Un film fantastique de Jackie Chan en français : Qui suis je ? Who am I ? avec sous titres

Go course going there Go up the go quickly take it out. Shit Go give me my hand hurry up well ok I got it then ok it’s good it’s true bring it to the lab. hurry up what Who am I ? Thanksgiving Day: 18 hours Augrabies South Africa 509 recognition 502 the computer or less check the team March 30 6am Kakamas South Africa prepare yourselves ! the target is approaching Quick life. hurry up Get them there Take care of yourself. What is your name I do not know Where are you from ? everything is dear to you not right to No … no …. but very
disciplined mission completed go have fun Thank you Major ok weapons on the ground shore equipment 523. yes captain Go pick up …. get away with it. Go break All is there major Sorry to do that to you guys Do not move Sorry soldier but we only have two parachutes Let me go Why did you trap us? Tell me ! Go with me Jackie Chan one of our best agents at
Hong Kong also disappeared during the African mission the three men they kidnapped are scientists responsible for the KKOMET project recently launched by the state African light. we have a delicate situation in our hands the operation was conducted with a
surgical precision using the helicopters of the air force states
United and seized fragments of meteorites as well as the three scientists and until now we do not do not know where he is if he knew the schedule of transport someone had to give the information how many agents of the CIA was aware of the project I know where you want in come Normane and I do not like it how can you be so sure that it is not one of yours why the heck but men would force to shed which they have already access to veil their own
apparatus because it’s a blanket ideal for that we are not suspicious I remind you General that the CIA was retired and South Africa one year ago only the important agents remained now our first priority should be the recovery of scientists and fragments agreements and could be serious military ramifications if some people grabs the formula we need to find out who is hiding behind that and pull the strings agent Morgan Yes sir you were responsible for our operation you know the terrain and its
inhabitants we are three agents and the first flight departing I want to see positive results and quick it’s done sir. thank you Terry Goodbye General Sharma. hello Norman I learned that you are leaving in fact yes That is true congratulations for your sherman retirement thank you I bet you will regret to not be at the center of everything
movement Norman I’m going to take this big allowance check waiting for me. and
go to my favorite fishing spot I want a special agent on this case so can not trust our agents let’s put and chances on our side a Washington agent where I take someone else well besides sir. Yes . thank you made the enter and tell him to address me
directly Yes sir your plan has worked mission accomplished where am I? how did I get here I do not speak your language does anyone speak French who I am . who I am. who I am. who
I am go. down. hurry. Go hurry it’s there hurry up hurry up what are you looking for sir? English seems determined to find these guys. are traitors they have stolen
discovery who could ensure the supremacy our country for all the 21st century Yes sir taking a stand A light yes I can return I can enter. I can enter. yes we wore the same clothes I know this brings bad luck in your culture I can borrow your …. I will bring it back. promised Help is what you hear me Please help us! Help for help please Hey, can you hear me? Oh my God Leave us alone Leave us alone Not moving You know what it is ? Warning . Can I kill you? OK. I can really kill you I can kill you so you know that I can do karate my brother you understand French ? You speak English ? I’m sorry but I do not speak your language but my brother he is ok is he okay my brother unbelievable let’s go you co-pilot and you take care of the GPS ok you want to drive. but you know how to drive? I think it’s better that I drive Oh, you stumble. shit You go in a straight line Ok How are you feeling ? it’s better Its good to help one needs a doctor but be careful Look here the drivers back and forth he was very lucky the herbs on his leg neutralize the
poison and perfusion the only ones who know this
use are the elite military who did that ? come ! it is there and there unbelievable a talented native once again tell the story Are you a doctor? it’s going to talk to him he understands English there is a survivor among them he’s in the headlines of local newspapers I want to know if there are other survivors I want everything to be liquidated including this one it’s a bit difficult with all the boy scouts in the who follow me it’s not your problem Morgan there is other people to take care of that
only who I am Yes my name is Christine Stark I work for the South Tribune African I saw you on TV your story is great I will write a detailed article about you what? I will write a detailed article about you oh sorry I’m very busy for the
moment maybe another day . but you do not understand you are a hero everyone
