Unboxing 16 Pet Reptiles! Leopard Geckos, Ball Pythons & More New Animals

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  1. GoHerping says:

    Many of the reptiles in this video are now for sale at http://emeraldscales.com with shipping to almost anywhere in the USA!

    Nothing catch your eye, or watching this video in the future? Join the mailing list at the base of the site for updates before anyone else.

    (This video was filmed in advanced, all animals undergo a 3-5 week quarantine before being posted, not including time for any required rehab.)

  2. Caroline Fravel says:

    That fat gecko made my day. I must have it. Literally made me consider getting one.

  3. Svna anvS says:

    You almost burning your whole house down at the beginning made me panic slightly

  4. monicasm says:

    The worst part about these videos is that all of us assume the knocking around boxes is just a bit and they’re empty boxes, but none of us have any idea whether or not that’s actually true or not…

  5. Miranda Reese says:

    My dude box cutters are like 2 bucks.

  6. Sara Marsh says:

    Your energy is an inspiration to chaotic neutrals everywhere haha 🙏 keep up the good work all around

  7. Avery Aries says:

    You can see the progression of his insanity

  8. Honey Bee Talks says:

    I'm laughing because I'm crying

    To real.

  9. Amy Wright says:

    ah yes.. a new GoHoarding video…

  10. ShoopOnTheMoon says:

    Tape a knife to the wooden spoon for next time! 😂

  11. Nick says:

    Balloons popping aren't just fears for some people, they may also be triggers for things like anxiety and ptsd. I'm glad you at least said something about it before you popped the balloons so people can mute and/or skip over the popping.

  12. Chris Robot says:

    This is like a long SNL sketch.

  13. Janis I says:

    I love your unboxing videos and this one was fantastic, but please set a regular sleep schedule for yourself and keep to it. As someone who used to be a little powerhouse of unlimited energy in her twenties, but is now very tired and in her thirties, please believe me when I say that a regular sleep schedule will do wonders for your energy and sanity levels. Keeping a schedule when you're self-employed can be hard, but please do it.
    And sharpen that damn chef's knife. There's nothing worse than an object that has ONE PURPOSE and can't even perform that purpose. Ditto for the pocket knife and katana. Pro tip: you can use knife sharpeners on swords; it's just a big knife.
    Ugh. I'm tired, too. Good luck, get some sleep, and we love you.

  14. Dennis Morgan says:

    When you read the letter from the keepers of Little B,it totally made me cry. Let me know when he’s up for sale

  15. Lilli _ann says:

    i want little fat no toe having leopard gecko man

  16. Audaieveryday says:

    I love the unboxing’s

  17. Chris Robot says:

    Why don’t you want to tape over the red line ?

  18. Fluffy Rainbow says:

    Too calm please go back

  19. the mhm says:

    4:20 This mans party hat is sharper than his knife 😂😂

  20. Jenny Anderson says:

    He is genuinely funny and kind. Respect. You use whatever tool you want to open those boxes.

  21. Faith Baker says:

    Bob Ross of reptiles

  22. Zoë is a bagel says:


  23. BEANS says:

    You should open a YouTube premium account

  24. Neji Gamer says:

    22:22 You'll do what? Plz no.

  25. Fluffy Rainbow says:

    Might get myself a wooden spoon now

  26. Royal Rose says:

    Does he still get money for videos if you have Youtube Premium?

  27. Gaige The Necromancer says:

    18:15 this is it everyone… we’ve lost ‘im

  28. rick Melto says:

    Hog nose has rear fangs

  29. Jasper Smith says:

    i saw a 3 year old dragon(noah) with nasty femoral pores and honestly warm soak + leg massage worked very well to remove his chunks

  30. Bus boy says:

    Watching this video I discovered that I have a new fear of popping balloons.

  31. Macy Perry says:

    am i the only one that wants to watch him unclogging the pores???

  32. The Chicken Wizard says:

    I swear this series is turning into iddubbbz's bad unboxing madness.

