Tumbling Jack Russell wins hearts after bad dog show run

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  1. TheChoujinVirus says:

    I feel for Ollie, for we've all been there

  2. Yo Momz says:

    Stick with the dog shows CNN, your political analysis sucks and your news reporting is false.

  3. tinaloveseddie says:


  4. Paco de Lucía jolinez y rediez says:

    Is a genius misunderstood. ?

  5. Mr. Aqua says:

    This dog was someone's dinner that night.

  6. Bob says:

    Looooool I wanna be that happy as that doggo

  7. 강수영 says:

    아 귀여워ㅋㅋㅋ
    너무 신났구나 우리 멍멍이ㅋㅋ

  8. Karan Shetphalkar says:

    I loved the fact that he was just enjoying himself and didn't care about anything else

  9. racoonzattack says:

    Dammit Karen you told me to jump to early!

  10. Adv. Deepak Saroj says:

    Will to work matters not the performance

  11. angelica says:

    He wins???‍♀️

  12. Willi Ingulf Ditlefsen says:

    We proudly present Olly, the Jack Russel answer to Eddie the Eagle. Winning is NOT the name of the game. ??

  13. Moon Slut says:

    I feeel bad for laughing ??? he just see things and run through it xD i fcking cant

  14. M B says:

    So sad but he did good job ???

  15. RUSKA says:

    They should award the dog with the happiest dog award

  16. NGTASSASIN says:

    He was like she never treats me good soo fuxx this show turn up

  17. Lovell Robinson says:

    Awww cute…. Still lost though ?

  18. NovorSec says:

    Everyone has that friend that is such a good person it doesn’t matter how much he screws things up, everyone just love him lol

  19. smoothspanish says:

    ?????? I wouldn't have it any other way. Awesome run

  20. cndvd says:

    He was just a ……bow away from being the greatest performance dog ever.

  21. Cynthia R says:

    Baby!! XOX!!!

  22. jacqueline schael says:

    Those spunky little Jack Russells! Adorable little dogs.

  23. wendy lopez says:

    He’s the winner in my heart! ❤️?

  24. al videos says:

    The poor thing was trying too hard.

  25. al videos says:

    That owner can't even keep up.

  26. Agent SuperArgo says:

    Stupid Dog.??

  27. CO Park says:

    So hes the pupper version of The Room

  28. Ophelia Sheep loves Sans the Skeleton says:

    Out of curiosity, what flavor of crack did you sprinkle in his wet dog food before the competition? ??? Bless little Ollie ❤

  29. wonders of Ivan says:

    He was probably under drugs to raise his energy..

  30. none or your business says:

    OMG…I think I love dogs now! What a charming and upbeat little dude. What a great video to wake up to!

  31. Mike Smith says:

    That mofo on Opiates !

  32. Siti Nurbaya says:

    i aspire to be this fun

  33. bebo bebop says:

    ???? "stuuupid dog"

  34. JOHHNY Cash says:

    Well that proovs that animals dont feel embarrassed !

  35. rahn522 says:

    lol!!! still would give pets

  36. Romanes eunt domus says:

    "What the heck, human?? All you had to do was follow me! That's what we had been training for months!!"

  37. Too Shmart says:

    If it wasnt on CNN i might believe it actually happened

  38. Axis Galaxis says:

    Does it have vision issues?

  39. doot doot says:

    Dumb fuck

  40. Beanie Sandals says:

    Fuck you CNN. Btw fire your video editor

  41. imLovely ._. says:

    Aaww he is enjoying it ^^ that's a very relief and happiest moment in a competition to see…aaww my heart <3

  42. jhelibanny martinez says:

    What the puppy is thinking: that's right human. I'm training you well.

  43. Benito Carmelo says:

    Que costaliada jajajaj

  44. Raoul Simon says:

    Must have forgotten its glasses

  45. SuperMrBentley says:

    Today we learn that for being happy, you just need to be a complete idiot

  46. Lets Go says:

    CNN is fake news

  47. Bob Quattrini says:

    Hahaha!!!!!!Cute dog.