wants to know who you are Oh good me too who am I excuse me wait wait for the article wait for that hi who am I you do not want to be a hero everyone wants to know what happened during the rally Hi Justine reporter to the world he’ll be fine the doctor will take care of it I think they want to interview you then you are there journalism is called radios indicates that you
have received a very important shock in this region. it’s a very important point
sensitive. he control your reason your logical and your memory that’s why you’re confused but I’m confused but if I am, there is a cure there is no immediate cure why are not you going to police perhaps as missing persons you will find information that will refresh your memory where are you now? I’m going to the police station. at the police station Then right away then Hi Yes hello You remember. reminder of something no ladies. Yes. where do you think you are? it’s a hospital. I just wanted to help my patient excuse me. excuse me excuse me sir. lea agent CIA our leader would like to talk to you just a little moment me yes nothing serious a little chat it bores you to follow us thank you you have hired a lot of money yes you can use this room Are you looking for me? see an effect who are you ? we already know? not my knowledge Morgane CIA Head of Operations South Africa nice to meet you did I commit a wrongdoing you know my past Yes of course I know you came from the desert I know you have lost your memory and I believe you can help us in
a very very delicate investigation me you are sure to have seen eight graves yes I am sure and a skeleton hanging from a tree yes with a parachute this information could be
very useful of course you have to check them and remember it’s top secret not a word to anyone I mean nobody Yes of course . Mr. Morgen if you have other things about me if you please tell me of course stay in touch thank you. see you soon 523 does that tell you anything? what good wear well Yes close but not him it’s not him no wonder resemblance yet Mr. Morgan Wait if anything comes back to me how to contact you you have a map. I’m sorry I do not think about it keep using mine do not hold this one it’s better with that you tell us contact immediately it’s a phone card that works everywhere. thank you. the poor guy does not remember anything then deliver the suffering I am doing what is necessary for him do not taste long in the African sun trust me listen to me we are at a very advanced stage
delicate tests. the process should be progressive. I can not guarantee you
Nothing at all. I do not know. i can not guarantee the family safety at work and work active and the accelerator. it is done how can a tiny fragment
illuminate an entire city you do not understand the power of this fragment finally shit roof at work launch the bombing who is the level? 225 what is happening ? the lights start to go out and turn on the level and how? 40000 it works Yes . what’s going on ? attention is not normal Be careful what is this pass? Oh my God . what is happening ? 40000 joule it does not stabilize it’s time to stop it’s time to stop no do not stop and continue I warned you stop the machine But what is it ? what is this pass? What is it ? that’s what took me for the repairs you had to wait for your turn commissioner commissioner It’s sergeant I have been waiting for 2 hours I’ll take care of you later everyone is waiting here. the power station exploded. me if you are missing people. what are you doing here have you ever seen a doctor I have already seen a doctor. sergeant listen sit down discover the problems of computers I take care of you first from you first agree it’s clear then yes thank you no thanks 5 that’s enough I insist. thank you but what am I waiting for computers queued like everyone else to you I was the first thank you for having gone it’s nice to see you what is happening ? internal security. I have some questions going you two stay the others come with me no suspects advance bring the business sit down! March 28th you and your group spent the night in this room abandoned exhibition the 29 your friends disappear March 30th three important scientists from my country
are kidnapped their place of detention still a mystery where did you hide them now listen to my friend we saw five guys and the scientists at the power station then mysteriously she explodes so if you’re not a terrorist why did it explode? who do you work for? I dunno the day the scientists were
kidnapped we discovered a weapon high-tech murderer weapons like we’ve never seen in Africa only a great power to the money and technology to do something
like that so I want you to tell me my friend who do you work for? the Japaneses ? the Chinese ? or the Americans? or someone else? and say months! What does it mean ? What a beautiful association! who are you ? you want to know who I am? I want to know who I am we found 54 passports
