Typical walk with my German Shepherd/Typowy spacer z moim Owczarkiem Niemieckim

What’s up Major We’re going for a walk, right? Come Come here my He always is happy so much Give it back! Come, come Major! We wear it & we’ll go for a walk Leave my phone Now we can go Let’s go Major Go Go Go Are you happy? Views from polish village, from polish mountains Special for those, who loves this kind of views Here No entry 🙂 Here much better river to play with you, what? Just let summer come back & hot weathers Come here Go Intereting smell, what? Go Major, we’re slowly returning to home Such a nice weather today A perfect for this walk Thanks all for watching Like, subscribe, comment & share & see you next time Later

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22 Responses

  1. Aditya Badami says:

    A very nice and different introduction.. grt to see Major and you greeting each other.. grt day for a grt walk

  2. Coleen Farquharson says:

    Major is a handsome german shepherd guy love you Major?kisses and hugs to you?

  3. Davidowskyy xd says:

    Pamiętaj ze zawsze oglądam odcinki lecz od dziś nie będę pisał komentarzy ??

  4. Ale30 says:

    Where you live has so much nature! I watch all your videos and see the connection between you and Major is very strong, you must love each other a lot ??

  5. Agnieszka Domodi says:

    Super Majorek

  6. Lusia The Bunny says:

    Super odcinek

  7. Ela Buraczynek says:

    0.53sekunda??? z czym się Major zderzył, jesteście super chłopaki?

  8. dzik rydzik says:

    Fajny major lubi spacery

  9. konrad P says:

    Najlepszy film jaki oglądałem ????

  10. German Mittelspitz/ Szpic Niemiecki Średni - Lucky says:


  11. Marlis Stelter says:

    Great start with you two, such a joy. Nice to see you like this:):):) Your walk as always interristing, so different paths and places and Major enjoys his walk.

  12. Nikolaos Aslanidis says:

    Hello Lukas. What a lovely whether in Poland as you said earlier.And with the best Company, Major. The best Landscapes. Please Continue your super walks. ?

  13. Kasia Basia says:

    Jeeeest,jeeeest i Łukasz ??.Szkoda, że nie było widać jak ubierasz Puchatego ale po mimo tego udany filmik.Dzień bez was to dzień stracony.Pozdro ???

  14. nomorebiglies says:

    Moj Tajger (tez moj pierwszy O.N) zdechl miesiac temu. Od kilku dni z moim trzyletnim synem ogladamy Majora, jak serial jakis? Maly mowi, ze on tez tak chce spacerowac i bawic sie z Tajlorem hehe

  15. Shiba inu Kojiro says:

    Wonderful German Shepherd?Super Like??

  16. Janet Harned says:

    Does Major live inside too? He has such manners and behaves so well. I love to look at every picture you post of him! He is the King of German Shepherd Dogs that I love to see????????

  17. Janet Harned says:

    Very pretty property where Major walks and plays!

  18. Janet Harned says:

    Have a wonderful day Major, and your great owner!Absolutely love to watch you from the far away USA!! Major is such a great dog because you are a kind, wonderful owner and Major's best friend too!! Stay safe and we love to watch Major's walks, as he sure loves to explore with you!!

  19. Ewa Biernacka says:

    MAJOR wyprowadził PANA na spacerek????

  20. Agnieszka says:

    w końcu wiadomo jak wygląda właściciel ??

  21. Janet Harned says:

    How cold is it where you and Major live? Does he come inside to sleep too? So beautiful and sweet. Naturally, very smart! Love to see you Major! Before my mother married my father, her last name was Major!

  22. Agnieszka says:

    O kawałek pana widać a może by tak więcej ?

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