Try On Haul | Alphalete’s August Launch

alphalete try-on haul and review if you guys are enjoying the vlog I’m
officially one week out for my show and I couldn’t be more excited I feel like I
have so much to share with you guys and don’t worry I’m gonna film some sit-down
videos to kind of update you guys on like everything that I’ve been doing and
everything that’s gonna go into this first show I also apologize if you guys
can hear that leaf blower because there’s nothing that I can do about the
lawn guys on a Friday and this video must be filmed I also got my alphalete
package in the mail and I’m so freaking excited because these are some of my
favorite items I feel like I do say that every time bye guys seriously they just
keep getting better I didn’t think that I could love something more than the
last launch and yet they’ve surprised me yet again if you’ve seen on my Instagram
then you know these new materials literally feel like butter on your skin
like they’re so soft and so comfortable so I tried them on and I kind of want to
give you guys the details that run down on the launch because this will be up
about a week ahead of the launch so you’ll have plenty of time to watch the
video get all the details you need see which items you’re gonna want in love
and then when it comes time you’ll be able to get your order without having to
wait for the next launch because you guys know that we sell out pretty often
so ok let’s go ahead and start with the first look these are called the surface
legging and these have a side pocket in them this material literally is so
incredibly soft like some of the softest material ever I feel like I could
actually take a nap in these these do fit true to size and if you’re gonna
compare them to something like the revival leggings they’re just they’re
completely different leggings and the revival if you guys remember they’re so
tight they always left those like little marks on your legs which I didn’t care
but it also is kind of annoying like if you wanted to wear skirt right after or
something so these don’t leave any marks on your legs which I really enjoy I’ve
already done a leg day and them they are squat proof as you guys can tell they
have a nice taper at the top of the waist so I feel like regardless of body
shape it really makes each body shape and each waist so the best that it can
possibly look so I really like these they’ve the simple athlete logo on the
back and I am a size extra small in these so I have these in a few different
colors and absolutely love them have been training them the last few days
and yes I definitely recommend these now matched with that was the keyhole bra
this by far is my favorite sports bra that is launching I feel like a badass
Laura Croft in it seriously it has the cutest design there’s like a high neck
in the front and there’s multiple straps and I just love the way that it’s
designed the way that it fits and how it provides high impact so I’ve also
already trained a back day of the leg day I’ve done cardio and this has stood
the test that has been tested and approved the next two items that I have
are just another color this is the violet color which I’m actually obsessed
with tell me what you guys think about this violet color but I think it is so
pretty and it’s the Q whole bra again which I absolutely love you guys know
and then just matched with the surface shorts okay I have to say something
about these shorts these are by far my favorite shorts that we’ve ever released
I did love the revival ones but these just fit better and I feel like they
don’t squeeze your body as much I feel like it holds everything in in the right
places but I don’t feel like it’s like super super tight compressive shorts
like I feel like it just it really fits the body well it’s tight where it needs
to be and it still allows for movement with your legs which I enjoy and I’m
always about the side pocket because you know you could like throw some snacks in
there or whatever you feel like but absolutely love these shorts I have
already been training in them and they’re amazing so I definitely
recommend these I also tried these on in the color black and you can never go
wrong with the color black but to be honest I’ve been going towards trying to
add more color into my wardrobe recently so you guys noticed I have the charcoal
I have the violet I also have the blue color I don’t remember the exact color
for it but I’ve been trying to kind of branch out a little bit so I encourage
you guys to do the same if you’re feeling a little brave I’m really
excited to share these curved shorts with you guys so these are like such a
sporty cute look this is meant to be a look around the house so I definitely
don’t think it’s something you wear out and publicly you could but it’s
definitely a little bit shorter and if you have big hips in a butt I would 100%
size up I still sized up so in these I am a size small and find that
is tighter fitting on the waist and then it allows for plenty of leg movement if
you’re at all considering which size you are definitely size up in these but I
think it’s the cutest thing just to wear around the house and my roommate knows
