Typical fun with my German Shepherd/Typowa zabawa z moim Owczarkiem Niemieckim

Do someone remember this toy? Pull Major Get this shoe, pull! That’s it. A stick, a piece of old leash & old shoe & there’s fun Pull Major! Show what you can do Major is a strong dog Major pull, strength I’ve got only one hand Like duel of wolves For a prey Tear it Good What a strong jaws Do you like this fun? Pull, pull Show, what you can do Pull, pull Suprise attack? Clever Now me It also doesn’t work Always a draw None of us will win Major won’t tear a shoe But he’s trying a lot & I won’t take it from his teeth Hey, you got my jacket It almost worked Good, that this is a work jacket, it can be destroyed Better a competition, who’ll be tired first? Right Major? It can take an all day Or I’ll bring a bowl with food Look on those fangs A real wolf Thumbs up for Major, a real wolf Thanks for watching & see you next time Maybe we’ll at last end this fun Later

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13 Responses

  1. Peter Harper says:

    Typical fun with your German Shepard is a brilliant title for your video my friend, because having fun with your dog is a good thing to do.

  2. LaylaliYT says:

    Druga 😀

  3. wędkarstwo z kapitanem Dominik kapitan Łempicki says:

    Fajna zabawa

  4. Damian Brzozowski says:

    Major ciagnij no to ciągnął ??

  5. Marlis Stelter says:

    Yes, I remember this toy by DIY!!!
    Today you have to be strong, Lukas. Major will not give up and not be tired.

  6. dzik rydzik says:

    Przeciaganie lin

  7. Owczarek Niemiecki Ramzes says:

    Z czego jest zrobiona ta zabawka

  8. Lee clementine says:

    Piękny pies
    Mam identycznego

  9. Kasia Basia says:

    Fajna zabawa ale uwaga na bark.U mnie problem od ciągnącej smyczy a to ciężko do leczenia.Długo się goji no i daje we znaki w dzień i noc.
    Ale po mimo wszystko ???.

  10. World Of Woo The Blue Bay Shepherd & Princess Too says:

    The homemade toys are the best!!

  11. TwoToneRebel says:

    So cute! 🙂

  12. Świat Oczami Psów says:

    Słodziak ❣️

  13. Ms. Laika The Husky says:

    Thats a pretty insane toy you built for Major ! ???

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