Try Not To Laugh Challenge

Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome to the Try Not to Laugh Challenge. Now as you know, this challenge has been done many, many, many, many, many manymanymanymanymany *Overlapping voices* Many many many many
SO MANY! Incredibly many! People are desperate to laugh, so these videeeOoOS… So these videos come up, and then people do videos of people watching videos … where they laugh. Keep in mind: this is all for your safety. The unbridled humor that’s contained in these videos is just too raw for you to process by yourself. If you were to watch it without the filter of me to absorb some of the laughter, then- my god, y-y-your brain would just implode from all- implode from all the laughter, and THEN explode… because that’s how implosions work. I’m starting out with Reddit’s Try Not to Laugh Challenge because it’s, by far, the highest RATED video that I’ve seen. There’s a ton of videos that have a lot of views, and not that this doesn’t, it’s got 11 million, but there’s other videos out there that have a ton of views, but not well liked. Alright, whatever, my humor shields are at maximum. Bring it on. BLEEEHP bLLLEEEEEHHHHHH HBLLLEP HHLLLLEEEEPPLB (girl on right) Oh that’s nice, what does it say? (guy on left) CUuUuUuUuUUuUNT! *wheezing from camera guy* *cat shuffles slightly* *continues shuffling* *CLUNK* I do parkour, *bleeped*! (camera guy) What do you do?!! I DO PARKOUR, *BLEEPED*!! (camera guy) WHAT DO YOU DO?!!
I DO PARKOOOOOOOOUUR!!!! (camera guy) GET IT *man screaming* *BAM* *SLAP* (background laughter and clapping) *suppressed laughter* *surpressed laughter* Ahh, didn’t laugh. Nope That didn’t get me I had spastic convulsions in my chest, but that’s not laughter. Oh this is gonna be harder than I thought… There’s a reason that this one is highly rated! I can tell! (newscaster) -playing football, blind. (blind football player) Anything’s possible. *Blind Witness – All Alone playing*
WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?! *deathcore guitar riffs* *man playing guitar poorly* (Possibly attempting to play Good Riddance by Green Day) FUCK!! *snickering, poorly suppressed laughter* inside Mark’s head: (Deathcore plays) WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING OOOONNNNNN??!! *Bursts out laughing* *laughter continues* *Groans loudly* PHEW *deep sniff* Ahhhhh I’m a giggly bitch by nature~ Markiplier 2016 Hoh… (child) What the fuck is taking so long? (lady behind camera) Remy, come! (lady behind camera) Remy, sit! (lady behind camera) Speak! (dubbed in deep voice) Fuck! (lady behind camera) Good boy! *poorly surpressed laughter* *SMACK* (penguins) *Honk in despair* (fallen penguin) HWWUAAHA *Timmy trumpet” played on trombone* “Timmy trumpet” played on trombone, oven clanging to rhythm* I’ve seen that video before and I love it a lot. When I first saw that, I laughed for like five minutes straight. I LOVE that video. (camera guy) Can you guys say Colorado! (giraffe on skis) I’M A GIRAFFE! (Whisper) Wait… (camera guy) -Colorado! (giraffe on skis) I’M A GIRAFFE!! *suppressed laughter (Newsman) -at the show.. (Newsman) Ap… (Newsman) aaaAAAhhHHHHHHH AAaAaHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (Little girl) Go! *CRASH* (Little girl) BWAAAH! *suppressed laughter *breathing in* *sniff* *exhale* You can’t… You can’t double-whammy with something I haven’t seen and then go “bWaAAH MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM (Newscaster) -a few minutes later, the bear was spotted behind this home in Moreland Hills (Newscaster) This recreation identifies how witnesses say how the bear escaped into the woods. *man walks on grass* *scrumpf* *camera man wheezes in background* *unintelligible noises from class* *remix of the child hitting his head to the tune of Mario* *loud distorted thud* *gunshot and metallic clattering* This is why Mom doesn’t FUCKING love you! *Snickering* *Mark’s confused* (guy offscreen, casually) Hey Ron. (guy on ground, casually) Hey Billy. *Manic laughter* *sniff* *laughter continues* *sniff* *less intense laughter* Okay, I’ve lost.. probably many times now, but I’m gonna keep going. Because I owe it to myself. (offscreen guy) Hey Ron. (guy on ground) Hey Billy. (guy on ground) …that hurt. *wild giggling* Oh my god, *in between giggles* I love that one. (newsman) -at the show.. (Newsman) ap… HAAAAAHH AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH
*giggles* (little girl) Go! (little girl) BWAAAH! *giggling* Oh my god, and *giggles* of course it was a classic! Not this one, fuck this one! *man screams* *BAM* *mark laughing* (newscaster) -playing football, blind.
*Mark giggles* It’s just the way he hits it! *laughing* and this one! (Blind Witness – All Alone playing again)
*laughing* *laughter* (guy in video) FUCK!! *laughter* This-this- *laugther* *more laughing* The sequence is so good! Like, I know it’s bad, because *giggling* it’s a blind kid trying to play football, and then what happened- * laughter* Oh my god, funny, is funny! (blind kid) Anything’s possible. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING OOOOOONNNNNNN??!! Oh jeez, I’m a bad person! Like I’m sorry, it’s funny!! *giggles* Yeah, I-I-I honestly didn’t think I was gonna get got uhhh… that early, but, man, that was actually legitimately a good one. You know what I do like, though? I- there’s one video that- there’s videos that I found recently I uh, it’s uh, it’s uh, music… …videos without music. *dog barks* *dissonant strumming* (mark) Oh… (man) Hm? *an acoustic song begins, badly* *chewing sound* *acoustic guitar playing and squeaking shoes* *acoustic guitar, mouth chewing sounds and playing and squeaking shoes* *shoes squeak* “Hoo!” *shoe taps* “Eheeheeheehee!” *shoes keep squeaking and the guitar* “HOOOOOO” *hiccups* *guitar continues* *groan* Alright, that did not go very well for me Unfortunately, or expectedly, I failed the challenge, I’m sorry. I’ve got too much joy inside my soul and I laugh very easily. But I’ve got a funny feeling that you guys at home also failed, so let me know if you did, let me know if you didn’t, and if you have other funny videos, there’s tons and tons of funny videos available on the internet, all across the internet for everybody to see, so if you got more, that you want ME to “not laugh at,” let me know in the comments below, and thank you everybody so much for watching. And as always, I will see you in the next video. BUHBYEEE!