    All jokes aside keep up the great work! I hope all of those beauties find homes

  33. Misty Matthews says:

    Do you ship to Canada?!

  34. Yaritza Bushell says:

    u just move the boxes so much

  35. Fabian Candelaria says:

    Alex: Pulls out wooden spoon

    Me: has flashbacks to my Hispanic mother

  36. Eli Mancilla says:

    Literally thought he was going to pull out a knife from a secret compartment in the spoon and say “sike! Fooled y’all!”

  37. Greed says:

    Honestly the sword seems safer than the spoon

  38. this isn't Dana says:

    Alex: Holds a wooden spoon Nothing dangerous
    Me: Sis I rather see someone with a knife then the wooden spoon. It litteraly be hittin different

  39. Nick says:

    Gotta give it to whatever delivery service you use too, not just throwing the boxes around

  40. Susie Martinez says:

    u know its a good reptile vid when there’s a roblox oof in the first minute

  41. OMGChellizard says:

    bro it unsubscribed me… :O

  42. Sarah Presley says:

    i went to a reptile expo today and every single booth with ball pythons had at least one spider… when will we learn

  43. Wow ! says:

    Next time he's either gonna use a toothpick or a hatchet, no inbetween

  44. Turtle Boy says:

    Hey if you guys like turtles go watch my first video !!!!!

  45. emily dick says:

    What do I do my leopard gecko has stuck shed on his feet but he’s aggressive and won’t let me hold him so I can’t get it off

  46. Emma Armstrong says:

    He is documenting his decent into madness through these videos

  47. Just a goatman with internet access l says:

    14:30 that's a big chonky boi

  48. Julio Sanchez says:

    Spoons are just as deadly as swords a Latina mother can use that for anything

  49. Amy says:

    Go get some sleep 😴💤.
    Btw you need to plan a vacation. Breaks are important.

  50. Susie Martinez says:

    bruh lil b with his blanket 😭 that warms my heart so much

  51. Autumn Hillis says:

    I legitimately thought that the balloon was in the water…😐

  52. Nightmare! says:

    Congratulations! I Have Been Watching Your Channel Since About 3 Month's Ago,I Have 2 Red-Eared Slider's And I've Named Them Squirt And Crush,They Are Baby's,Btw,Destroy The Box's.

  53. Gracie Ryback says:

    The fucking recap of all of them killed me😂😂😂😂i love ur videos they have seriously helped my in my research for bearded dragons and just reptile care in general🤣🤩

  54. Spapez The Octopus says:

    6:22 KINDA awoke somethink in me I've nevery felt, what was with that cute cheeky twink ass lick of the spoon while staring at the camera

  55. Loretta Keam says:

    He used a wooden spoon cmon man thats so dangerous use an axe next time they are so much more safe

  56. L G says:

    when the party hat pops a balloon but the knife doesnt, you need to sharpen your knife.

    (I'm gonna send you a knife sharpener…)

  57. Jessica Remmele says:

    Someone get this poor guy a sharp knife 😂

  58. ॐ गणेश ॐ says:

    Hey dude In the last video you said not to use live mice I do that why is frozen better

  59. imma dood says:

    I just realized that I want a leopard gecko so after I watch this I’m gonna watch a ton of care videos then I’ll start saving up😳😳😳

  60. brooklyn says:

    Did you pay your Tesla in full or are you paying it off

  61. dannyvr91 says:

    ohhhh its an avocado! Thaaaaanks!

  62. Eagle says:

    No one: Alex: I’m bleeding for some reason and I don’t know why. Also Alex: wields katana against cardboard box

  63. Isa Rodriguez says:

    14:50 what you doing here with all that ass?

  64. Tate Canales says:

    Pure chaotic energy

  65. pups&parrots YT says:

    Well I know exactly who I won’t be rehoming my reptiles to LOL

  66. JenJenMusicLver says:

    All the the clips used for the clips of previous unboxing videos were all my favourite parts. You make me laugh so much! Thank you!'