different that’s 6 for everyone Why ? where are your friends ? who are your friends ? you do not have to cover your friends and if you think you’re in shit now Well, you have not seen anything yet talk to me now they are all dead that it takes to cook we know your training methods but we have ours to do crack guys like you so I’m listening I told you not worth it I lost all my memory with this attitude you will lose well more than your memory you follow me safe for terrorism spying and attempted murder and put away this mess to his friends this point I would have to talk to him get up ! but. what is this happening here? imbecile. he was handcuffed. how did he do that? do not stay here we will lose it? thank you I come back room 1954 certainly sir who I am Christine Tribune from South Africa you remember here is my card ah I finally find you it’s so hard to follow you the newspaper keeps asking me .. please I can ask you for a service. my taxi is waiting outside. you can adjust it? then the interview. Okay. Okay no problem but remember our agreement the interview just after I trust you thank you keep the change ! thank you ! police. follow me please but I have not seen vote insignia 1 9 5 he left there I gave him my card, I told you
I am journalist I write an article on the subject That’s it. journalists. Yes. I review them I repeat I arrive. I arrive what is happening? Yes and what did you give him? eh. what start quickly! I take the lever! stop waiting! go get me! I do not know Warning but stop changing gears! find a better route Oh no. we are stuck you do it all the time let me drive we are stuck do not worry, it’s nothing. I am used to it hurry up there are back Great go by car here ah ah at 1054 I repeat. I’m chasing a car. but I drive the shutters save not even police is chasing us what but what did you do? they are behind rest at cue de sac What did you say ? nothing squeeze the buttocks next time put on your belt! push me ! go out in speed thank you. and catch the sorry You have to trust me it will be fine and why are these guys chasing you? everyone is chasing me the CIA. the secret police. even you you have to hide something hide what? you stole something from them? where is it and where? I dunno. had seen them
quick ? good. I remember now I have six
passports. is holding. passports not fingerprint. it’s fascinating but it’s not you but who knows? she is right I lend them the corpse. what a beautiful story Christine? it’s not a story. Oh. you do too much what does it mean ? if that’s it 1 2 3 you remember something. is not it ? I was not bad at that. in any case I have fun May my memory be remembered! but what are you doing ? but I try to help him. do you remember that the doctor said that it could help him. I told you never to do it again who I am ? we have what would be a little mishap. we lost it. I hope you find it quickly! he lost his memory is not dangerous. and short amnesia. you know ? idiot. what do I have to do ? what you have to do from the beginning. kill him ! good . Africa is bigger than Washington. Are you sure you do not want a stub? it is delicious. ah guys. I deciphered the code. it’s a phone number. a company in Rotterdam. Rotterdam. yeah. How did you find ? we make a hole. each letter corresponds to a number of telephone dial the first number is the code international 0 1 1 then the country and the code of the city you understand ? listen! d is 3. 31 the Netherlands. Okay the name of the company is Annexes Holding but I came across the answering machine interesting but I do not understand or did you learn to decipher a code like that? spying novel. I love them. if they know my past. I’ve got to go ! you mean. We are going to go there. you promised me a story. remember ! and then besides the newspaper will pay all our expenses. OK, you take your responsibilities. what are you going to have fun I would like to go with you. Come on, let’s take a picture for my African logbook. What’s the matter ? there is a problem ? I wanted to scare him just as you did. It was great. I got you. it worked . and anyway there was no movie. we will take another one. drop Uki thank you very much. we keep in touch. many things to your brother let’s go! Okay. Airport. you go there on foot I drive. good idea. you do not like my driving this is the place. the coded number belongs to the building. over there did you talk to someone? yes the operator. so what ? I hung. you hung up who do I presume to talk to? there are more than 100 companies inside. the number is correct. the matches found on the
corpse also come from this restaurant. he had to go through here. it’s obvious. so what are we doing now? if you enter and take a look. I do not think so. place is under high surveillance even the police. would have a hard time getting in eh. where you go ? I have to call. take mine! no I’m going to the cabin the reception is better. Mr. Morgan yes what is it? who I am. do you remember me ? eh yes. of course. how can I forget? I found something very important. yes what is it? Hello. you hear me ? a building. perhaps their headquarters. who is it for them? those who want to kill me. I’m at the cafe on the other side of the sidewalk. and where exactly in South Africa? he is this building? no I am in Rotterdam he is right in front. what? Hello. you are there ? Yes. Yes. I’m here. good do not do anything! give me 30 minutes to send you reinforcement. and call me back! I must know more. Okay. but mostly do not trust
