TRY NOT TO LAUGH 2019 – Can you Believe that? The dogs can do this things – Awesome-

Do not allow me to use an electric fan? shut downThen I use air conditioningGoing into the dog cageThere is dog in it now.Too hot, turn on the electric fan to sleepDon’t worry, I caught you.Look at me, It is OKWhy hit yourself ?Go awayNo I want play with youThe shepherd dog is chasing, I must pretend to dieDon’t think about kissing me.Superstar is coming, comeYou can’t get rid of meBad guy, give it to meI want to eatWhat can i do for you ?The sonThe fatherGood buddySome one tell me Eat This can be BeautyWho said ?This guy is occupying our home.Come on, take a showerWhat are you doing ?This video was so funny , What you thinkYes , Awesome

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