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100 Responses

  1. Quinn White says:

    Please tell me I wasn’t the only one who saw Thomas Sanders

  2. haylee the loserrr says:


  3. GrumpyWolf1127 says:

    Hey Ron hey billy that hurt

  4. Just Alex says:

    Who else didn’t laugh at the video but laugh out loud at marks laugh raise your Hand in the comments NO LIKES!

  5. Galaxy Wolf says:

    Crashing noises) "oh hey billy"
    Mark: (dieing)

  6. Vids I loved says:

    I didn’t fail and I love this channel

  7. Doggo Taco says:

    So these vidEoOOs-

  8. EDM says:

    6:47 new michael jackson

  9. catfish country says:

    You look like an umpaloompa

  10. Veronica Blue says:

    It's not the videos that make me laugh it's marks laugh 😂 it's so fricking adorable

  11. supergamer 37 says:

    omg i failed

  12. The AViator says:

    I didn’t even smile but it was very funny.

  13. flashmarcus07 says:

    Constipated mark 2:21

  14. Ashley Martin says:

    😆😂😂hi Ron hi billy 😆😆😂

  15. Arbiter1223 says:

    Lol I already know I'm going to fail every single one of these, so I'm going to turn these into "Laugh as Hard as You Can" challenges XD

  16. 葉亞倫 says:



  17. Madelyn Short says:

    im a giraffe

  18. Diamondboy d says:

    Omg u gay

  19. Daniel Dunphy says:

    Try not to laugh … FUCK!!!!!!!!

  20. the smiling shark says:

    2:07 it sounds like the start of good riddance by green day

  21. Slime Girl says:

    1:37 mark died

  22. Slime Girl says:

    When he said this is why mom doesn’t fucking love you I was like she has to love him some bit or not…

  23. darth Great says:

    Whenever the dude fell out of the ceiling in like that shirt store that's taxes for you

  24. CrisTheIdiot owo says:

    I have to binge watch my son laughing for an hour good day

  25. Hill Racing Pro I won't force you says:


  26. g. m says:

    this is why mom doesnt fucking love you
    ladies and gentleman shots were fired

  27. Stargirl 82000 says:

    omg! the little doggo is so cute!

  28. čãń ï gęť 1 śūbś wīťh ügľÿ víđēöš¿ says:

    9019 anyone?
    only meh

  29. Lillian Berger says:

    it looks like he's trying not to throw up.

  30. Crystal Animates says:

    Yeah I did fail!

  31. Sup Guys says:

    Who else is watching 2019 and can’t stop watching these videos

  32. RyuuRonin says:

    The reason people laugh is because of your laughter, will to not laugh, and reasoning for laughing

  33. Dead Gamer17 says:

    3:16,. IM A GIRAFFE

  34. Kyle Nixon says:

    591000 likes jeez

  35. Kyle Nixon says:

    4:44 coke

  36. LTU Armuha says:

    he memed himself to the death

  37. I ꧁༺ XxTheowlsmartsxX ༻꧂ I says:

    Markiplier is such a GIGGLY BITCH responsible adult

  38. Samachi Rulez says:

    Penguin falls
    Other penguins: mooovvvee
    Penguin: FUCK

  39. Anime ジ YT says:


  40. Anime ジ YT says:


  41. UTFAN LOSER says:


  42. Candy Animations says:

    His laugh sounds like an evil villain but i love it

  43. Amber flores says:

    me: peacefuly waching this on my bed

    i laughed so hard i shook da bed XD

  44. its_DEKU_gaming says:

    Who’s watching in2019

  45. Kim SeokJin says:

    1:48 Me using big words to convince people I'm not being a total asshole when someone cries

  46. Matilda hodgson says:

    I know that you like jack

  47. lisatressa says:

    2:13 he lost at this point

  48. Rogue Storm says:

    I actually laugh on these try not to laughs, because of you.

