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Hey guys! I’m Veronica. I’m Vanessa. And today we are here with our lovely father, [Together] Paul Merrell! Hello, everyone! Today we are going to be doing, Who Knows Our Dad Best. So, sister vs. sister. Twin vs. twin. Twin vs. twin. But before we get started, make sure to subscribe to our channel. We post new videos every single Tuesday. And turn the bell notification to get notified when we post new videos. Or, just come back every Tuesday. Yes, and he also has a channel as well if you want to check that out. All the links will be in the description below. We’re in most of his videos. They’re in all of my videos. Daily dad jokes. I tell dad jokes. It’s really bad. So we thought, first video of the year this would be a great one to start off with. Who Knows Our Father the Best and so I guess we’ll ultimately See, who is the better daughter. Oh, is that what this is about? Yeah! Well, I can tell you who’s the better daughter right now. Who? It would be this one. Oh, ok… [Laughs] Alright. Are you ready? Oh yeah, I’m ready. I’m nervous cause I don’t know what you’re gonna ask and I fell like- Some of them you will know, some of them you may not.
Nessa: Okay. But you should know them. Okay, this is an easy one. What is my favorite sport to watch on TV? Oh… I got it. Okay, reveal your answers. 1, 2, 3. Nascar.
Nessa: Football. [Laughing] I forgot you like NASCAR! It is NASCAR! It’s NASCAR, Vanessa! Nessa, every Sunday! Every Sunday! Jeff Gordon- He’s not playing anymore- Is Chase Elliott. He’s not playing!!! [Laughs] I totally forgot! The first question! Wow! This is going to be the worse. Why is my memory so bad?! I know it’s NASCAR! [Laughs] Apparently you don’t know it’s NASCAR. And I know more players than she does! [Paul and Roni] Players!!!
You mean drivers? Okay, alright, second question. Who is my favorite NASCAR driver of all time? This is an easy one. You guys should know it. 1, 2, 3. [Nessa and Roni] Jeff Gordon, #24. You got it, that’s right, I’m a Jeff Gordon fan. What was the name of my childhood dog? Oh-oh, Nessa doesn’t remember. [Laughs] Nessa!
Nessa: I’m sorry! I… [Laughs] She doesn’t remember? We’ll see. We will see. Okay, are you done, Nessa? Yes. 1, 2, 3. [Both] Spunky! That’s correct. Spunky, you both got it. I had to remember. Do you remember what kind of of he was? Australian German Shepherd. [Laughs] It was a Basenji!
[Paul] It was a Basenji! Oh! It’s fine. You didn’t have to remember that. That was not part of the question, so good job. You both got it! What was the name of the lake that I grew up on? The name of the lake? Oh-oh! I don’t know how to spell it! I don’t know actually! Okay, what’s yours, Nessa? Taney Como? Ponietair? Pomme de Terre! Pomme de Terre! That’s right! Pomme de Terre Lake. So that’s two for you. [Laughter] I don’t even rem- Pomme de Terre sounds like- Pomme de Terre.
Paul: Pomme de Terre. Pomme? Not Pond? It’s fine, you got it close. Pomme de Terre. She didn’t even get it right! She got a right. You don’t have to sp- It’s Pomme de Terre. You got Lake Taney Como and I, had- You’ve been on there. Once! I’ve only been on there once. [Laughs] This is, this is a hard one. Are you ready? No, I’m gonna get it wrong. So, I’ve had the same BMX bicycle since I was 12 years old. Are you gonna ask us what brand it is? What is the name of my bicycle? What is the name of my bicycle? I don’t know! You should know this- Can we put what the colors of the handles are? No, you guys say- I know what the color is. I’ve had this bike forever. You guys have ridden it. You knew, you’ve seen it in the garage. a hundred times. It has a name on it? Yes, it has a name on it. It’s big bright orange letters on it. Okay, well I’ve… I put Cheetah. Ah, me too! [Paul laughs] I put cheetah too! No, it’s Super Goose. It’s a Super Goose. It was a brand named Mongoose. But they call it the Super Goose. You both, ugh, you should know that. I’ve had that bicycle forever! Okay, no, no, no! You said, about you! This is about you. Not what type of bicycle you have. Okay, no, this is, this is, this is me. That’s my favorite thing, what- I’ve had it since I was 12 years old. What was the last dad joke on my channel? [Laughs] What was the last dad joke I posted on my channel? [Laughs] Uh huh! We are finding out who knows me better quickly. I got it! I got it! I got it! I got it! Okay, let’s see. I don’t know. Ready? Go! Carol’s Dad Joke.