  48. Eva M says:

    Omg I want this to be a real thing! Just let your dog loose and let them go HAM ????

  49. Detecting Stuff says:

    Hes so cuteee

  50. Miguel Garcia says:

    And that's how I tore my acl

  51. Monica R. says:

    Ollie just having fun

  52. Briza Ramirez says:

    when ur nintendo dog looses control LOL

  53. Liirachu Joe Joe says:

    So adorable

  54. JUDAH LYON says:

    Lol ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?

  55. Mariah Figueroa says:

    I have a jackrussle and I feel for the owner he's just excited

  56. Yseson _ says:

    Lesson for life if you're not good at it at least enjoy it

  57. Fishy Fishy says:

    He’s trying his best ok

  58. Leo Martinez says:

    Lol he loves the attention you can tell he knows he has a crowd watching him he can feel their energy ??

  59. Jimin my bias says:

    Aww I think its cute?? But…he jumped to early I bet he would have made it if he didn't jump so early? And dammmn is he fast!

  60. Sigmatic says:

    Humans always whine and squeal when they so much as scrape a knee, meanwhile this dog is propelling himself to new dimensions and is just happy to be with his owner 🙂

  61. Ace Artist says:

    Aww, he jumped too early

  62. Johana Bursíková says:

    Love this dog! 😀 He is the live embodiment of "Just do it!" 😀

  63. Kyarolym ___ says:

    Run Ollie run!!! ?

  64. Anh Phạm says:

    Finally! Some interesting news.

  65. Sal Medina says:


  66. Andreas jams !!! says:

    Although the dog is cute X3

  67. diana fox says:

    When life keeps hitting you in the face but you still get up with a smile

  68. Louis Jones says:

    Hahahahah awwwwwwww

  69. Project Lullaby says:

    He had fun and tried his best. That's all that matters.

  70. Jax Ophone says:

    He’s so happy tho?

  71. rifasclub says:

    I'm so going to hell for laughing.

  72. yonomixatu says:

    ;-; hey he's trying

  73. anonymous69 says:

    He's having a blast man. That's all that matters, right?

  74. Daugther of the Lord says:

    HAHAHA, how cute

  75. Paper Doll says:

    Ollie is officially my spirit guide

  76. Dark Knight says:

    He is people's champion ????????????????

  77. Duprii Delia Emanuela says:

    Why the hell are y'all laughing… just shut up and die

  78. Lyman Johnson says:

    Thanks CNN you took a great clip and made it worse! Good job!

  79. Sophie Yeger says:

    Is that dog on steroids

  80. Genesis Kravitz says:

    That wipe out at the beginning is the best thing I’ve ever seen. I choked

  81. Giovanni Ramirez says:

    So for the dog's lack of vision did they take Ollie behind the barn and give 'em the 'ol JFK from the business end of a shotgun?

  82. Abz Edits says:

    My spirit animal

  83. Cookies and Games says:

    Look at how fast he partly completed that zigzag thing

  84. Julie Brosz-Turney says:

    Absolutely a perfect 10!

  85. I Wear Classics says:

    he is a good actor…

  86. Heidi Golden says:

    I love that after falling flat on his face he jumps up smiling like "oh well" ?

  87. Elang EAGLE says:


  88. TheShermanTanker says:

    When a dog messes up like that they need to fear nothing, such innocence and cheerfulness is great, but when a human messes up they need to go into hiding for the rest of their life 🙁

  89. Furry Murray Network says:

    Oh wow, scared me to death! Glad he hopped right up unhurt & ready to try again. You go!

  90. AbsoluteMadDog™ says:

    "Hi my name is Ollie, welcome to Jackass."

  91. Pranjal VW says:

    0:08 Woooiiii

  92. TheObogo says:

    Olli was being a doggo

  93. Mike Smith says:

    That dog was having the time of its life

  94. Dogs Master says:

    The poor doggy?

  95. caiman cai says:

    Chinness food

  96. * KaiHasLeft * says:

    He's a winner in my book

  97. Brian Garrett says:

    This video always makes my day

  98. rena lopez says:

    He looks like my dog ollie too! ??

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