no one. Okay. you hear me ? Yes what’s going on there? our friend is at the cafe. in front. good then you take your men is over! who? our African friend. and do not miss it this time. Okay Okay. let’s go! do not kill him. bring it back here! Yes sir ! I want to check what he knows. Yes, I am here. do nothing ! give me 30 minutes. to send you reinforcement. and call me back! I must know more. and above all do not trust anyone I’ll explain. why are you recording my calls? I am journalist. and remember what race of journalists do that? the best. I would do anything to have the story. whatever ? yes, anything. listening. it’s true I should not have done
it. I exceeded the limits. but it’s not about me you should be
worried. it was your friend on the phone. who are you lying? no he is the CIA. each organization corruptible men listen! I did not want to hit you. and wish you can keep the band! oh let me explain to you! it’s a revolver. you are not a journalist point that you for you to decipher the codes easily. and you open the handcuffs. who are you ? What do you want ? but listen to me! who are you ? Okay. I did not play fair with you but it was to better protect you. I am with the CIA now. are you CIA? yes but on your side. people but on my side you phoned. toilets. but what are you saying ? you trapped me! by behind quickly! I hold it. you think you’ll get out? do not let escape! excuse me ! here it is ! but what are you doing ? but. what is happening here ? mix with what looks at you. Okay ? eh no it was good. ah? come darling get away ! get away ! where were you in the past? move on ! some pieces for Hello Children of the World Mr. Morgan. who I am ? exactly someone is chasing me. my men did not find you at the cafe. Why ? I had to left. where are you ? in Rotterdam. Stay calm ! where are you ? how long will you be there? three to four hours. I will take to military jets where are you ? I call you later. so why not kill him? because we do not know what he knows. exactly the buyers are there. this afternoon once the case concludes we have nothing to fear from him. you. keep busy. from the 3 Einstein up there. once the case concludes they are dead I want the lab clean and no trace in the building. I’m taking care of it how are you ? is you on guard until what time? Hello Mr. Amano. eh. you have a nice barak. yeah. I will love Rotterdam. and I expect general hair safety yes and you are highly anticipated sorry right here at this front door. here I want a permanent surveillance. and this immediately Yes Eh. what are you doing ? that’s what happened to the central
electric. that’s what I call a real pool you imagine Armano the energy released by this fragment. my client prefers reality to imagination that’s why we do not pay everything in advance but. I would say half a billion dollars is motivating enough for you to give us a quality product Mr. Nelson does not do charity Believe me he’s worth it for his money he only country one third of the amount
of research in South Africa and he has in exchange a complete product we bring scientists and goods right now bring us some hot coffee Yes sir and then you cash a percentage Armano I am just a good guy who tries to eat his life in this floppy are the only ones information about the formula all other research files have been erased and do not forget that we do not yet know to completely control the expansion energy is therefore a crucial problem so we need more time to solve this problem once solved a energy can be used for purposes
positive of course. he is right. it’s very nice gentlemen. but maybe we had something different can you imagine a machine gun ordinary with the destructive force a ballistic missile Oh no. no. you promised us not to use
the formula for destructive purposes. we have already spoken of that Fred and now. wait a moment just one minute. and now you will see the gendarmes seems to me to be very tired your sir Nelson is not just a clever man but he will also become a very rich man because everyone will want to buy his weapon. you realize that this little piece of plastic is worth billions
of dollars drinks and appetizers are
served. outside sir you should take your friend enjoy a little bit of
our hospitality Yes sir it’s so difficult nowadays to find people to trust welcome to banking services
electronic enter your code 6 7 8 0 do not make mistakes! 1 0 have made a huge difference I never play when it comes to money you see when I see
this order all this money will be yours a moment the vote transfer procedure
is in progress look at it it’s called fast transfer you still have to wait we know that you waited a long time it will not change anything I need to drink it would be better for me to be worried. general. I still think we’re too numerous to be aware what are you saying it’s good the commandos involved in this mission all had a tragic accident oh good! according to my information there is a survivor oh of course I want to say. he does not even know. who he is. tomorrow is a dead man . and our three scientists cultivate will be destroyed as well as the lab. so why hang out we have the record we can take care of it right away will take care of our three friends you know what you say to me general Mike is a little bit are you going to kill me too? well seen. you have fired me the 500 million dollars. then repeat. friendship friendship i will do