  67. xplayboydaddyx says:

    You can see him slowly going crazy😂😂😂

  68. Phi 6 says:

    Can u pls show the leopard geckos up close 😁 cuz I have a leopard gecko and I find them cool 🤣

  69. HipHopLuv123 says:

    "That tail is holding all the secrets to life" 😂

  70. HipHopLuv123 says:

    Breeding spider ball pythons should be illegal. The snake basically suffers for profit

  71. valeriemylam says:

    wtf i cant believe how smoothly he opened the first box with that wooden spoon

  72. Anthony Butterbuns says:

    the slow decent into madness

  73. Its Mo says:

    lil b the based lizard

  74. Kaitlynn Landon says:

    16:38 Watch out for the copper heads or get the annie venne

  75. jax attack says:

    God I love you lol

  76. Cole Thomas says:

    Embrace the memes man. Embrace the madness.

  77. lindsey Smith says:

    I love you so much. You’re very honest and “ kind “ lmao. I take in reptiles who are cared poorly as well. Sometimes I re home, sometimes I don’t. You’re amazing.

  78. asdf asdf says:

    How about a karambit knife for opening cases?

  79. Zumble says:

    22:24 the beardie's face when "literally squeezing them out". YOU WHAT NOW, BRUH?! :DD

  80. Andy Nicastro says:

    lil B !!! lmao

  81. Misting Wolf says:

    A spoon? Hup would be proud.

  82. Vivian Winford says:

    Happy birthday to Emerald Scales and your endeavor to rehab and regime reptiles. You are a bit on the crazy side but that is a good thing and makes your videos entertaining. Never know what's going to happen. You are a remarkable young man and I enjoy watching your videos very much. Quite entertaining. Say Hi to the cats for me.

  83. Ugh it’s me says:

    i was gonna say this is a good boy but this is a man…

  84. Sutton Cuevas says:

    Filming Little B's tail hiz face and beard were just like "Can I McFrickin help you?!" A cute lad though

  85. Colleen Catlady Hardesty says:

    Happy Birthday, Emerald Scales!!!

  86. frankndeebox says:

    6:26 I’m not the only person over 6 watching the amazing world of gumball

  87. SmexyHinata13 says:

    No one has ever left me feeling more confused than Alex…

  88. Raugna says:

    Why are you slamming and burning the boxes with animals in them?

  89. Yukia Hitsugaya says:

    Alex: threatening us with a sharp object in front of a blown ballon.
    Me: very threatened and I can’t seem to lower my volume anymore
    Also Alex: pops ballon with his party hat
    Also me:


  90. QueenBea says:

    I took in two rescue geckos a year ago, one was underweight and one was obese. It is a lot easier to get them to put on weight than to lose them.

    My big boy was 110g and after a year of work he’s at about 90-95g. How do you force a big banana boy to exercise? You can’t. The female was at the perfect weight for her size after like 3 months. Don’t overfeed your pets.

  91. SmexyHinata13 says:

    I'm super tired…oh, also, ThIs GeCKo'S ToeS ArE FalLInG OfF.

  92. chaiteabag says:

    DAE lowkey wanna send their precious scaly babies just so to get goherpings opinion on care?

  93. G. Ben says:

    I’ve so watching you & your company grow the last year man! Can’t wait to see what this year holds!

    Also this was so great watching at 4AM 🤷🏽‍♀️

  94. Alfredo Villegas says:

    Bro u remind me of the dude from zombieland and u sound like him thats crazy

  95. Shameeh says:

    you should rename the series to GoHerping Struggling to Open a Box

  96. Leo says:

    Your content is super great, keep up the hard work.

  97. Kiaraleche says:

    The first 2-3 minutes 😭😂😂

  98. Adrienne Moore says:

    Those of us who got our butts tore up with wooden spoons know exactly how dangerous those things really are. They are anxiety inducing.

  99. Johji Takafusa says:

    Date me

  100. Denise Deknees says:

    As someone who just discovered his channel I am both shocked and amused

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