Unboxing Sip Straws Founder Shae Riley’s 7 Daily Essentials

I’m gonna swan dive right in. Noodle, levitate. Next time. I almost said I could use it as a rectal thermometer for Noodle. I did just say that,
I did use those words. (laughing) This looks like a propane tank. I have no idea how heavy this- (phone ringing) I set an alarm for
myself because I ramble. (bubbly music) (dog barks) Hi everyone, thank you
so much for watching. My name is Jonathan, this is Noodle. Oh, his tongue is out. Look at that, look at that. I’m gon’ poke it, I’m just gon’ poke it. Boop. It was worth it, I’m so glad I did that. OK, so my name is Jonathan. This is Noodle and this is “Tools of the Trade”, the show where we discover
what everyday items everyday entrepreneurs need
to get through their day. OK, so this week, we are so excited be we are featuring the
entrepreneur Shae Riley, who is the founder of Sip Straws, which is a reusable-straw business. Sip Straws use borosilicate glass as the material to make the straw. And what we love about this and what Shae explained to us on her “School of Hustle” episode, is that these straws are not only awesome ’cause they’re reusable, but what she likes about them is that she can see through the glass. You can see if it’s clean. You can use it as many times as you want. It can withstand heat up to 1,500 degrees. It’s like a delightful overkill. I don’t need to know that the glass that I’m using to drink my rum and diet… I don’t need to know that it can withstand temperatures up 1,500 degrees, and I don’t need to know that
it could jettisoned into space and then come back down in one piece, but love knowing that as a consumer. OK, so the first item we’ve
got in the Shae Riley box, oh, I’m so excited for this! She’s super cool. She’s super cool. She’s super fun. She was really easy to talk to. She’s young. She’s spunky. The first item we have
in the Shae Riley box is something I didn’t know existed. A California Bright Phone-Connected Teeth Whitening Kit. That’s Sip money, girl. Let me tell you. That’s Sip money. You treat yo self to white teeth. I did not know that this thing existed. White teeth. It’s literally a teeth whitener that hooks up to your phone. (man offscreen talking) So that’s what I’m trying to figure out. Okay, so for teeth. This is for teeth that
is affected exogenously which is a word that I did know, such as stains of coffee,
sauce, tea, tobacco, soda and wine and just for
generic yellow teeth. So if you’ve got a gnarly mouth, this is a really good thing to go for. Oh, so the phone is literally
just to keep it charged, to keep it going? OK, awesome. So this is portable. Oh, it has a portable case. It has its own power control, but you can plug this into
your phone if you’re traveling and it’s out of juice. So what I love about this as someone who sat through braces for almost 2 years. Which is not a lot for a lot of people, but I had the triangles. I call ’em the triangle of doom, where I had ’em here. Down here. Here, and then they went up. So every time I open my
mouth it was like (roaring). If you are an entrepreneur, if you’re anyone, if you’re on camera, if you’re taking photos of yourself, I think this is really, really important. And I love the idea that it’s portable. And Noodle has four, teeth, that is. So we could never whiten his. OK, I love that item. The next item we have in
the Shae Riley box is… Oh, it’s a water bottle. Oh, but it’s not just any water bottle. It’s my favorite kind of
water bottle which (laughing). I’ve never seen a water
bottle like this before. This looks like a propane tank. Oh, I love it. So this is a water bottle where you could hydrate a horse. I love the idea that it has a
built-in straw to it, right? There’s that idea that the creator of Sip, as long as she’s got a straw, she’s happy. And it’s gotta be reusable. And it’s gotta be one that
doesn’t impact the environment, like this one right here. And I like that it’s
got this kind of ombre, sort of cotton candy deal to it. Actually, how big is this? 64 ounces, yeah! You could be a magnum of wine in here. Call it a day. Take it to see “Mary Poppins
2” at the Alamo Drafthouse. The next item we’ve got in
the Shae Riley box is… Oh, it’s a cable organizer. This is awesome. Super simple. This is just a little cable case for HDMI cords, your laptop cords, whatever it is. This is actually something that
I would really benefit from. Whenever I travel, you know backpacks have
that nice, little spot for the laptop right in the back, but they don’t have
