arguably the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time, and some fragments of his thoughts. Trump said he’s enjoyed his 15 thousand
dollar book when asked about Ali in an interview. Barack Obama also said that the book was his
favorite memento of Ali! I knew that Trump and Obama had SOMETHING in common! Here’s what’s next!

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    They’re really trying to make that case. If he’s a failure then what in the hell does that make the rest of us.

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