Two-Toed Sloth Born at Memphis Zoo: ZooBorns

COMM: The team at Memphis Zoo recently welcomed an exciting new arrival, a Linne’s two-toed
sloth baby. LADY: She is 534.5. LADY: Are you looking at your weight? COMM: Baby Lua which means “moon” in Portuguese was born to mother Marilyn and father Sparky
on the 17th March. COMM: Marilyn had previously given birth to a number of other babies, but sadly none had survived. COMM: Because of this, the zoo keepers made the decision to hand rear Lua, so she had
the best chance of survival, and so far she has being doing great. COMM: Helping the zookeepers with their new infant is a stuffed elephant toy, which will
help the newborn strengthen her limbs and mimic the behaviour she would have had with
her mother. COMM: Sloths are arboreal, which means tree-dwelling and as a result they spend most of their time
upside down. In the wild, they are found in rainforests, predominantly north of the Amazon river. COMM: Baby Lua is being bottle fed every two hours and will continue to be hand reared
by the zoo for the first year of her life.

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20 Responses

  1. Help Me says:

    This is so cute

  2. James’ Reptile says:

    First view

  3. the chelsie show says:

    I was the 20 to watch this

  4. Kristian Mangaccat says:

    Hey look it's Faze Blaziken

  5. ravingPyrotechnician says:

    it's so cute it hurts.

  6. Madeline Ciresi says:

    What a beautiful little girl

  7. Messi11cruz Cruz says:

    Wow so cute

  8. YoshiNguyen says:

    This is too adorable!!!

  9. Maddy Corrasa says:


  10. Literacki Podcast says:

    Ale cudny <3

  11. TheSaneWarboy says:

    0 dislikes … let's keep it that way

  12. Butters The Bean says:


  13. Sabīne Mitkus says:

    anyone else yawned at 2.00

  14. Tracy Turner-Browne says:

    ATTENTION SLOTH LOVERS:. These sweet, precious and kind animals are being severely abused in Africa. They see the slow moving sloths as lazy and in their beliefs lazy equals evil. Please, please, please let's educate everyone on what is going on. Spread the word to everyone so we can get this stopped at once!!!!!!!

  15. Ayanna Arreola says:


  16. General Grievous says:

    It’s soo cute I need to hunte one

  17. Isa._. says:

    I’m actually crying, we don’t deserve this adorable creature.

  18. Ok I guess says:


  19. Inkeddoll face says:

    How precious

  20. Nancy l says:

    So cute!!!

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