Ultimate Dog Tease

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100 Responses

  1. Kim W says:

    Always one of my favs and now my 3yo quotes it 😂😂

  2. niser says:

    That poor hungry deprived doggie. He looked so hopeful and then, crash, you ate it.that is sooooo mean.

  3. James Miller says:

    Who's here in 2022? Still funny.

  4. gautier duval says:

    Just thank you for this epic video 🤣

  5. Combat-Fico says:

    Is this fake?

  6. Cathy Jackson says:

    Love this Dog So Much!!!

  7. Brandon Schultz says:


  8. not addi says:

    I remember this from so long ago omg 😢😢

  9. dan man says:

    What type of dog is this?

  10. Prince Goat Cheese says:

    2077 anyone?

  11. Brayden Zmud says:

    “ your Kiddin me” 0:31 Lmfaooo

  12. BabyItsATriple2.0 says:

    Is this real? Im still asking since 2011

  13. William Healy says:

    I came here for nostolgia

  14. Nick Goodman says:

    One of my favorite animal videos on YouTube to come back to! Dogs are awesome!

  15. soham s shirwalkar says:

    imagine if dogs could talk… who needs friends then??

  16. Nikhil Naik says:

    Those dislikes are aleins.

  17. Araceli Del Cielo Rivera Garcia says:

    Its so cute and funny😍😍😍😍😍 its sooooooo cute when its awwwwwwwww

  18. Lost in the Desert says:

    Who could downvote this video??? This is an example of one of the few good things left about the internet.

  19. tutor hair extensions 07773 665803 says:

    SOOOOOOO funny 2019

  20. Sebastian Ruiz says:

    Person:Omg he wants a cheeseburger

  21. Martin Herrera says:

    This still make me put a smile on my face!

  22. Yeezus says:

    We don’t deserve dogs man. Amazing companions 😔 RIP to my Lexi (golden retriever)

  23. angel says:

    I used to watch this on my old leap pad..
    Anyone else..?

  24. Steve Helton says:

    Oh shit , make it stop

  25. Kristian says:

    Wait wasnt there once a viral video with a dog talking?
    198 mio views huh must be this one
    Omg greatest thing ever!

  26. Biggmakk Official says:

    August 2019 and still funny

  27. zzztubazzz says:

    This is amazing ……………….i gave it to the cat

  28. Luis Delgado says:

    I Wonder if this fantástic dog is alive..

  29. Gary Gagnon says:

    I laugh so hard l pee my pants.

  30. Caolán is Cool says:


  31. GameGroepje says:

    this one keeps amazing!

  32. GameGroepje says:

    wow! almost 200 mil views!

  33. elle tv says:

    Is this real or just madlipz

  34. Eden Skye says:

    My teacher played this in class and it was sooooo funny

  35. Lara says:

    Can't stop watching this

  36. Peter Fitzpatrick says:

    Almost 200 MILLION VIEWS !!

  37. Eric Hostetter says:

    BEEF and some JUISY SEAK AhAhAàaaaaaa

  38. tandunz says:

    Who's watching in August 2019 laughing their hearts out.

  39. Ellen Diane says:

    poor baby:))) precious

  40. xBlue Moonx says:

    The dog talks too well-

  41. caroline poteat says:


  42. Manel Dias says:

    This Pooch is quite an actor. This can be watched dozen times & you can still laugh…

  43. oliver t says:

    I remember my dad showing this to me in 2011 and I randomly thought of it lol

  44. paul robinson says:

    Love this but is the dog still alive???……………hope so very much

  45. MeRk SHocK says:

    He protecc

    He attacc

    But most importantly

    He eat snacc

  46. Annelise Leblanc says:


  47. Annelise Leblanc says:

    So funny

  48. Moni B says:

    Our pups are so sick of this joke! Every day of their lil doggie lives, my husband asks them, "ya know who would like this steak?!" Hahaha

  49. AndrewBeginsYouTube says:


  50. Misteria says:

    September 2019?(

  51. YouNeverKnow says:

    Omg I remember when this first came out

  52. Thotslayer87 says:

    Is it me or does the dog look like Scott Lang

  53. sr633 says:

    A classic – always funny.