  49. Flame wolf says:


  50. Krystal Huston says:

    Any one als whaching this again

  51. Carlee Apple says:

    i failed…FRICK!

  52. Twenty22Many Veteran says:

    I love when the kid shoots the ceiling in the Brother says this is why mom doesn't f***ing love you

  53. Yellow Yellow says:


  54. UpbeatTrombone says:

    0:00 An epic playlist was born

  55. Soroth 23 says:

    I failed

  56. MuffinMaker081205 says:

    I’m watching this in 2019 and it’s so weird to see some of these and him not knowing them like HE HAS NEVER SEENT THE BWAH LIKE DAFUC

  57. That BeanBurrtioXD says:

    Markiplier* Laughs at child suffering*
    Me* …
    Me* Psycho Path laugh*

  58. Jaiden Lopez says:

    Markiplier's you're the one who makes me laugh not the videos you

  59. Asiah Moss says:

    (3:48) tHeN gO "wAHhh"

  60. Shari Brink says:


    Markimoo dies


  61. nick ambrose says:

    You are awesome

  62. nick ambrose says:

    I am a little kid of age 8

  63. nick ambrose says:


  64. nick ambrose says:

    I am Yousing my dad's profile

  65. Shiota Nagisa says:

    I did this with a bunch of friends, and with water in our mouth, then the blind football one, we caughed like crazy, now my room is a god damn mess like we were on the beach then came back without a shower

  66. Mikey Marciniuk says:

    Gun: Boom
    Guy on left: THIS IS WHY MOM DOESN'T ****ING LOVE YOU!

  67. Johnson Delvetto says:

    Turn on captions

  68. DoExCoolguy ROBLOX says:

    Say Colorado!- I'M A GIRAFFE!

  69. Minion You says:

    I SWEAR YO GOOOD Mark has the most evil laugh

  70. Memifier Lord says:

    this 1st one is more of a "Try To Laugh Challenge" he laughs within 1 minute..

  71. sarah queen says:

    I laughed

  72. Difference Leader says:

    Almost 3 years since then, look at mark now

  73. Der PANDA/Mari-christin bender says:


  74. Jo ker says:

    I won, easy.

  75. Mía MakezStuff says:

    Many intensifies

  76. Kinnunen Corp says:

    Music videos without music……..why tho.

  77. ¡Tiff Kawaii Chocolate! says:

    His laugh made me laugh and that's not fair

  78. Erin Carr says:

    hay mark i saw the zelda shirt

  79. Final Fantasy & More says:

    Wait I just realised…MARK SKIPPED A THOMAS SANDERS VIDEO!! HOW DARE HE?! Where are the Fanders at?!

  80. cloey anslinger says:

    3:14 I LOVE THAT ONE

  81. FBI says:

    marks laughs funnier thn the videos lowkey

  82. Zoey Yennior says:

    your laugh is hilarious

  83. Drama Llama says:

    I’m a giggly bitch by nature

  84. Jonathan says:

    I laughed on almost all of them

  85. Yeetus Crumley says:

    Back when internet memes were young. Look where we are now.

  86. Adam George says:

    I’m fairly positive you make it harder to not laugh

  87. Glazzer 113 says:

    the bwah of that kid should be the actual oof XD

  88. Nunu-Belle Design says:

    I am a failure

  89. FnafBusterHD says:

    that's realy funny Marko.

  90. Luckish247 says:

    Just realized at 2:05 the guy tries playing Good Riddance by Green Day. The beginning part of the song is Billie Joe Armstrong fucking up the song. That was literally just a glorified version of Good Riddance. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

  91. Luckish247 says:

    And yes I know this video is 2 years old

  92. shanah sutton says:

    Falls from roof ,: Hey Ron
    Me : hey Billy

  93. Stephen Graham says:

    Everytime I hear Mark laugh all I can think about is Ace having a YouTube channel with Luffy and Sabo.

  94. TeraBite Gaming says:

    I wheezed to the guy falling through the roof. just.
    *Violent falling through roof"
    guy is on the floor
    "Hey ron"
    "Hey billy".
    "Did that hurt?"

  95. Luke Robinson says:

    Marks a horrible person
    But yet so are we

  96. Keira says:

    I failed 😐

  97. Be Happy says:

    (Does the rong doodle)FUCK

  98. j j says:

    Im dieing hahahahahhahahahhahqhahqhqhhagqg

  99. chrisxxxcross says:

    is it just me or is the audio out of sync?

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