Unboxing Casper Mattress Dog Bed – The Ultimate Bed For Dogs?

All right, here we have the Casper bed but not the regular Casper Bed, this is the Casper bed for dogs that we just got to replace an old bed it can see right there but that is in very much in need of replacement so before this is going to be an unboxing video of the doggie Casper bed. Cute, this newspaper that comes in the box The set up your diagram is complicated yeah more complicated expected. Gosh, what we got here? oh its a waffle , the waffle with the butter and yeah get this for a bigger dog for a walk we got the bigger bag we did because we have two dogs who like to sleep together all right, to cover that’s the other side other providing instructional. We got the blue version for V things these are the borders I guess for the main booth oh he has furs like say roll things up huh oh yeah how did that hair can you feel its spongee, its spongee. ok how to we start this? complicate it undercover There’s a zipper somewhere, well hidden compartments for the outside parts oh yeah there’s got to be more the other one inverted? yeah funny because the sides aren’t all the same yeah I see if I go longer oh yeah they criss cross. Okay maybe we should get the dogs, yeah see how they like it? Lizzie, come try Casper bed! Ridley, c’mon! Ridley! Ridley! Ridley! Ridley! Not havin it. There ya go What do you think punk? what do you think punky? looking like a nice bed hmm? what do you think? Huh punky? Like your new bed? make a nice place to sleep? What do you guys think? hey Lizzie look. lik your new Casper bed? good. there you go. Guys! Hey guys hey hey! Riddles! Riddles! So? Nice! What is the cost of the Casper? uhhh, I actually forgot now, it’s pretty expensive, it’s uh it gets close to $200 with tax in. yeah it’s pretty spoiled puppies I hope you like it! Too/four paws up? for paws up all right.

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