  54. Preston Perelli says:

    August 29, 2019 👁👄👁

  55. heyfindmenoob says:

    hi memory seekers 🙂

  56. LastMan SneakR says:

    My honestly most watched and most fav youtube clip of all time …. 😀

  57. Şenol Varış says:

    Yeryüzünde hayvanlar da konuşabiliyor

  58. Gamer panda says:

    I am never gonna get bored of the iconic ‘ya kiddin me… NOPE. Haha

  59. Gabriel Galarneau says:

    The timing of lines and the dog reactions in this video will always amaze me and make me laugh my ass off

  60. AK325i says:


  61. Thomas Nappo says:

    I still crack up..

  62. Out There says:

    I watched this like 6-7 years ago and still funny as hell

  63. Sandra Tokajer says:

    Still the funniest ever

  64. Ivy The Blind Husky says:

    So funny 💕💕

  65. Unenthusiastic Person says:

    “What was in there?” lol

  66. SuperJeannieC says:

    I just never get tired of watching this!

  67. UNLOCKER says:

    First thing on youtube to watch twice from recommended videos on the side

  68. Prison Mike says:

    Good to see that the narrator for “the sandlot” is still a dog guy after the whole Beast incident

  69. John Smithth says:

    Man I love this

  70. Ω Misaki Ω says:

    I remember watching this with my dad when I was younger.. Memories… I wish I could watch this with him again..

  71. chiefnut48 says:

    This still makes me laugh.

  72. I am grateful says:

    I seriously don't know how he's doing this or maybe … I don't want to 💖😂🤣

  73. Init Best Compilation says:

    September 2019 anyone? 🤣🤣 best video ever!!

  74. Eva Ormos says:

    I love this dog. He is the real expert of foods.

  75. Qurat Ul Ain says:

    September 3, 2019 still watching !!!!!!

  76. jyann nepo says:

    make me laugh all the time

  77. Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access says:

    Everybody gangsta till someone gives your cat treat and cheese covered chicken to the cat

  78. Chuck Freaking Norris says:

    This dog has the power to talk because I once breathed on him

  79. mik richie says:

    saw this years ago…2019 so funny.

  80. Arundhati Mitra says:

    Before Ariana Grande became famous for 'Yuh'

  81. gridsleep says:

    Canadians are bastards.

  82. MYTHICAL Spyro24 says:

    0:25 "you're kiddin me?"

  83. MYTHICAL Spyro24 says:

    1:04 when someone ate my cookie dough ice cream

  84. Truestar1111 says:

    HILARIOUS!!! 😂☺😂

  85. Harley Quinn says:

    All these years later and I still LOVE this video and watch it a few times in a row, laughing my head off

  86. Technique Zeke says:

    What happened to this dog, is he still alive? What's the name?

  87. Haley Martin says:

    I made one with cats

  88. Bob says:

    This always makes me happy. I revisit this video once in a while

  89. juan daniel paredes hidalgo says:

    It's the first time I watch this video 😅

  90. Andy Roid says:

    This video was viewed 20x more than there are people in my country…

  91. Sookie Mugiwara says:

    That one always makes me laugh!

  92. DimensionX Kitty says:

    This, and Pinky the Cat, are the funniest animal videos ever.

  93. Dave Dawson says:

    very clever

  94. JP.Calamity says:

    My dad showed me this when I was younger and we were both dying of laughter!🤣

  95. bunnyfreakz says:

    I remember watched it right when uploaded and holy shit that was 8 years ago.

  96. Adam Hanson says:


  97. onion knight says:


  98. lodydody everybody says:

    I hope to meet that dog in heaven some day.

  99. Keith Noneya says:

    I love this video. LOL Thanks for sharing. Best Wishes & Blessings. Keith Noneya

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