anywhere to put your cords. This is actually really
thoughtful and wonderful. And I think a lot of entrepreneurs
could benefit from this. OK, the next item we have
in the Shae Riley box is a self-declaration. So this item, we actually have. This says “I’m a gift” on the front, which is really fun because if you do win this box, it is in fact, a gift. But this is a, it’s a notebook. It’s a notebook. And I just read on the back
that it’s contrast blank. So it’s simply blank inside. And Shae uses this to write
down all of her ideas. Good, bad, smart, stupid, whatever she might
qualify them at the time, she writes everything down. And I think this is something that every, you don’t have to be an entrepreneur. You can be anyone in the entire world. If you have a passion for something, if you have something that
you’re thinking about, you wanna build, you wanna grow, whether it’s your straw business or a comedy career, a writing career, whatever it might be, you
have to write down your idea. The next item we’ve got is… This is a charger. It’s just a portable phone charger. So this isn’t something
you plug into the wall, which I think is also
really great about it, is a lot of times, what’ll
happen is you are limited to when you’re around an outlet. Like I know if I have to
charge my phone in an airport, I have to kind of either
pay a billion dollars for a margarita at a bar which pull my leg, fine, I’ll do it, or you have to sit kind
of in a weird segment of a terminal and just charge your phone kind of like Gollum in the corner, just waiting for my precious. But this I think is a
really fabulous thing ’cause you could charge
your phone anywhere, as long as this itself is charged which is something to remember. Great way to keep yourself
going on the road. And it’s a great way to
keep your phone charged if you need to whiten your teeth. Imagine having a dead phone and rotten teeth in your mouth. The next item we have
in the Shae Riley box is and it’s another thing
that’s totally wrapped, and I am so happy that
people gave me gifts for this because I love this. It’s super fun. I don’t know what’s in here. Oh. (laughing) Oh, of course! Oh this is makes perfect sense. These are the straws. These are Sip Straws. I’m actually gonna open one of these. I am gonna open one of these. And forgive me if you win this box. Please know that this was the only time it was actually opened. Bam. This is one of the Sip Straws. Super-powerful glass. It comes with a cleaner, which I love. Another really cool thing about Sip that I forget to mention, and I actually love having this now as like a little pointy, 10% profit of every single purchase goes to a nonprofit called Oceana that redistributes all of those funds towards helping the
world’s seas and oceans. So I think this is a
really incredible example of practicing what you preach, of really building a product
around a strong idea. And I just love that
you’ve got little babies and you’ve got big babies. All right, the next item we have, oh, this is meaty. What’s this? Oh, another thing I’m gonna open. Sorry, guys. Oh, this is just an
epic backpack, isn’t it? Oh, I love this. This is sturdy. You could put your laptop in here. You could put food in here. You could put Noodle’s eyedrops in here. You could put Noodle’s
face ointment in here. You could put Noodle’s
butt ointment in here. You could put Noodle’s
second eye cream in here. You could put his eyedrops in here. You could put his small,
$72 wool sweater in here. Whether you have a business or not, this is an absolutely
incredible thing to have. This is a really wonderful
piece of equipment. That was the last item
in the Shae Riley box. I’m now gonna close it. I still can’t believe this
Noodle-sized water bottle. You could put 64 ounces, I’m
sure she puts water in here. I’m sitting here thinking
about all of the red wine I could put in it. Really wonderful ideas. But I’m so glad you guys took
the time to watch this video. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. If you liked this video, please like and subscribe
to our YouTube channel. And don’t forget to ring the bell to get notifications whenever a new “Tools of the Trade” episode, or another GoDaddy program goes live. for myself, for Noodle, for honestly, honestly for the
portable teeth whitening kit, which I am so thrilled by and I have never thought about all times that I’ve needed to whiten my teeth while I was stranded on
the side of the road. Thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you next time.

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