everything for myself so what are you and me to what he must for fruiters yeah. coffee. yes coffee. coffee. usual and it’s sweet so we’re up to ball come here. no change. general congratulations first I check the invalid transaction. there is a problem ? there is not enough zero? It’s curious. it does not appear on my screen but. What are you talking about ? I fired from our account like. come see it! the name of my account Heynckes Holding Yes the bottom save the children the bottom rescued from children five hundred thousand dollars. well received thanks. someone touched my computer it’s him loop the building searched everywhere find him and kill him. he is in the building but who is in the building that’s it. that’s it. it’s a trap. it’s that you’re trying to fish that’s it ? it’s him. it’s the man the man you served me coffee had played with the computer no it was one of yours. you mean that I am a liar. down. flee the kitchens. do not worry. I will find scientists can kill them now I want the building to be searched thoroughly. buckle the emergency exits stop the ventilation system three by three be careful it’s a special commando a million dollars for the team that goes down wield you! Yes. gentleman I’m counting on you. before continuing all this make me my floppy but. what are you still in the process of what do you think ? you take me for a beginner? can we jostle? Where is your problem? you become senile before age? You forgot ? I give it to you like this Ah yes you gave me the record like that Well, I’ll give them back to you like that of course you stuffed it take off your paws! but it’s the guy who served my coffee. it’s him boss. there is a problem ? do you have my floppy disk? Is that what you want ? you have a split second to give it back to me. this floppy disk that belongs to me not cause. kill him ! what’s wrong with your head? huh because of that you flew kidnapped and killed nine men that for that why want to destroy life? while we can make it better. What do you want ? nothing to be able to find my life he’s here in the boss’s office the floppy disk kill him ! The children thank you. general? It’s okay ? the floppy disk! he descended do not move ! who I am Morgane, is it you? Of course it’s me since time you want to kill me? you are
their? what are you talking about ? I was there to save you. you lie. What are you doing here ? it’s a secret job. I spent a lot of time infiltrating the organization I’m at that pinned yes, did you see me in the conference room? once the money is transferred and he is mine I sent the money to the children
of the world What do you have ? you know what you did? you screwed up two years of investigation and the floppy disk? I hope at least that you took the floppy disk? it’s you who has it? Yes good it’s a good proof keep it ! now I’m going to get you out of here a moment men found me at the cafe I never said where I was oh yes they found you remember the map I gave you the microfiche in it indicates exactly where from where you call. and they tried to kill me it was not my men when my men arrived you have disappeared. Sharman must do monitor my line you know if I wanted to kill you I will have done it in South Africa Sharman had to send his men after
you in Johannesburg but do not worry we will take care of them listen I know you’re troubled you do not know who to believe I already told you do not trust anyone you have the floppy disk you keep it now coming out of here I’m not sure of getting out. keep it ! let’s go you will never know who you are I may be amnesic but I’m not stupid trust no one do you
remember Give me a break find it ! the floppy disk? he has the floppy disk. you have two choices. give the floppy and you blonges. or we take the floppy disk and then we balance you and I suggest! I keep the floppy disk and I balance you both good. how much ? you have 30 seconds 29 seconds. not bad Here we go again but to you no no behind you relax. we all have our time. 20
seconds. good I ended to infinity no time to play. he is or the floppy we must finish the black bag it’s in the parking lot pick up! do not hit me ! do not hit me ! here it is well from which side did you balance it? I do not know you are a blood band I can not believe what you are
still alive you have no choice going they do not care about me there we will not catch him
with her all is under control go to plan B it’s plan B? no the A what is the B? you’ll see go! and now you trust me? sorry but you’re too young for the CIA young ! she’s even 18 years old that it is that I am of yours and special operations we know who you are? so you know I’m an undercover agent yes I know ! you are a shame for the CIA take it out of my sight all units. look for the floppy disk! nice shot. thank you we could not have been
do it without you. everyone would have done something that I want from my father. who said : always try to be fair and stop those who are not. I wish all parents learn this to their children and do not worry! the central sends us. information
on your identity. thank you one more thing ? do you have the floppy disk? and also said: respect nature! I lost it on the way or are you leaving? in Africa

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