Nessa: Oh! That is right. Carol’s Dad Joke. You’re right. That’s three for you, Nessa! I’m sorry. I wasn’t a part of the Carol’s Dad Joke! You don’t watch my dad jokes then. No, I do! [Laughs] If you guys want like good dad jokes, really bad dad jokes, you should go check out my channel. I was in the last one. At least Veronica goes and checks them out. I heard you editing it. I don’t have to go watch it. When I was a kid, my grandfather owned an arcade. I talked about it all the time growing up. You gonna ask us what your favorite game was? No, I’m going to ask what the name of my grandfather’s arcade was down at Lake Pomme de Terre. Hold on!
Paul: What was the name- Can you give me a second, please? I don’t know. I will give you a hint: The Lonely Island Boys wrote a song about it. Okay, I got something.
Nessa: You go first. Ok, go Roni.
Roni: It’s something with a boat. [Laughs] Um, okay, what do you got? Captain Jack Sparrow? [Laughs] Okay, turn it around. What do you got? Captain Jack Sparrow. It was actually called Captain Jack’s! [Laughs] I got it!!! She got it right. It was called Captain Jack’s. I gave you a good hint. Oh, good job! Paul: Roni…
Roni: That one was not the most popular one. Can I please get the point? You get a point. She missed one so it’s whoever, if you miss, so you’ve missed three, Roni miss zero. One! Now I missed one. Now she’s missed one. Girls, think about this long hard. Who are my three favorite YouTubers? Who are my three favorite YouTubers? 1, 2, 3. D-Trixs, Fail Army, Merrell Twins! I said Ryan Higa. You, neither one of you got them right! You got, well you got D-Trix, Ryan Higa. Its D-Trix, Ryan Higa- [Laughs] I guess it should be you guys. D-Trix, Ryan Higa, and Hunter March. You watch Hunter’s videos? I do. I watch Hunter’s videos. Remember that every time I see him I say- You watch Fail Army every single day!
Paul: But they’re not YouTubers. It’s a YouTube channel! It’s a YouTube channel, their not actual YouTubers.
Roni: Oh my goodnes. No ones gets- Both of you lost. Unbelievable! Growing up, what cool thing did I have in my backyard? What cool thing did I have in my backyard. None of my friends had in their backyard? I do know this. Okay, 1, 2, 3. Dirt racetrack. Oh, I just said motorcycle track or path. You’re both correct. Yay! I had a motorcycle track in my backyard. It was amazing. Roni: See? We know you.
Nessa: He’s really good at motorcycles. Motorsport. Yes, many years ago. Okay, here’s a good one. You were a dork. [Laughs] Did she just call me a dork? I’m quoting lyrics. We’re quoting Migos, dad! Migos, come on! Bock, sport. Um, you a dork! I don’t know if those are the right words. Well, don’t miss quoted it. I’m not a dork. Next question, how old was I when I first started playing guitar? I’m guessing. 1, 2, 3. Nessa: 12.
Roni: 12. Yes! I was twelve years old. Good job! Yay! You guys knew it! How many guitars do I own? Not basses. Just guitar. In our defense, you’ve sold and got rid of some. I only got rid of one. Oh, in that case! Including mine? Not including yours. My guitars. Gosh, you’ve had so many! Come on! Hurry Veronica.
Stop! I’m just gonna go with what I can remember. Okay, ready? 1, 2, 3. Roni: 5.
Nessa: 7. Ooh, it’s 7. [Both] Really? It’s straight up 7.
Nessa: I knew it! Ok, so, Roni has missed two, Vanessa missed three. It’s getting close! It’s getting, we’re catching up! Yay! My memory is in my favor today. Okay. What-
Nessa: At least right now. Alright, you guys ready? [Both] Yes. Who is my celebrity crush? Oh my gosh! I know her name! Where are you going? No, Vanessa? I have to walk around! I got it! I got it! I can see her face!
Roni: I got it!!!! Nessa: Oh!
Roni: I know it! Oh no, this could be four.
NessA: Can I just draw what she looks like? No, you gotta say her name.