that I am somebody who I kind of look like a sloth most of the time so I
really appreciate awfully coming out with these cute little shorts and also
these lounge sets because then I can still be a sloth but I’m like a cute
sloth at home and that brings me to this one which I didn’t do when I was trying
on but this is the new lounge set so if you guys remember them from last time
all they did was taper everything in so that it fits more true to size and it
fits each body shape better I really love the design of the shorts at the
bottom here and then the tie here is nice because you can adjust it as tight
or not as tight as you want it and I feel like I have more room inside the
top up top I always feel like because I’m more muscular that I have to size up
or sometimes I feel like I can’t move in the smalls and I feel like I have plenty
of movement in this one so this is my cute sloth outfit because it’s like the
cutest little lounge set to wear around the house which I am absolutely loving
so definitely some of my favorite things to wear around the house
all right hide your kids hide your wife because you guys are not prepared for
these sets these are the cutest underwear and bra sets that I probably
have ever worn ever owned myself their high rise underwear and I’ve gotten high
rise underwear that are a similar style to this from like forever 21 before and
they just did not hug your body in the right places like it just like squeeze
do and did not look flattering at all so I was a little worried about putting
these on and when I finally put them on you guys I am texting Christian right
now and I’m gonna tell him that he needs to make this into a swimsuit or I’m just
gonna wear a bra and underwear to the pool and pretend that it’s a swimsuit
because these are just like the cutest sporty little thing this is like a
hundred percent right up my alley so cute I’m like filling my Styles
definitely look cute sporty athletic style and that’s exactly what this is
these are just the cutest things ever so definitely get you a pair they’re
definitely great for photoshoots too so if you guys are looking for you know
some sort of cute outfit that is like cute and sporty but not like overly sexy
for your photo shoot I think this is the perfect medium where it’s beautiful it
shows off your everything that you’ve worked hard for
but it’s not something that’s like overly revealing by any means so I
absolutely love these and these are true to size okay thank God I literally just
checked the camera because I thought it was not recording this whole time but it
was I want to show you two tops that we have so we have this cropped top which
has a little wrap design in the back and my review of this one is I like it but
if I was gonna spend my money on something I honestly would just choose
something else from the collection because I don’t know it’s cute but like
it’s just like a plain crop so for me if I was someone that was like really
trying to budget my money on this I would totally go for like the underwear
set another keyhole bra in a different color this is not my favorite thing but
it’s a perfect crop so if you’re needing that perfect plain crop definitely the
way to go however this crop t-shirt and you guys
are gonna be like Emily it’s the same thing but in a t-shirt it it feels heavy
okay so like this material is like a heavy like it feels like a nice t-shirt
and it’s just it’s the perfectly cropped t-shirt where it’s not too long you guys
can tell I have it on right now it’s not too long in the back there is that wrap
design and I don’t know maybe it’s just my style but I just I love it because I
feel like it’s perfect it’s cute I just love the way that it fits so for me
bring on all the crop tease hot mamacita you guys need this one in every single
color that you can possibly get number one this material though is the softest
nicest material ever again it just feels like butter on your skin and – this is
the wrap one so you wrap it all the way around I think it’s like cute but also a
little sexy – which I love I would definitely pair this with jeans
or maybe some jean shorts and converse I think it’s like again just like the
cutest little cute sexy type of look you guys can tell I’m super stoked about
this lunch and if you guys want to get any of the items then we’re releasing on
August 17th I will put the time on the screen because I don’t currently
remember it off my head but if you guys are ordering then make sure to use my
code Emily Hayden I would really appreciate it if you guys don’t know we
do now make a small Commission off of the code so previously we didn’t and now
we do which I am so excited about because it gives me the opportunity to
monetize something I’ve been sharing on my platform and
supporting loyally for years so thank you guys so much already if you use my
code and you support both Vinny and I let me know what your favorite item is
and what you guys plan to get I love you guys so much please throw the video a
thumbs up on your way out and I’ll see you guys next time

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