Created on what’s up everybody welcome back I’m here with my boys deal co-host ba ba ba ba ba give me a book yeah so I said oh I bought a couple dog puzzles on off of Amazon but one of them was a was a board puzzle and the other one was this which was a ball where the treats are under here and I come to the hole and then you have to move the ball around and they eventually will come out of this hole so you’ll have no interest in this but what you’re supposed to do is just move the ball around kick it around so eventually a treat will come out so if you watch the video here obviously had no interest in it and so I left it for him during the day to see if he would ever like roll around and get a treat out so what he did was actually try to break it open instead of rolling it around I’ll show you look at this you can see all the marks that he made trying to break it open with his teeth look at all this see all these marks these are all his teeth marks trying to break this thing up because does pop open and he actually almost got into it yeah that’s actually smart instead of actually just trying to roll a stupid thing around get the treats out eventually he just went right to the source and try to break it open think that right buddy you do this did you do this it’s actually smarter to try and break open rather than rolling it around and get the treats out on the treatment side you give you the patient so these videos have been going around for a while now and they’re called try not to laugh challenge as thank you or try not to laugh or grin whatever you want to call it so I came up with my own version and it’s try not to how version somebody laugh some people have asked me how you get your husky – how mine doesn’t how how do you get him to help some of us whose will be more talkative than others for seals he doesn’t have that much actually you have to really get them going so either I make howling noises like woo and you have to keep going until the adventurer’s house but one thing that I learned is watching videos online of other dogs howling or puppies crying it usually gets him going much faster so that’s what we’re going to do today we’re going to watch some husky tiling or puppies crying and see how long steals and lasts until he actually how or yawn a thousand times I typed in husky howling and let’s see what his reaction [Music] [Music] all right so that didn’t take very long we’re about 30 seconds into the video for you so having found the Horn of Gondor okay she failed it that one too he pretty much sounds right away with that one Oh was he implying anything he’s just an ally mundo see once I get in the mood they just start howling at anything now so oh let’s try one more City can we see it through one without howling that’s the challenge you know you’re not supposed to have it’s trying to the Husky come on dude that’s a house [Music] [Music] Wow good job buddy you actually got that long ago howling me bow me bow both both yeah bow good job buddy have a piece of shakin thank you guys for watching you can try this with your dog see if they howl maybe even play this video and see what happens let’s make that two challenge play this video in front of your dog from steel howling or from the audio from other people of the dogs howling and stuff and let’s say I want to see your videos I want to actually see your dog it’s the real reason I send them to me on twitter at joey ahern let’s see who is the shout out of the week this week shout out goes the vegetarian Baker thank you for watching buddy we met if you guys don’t know who the vegetarian Baker is we met at in New York at the YouTube space we did a class together we became friends and he still comments and watched my videos and so make sure you give them a follow he’s actually on the sidebar the related channel again thank you guys for watching and that’s it have another buh-buh-buh for the road folks is rose yeah [Music]

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