Roni: You gotta say her name! I do know. I can see her face! [Laughs] Dude, I can not think of her name! Halle Berry. I had-
It’s Halle Berry. I was saying Halie in my head this whole time! That’s four, Nessa. I said JLo. JLo is not your second favorite? No! Mariah Carey! No! It’s not even Mariah Carey! I don’t have a second. Shakira!
Roni: Nah, uh! No, well maybe. Not Shakira. [Laughs] Here’s a good one. What was my last Instagram post about? What was my last Instagram- [Laughs] Veronica. You liked it! What was my last Instagram post about? Got it! Roni: A story? Nessa: Got it!
Paul: No, not a story, actual Instagram in feed post. I don’t know. I don’t know. 1, 2, 3. The shirt I gave you!
Roni: Oh, that’s right. Nope, you’re wrong. Was I right? Carol? Nope, you’re both completely wrong. I know you posted on your story about barbecuing. It was about setting up for today’s broadcast. [Both] Daddy!! I haven’t even been on- [Laughs] Two days ago?! That was two days ago! [Laughs] See, you don’t even pay attention. I didn’t see that, that didn’t get recommended on my feed. Blame Instagram for that one. The Instagram algorithm doesn’t show me my own family’s photos. What is my favorite dinner meal? Dinner food. I don’t know! I don’t know! It’s actually two items. You ready? Go! Nessa: Steak and lobster!
Roni: Steak and mashed potatoes. Steak and lobster! Oh-oh! Lobster! Steak and lobster. You got one right. But you didn’t get both. You always get loaded mashed potatoes though. With sour cream and bacon. Steak and lobster. What did I have the other the other night at the Japanese Steakhouse? When have you ever said that steak and lobster’s your favorite thing that you get? So many times he gets steak and lobster. You remember when we played that game, What would be your last meal on earth? Yes. It’s always that, steak and lobster. Okay. So you got three wrong. You got three wrong, alright here we go.
Roni: Are we tied? Nope, she has four and three. What is my shoe size? Ready? [Laughs] Go! 8.
8 1/2. It’s- [Laughs] It’s 8 1/2! Yay! Yaaay! You’re tied. We’re really going to 8, I have to do the half? [Laughs] Oh yes! It’s 8 1/2. So that, is that four for you? It is. At what age did I learn to water-ski? Okay, I got it. 1, 2, 3. Roni: 5.
Nessa: 4. Five. It’s actually five!
Roni: I go tit! Alright, so Nessa has missed five. I was gonna say five but I thought you were more impressive and learned when you were younger than five. Okay. You just dissed him. [Laughs] This is the last question, this is your chance to redeem yourself, Nessa. Can it be something I know? You might know this. My mind- What is my dream classic car? Not just the name of it, The year and the name. I don’t remember. I don’t think I got the year right, but I got the car right . Are you ready? Go! Corvette 1990s… 1987 I meant. I put 96, I mean 69! I meant 87! It’s 87? Neither one of you guys got it right.
[Both] What? 1970 Corvette! The year I was born. Ah, one year off! One year off! I got the name. I got the name! So Nessa, with that last round You are the loser. That was it. You missed five, Roni missed four. Although, both of you, I’m a little disappointed. Ah! I accept defeat. Did I spell defeat right? These are “the feet.” [Laughs] Daddy, I know a lot about you. I just couldn’t remember things. Like Halle Berry. I had that one! And so that was Who Knows Our Dad Best. Roni won. I won the challenge but just by a smidge. She just by a little bit. Starting the year off exactly how it’s supposed to. Me losing a challenge. [Laughs] But it’s okay. Do you know what losing challenges has taught me? Oh-oh. That one, I just kind of stink sometimes. [Laughs] But two, I’ve learned what it means to be humble. [Laughs] And I, I know in my heart who I truly am. [More laughs] All this because of losing challenges? And in my heart, and because I know who I am, I’m still a winner. And I just go back to what I’ve said in years ago. Oh no! [Laughs] Winners never win! [Laughs] Give this video a thumbs up. Make sure to subscribe to our channel. Comment if we should do have more challenges with our dad. Check out his channel and… [All] Thanks for watching! If you liked this video give it a thumbs up. Subscribe to our channel clicking this button right here. And if you click the circle button right here You can subscribe to our second channel. Our live channel!
Paul: Yaeh! Check out some of the other challenges we’ve done with our father. And [Both] We’ll see you guys next time. [All] Bye!

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