Unboxing the Must Have Items That Fuel Cubs The Poet’s Creativity

Hi, everyone. Thank you so much for
watching this week’s episode of Tools of the Trade. My name is, oh, my god. (laughs) Sorry, my eyes just shut on me. Did I mention I got LASIK? And if Cubs The Poet were here, I’d probably ask him to write me a poem about seeing without seeing. So, wow. (laughs) What does this do? Can you say why this is in here? Everyone loves Smartfood Popcorn. (bag crinkles) Oh, do you see that? He really, you are so (beep) out of luck if you think you’re gonna get
chocolate-covered almonds. You cannot have those. (upbeat jazz music) (dog barks) (bell rings) Hi, everyone. Thank you so much for
watching this week’s episode of Tools of the Trade. My name is Jonathan. This beautiful angel is Noodle and this is the Cubs the Poet box. For those of you who don’t know, Cubs the Poet is a man that we featured in our Icons of Our Tribe series. He is a modern-day wordsmith and a poet who works on
the streets of New Orleans. – My door is peephole, peep-soul, secretly slipping by in the shadow. – [Jonathan] So what he does is, for five hours every
day from 11:00 to 4:00 on his vintage typewriter,
he writes five poems, custom poems for individuals who walk by and he consults with them first. He’ll say, “Do you want
a poem about love?” And he feels that poetry, it’s such an important art form, that it’s such an important
way to express yourself. There isn’t a ton of
exposure to it, right? It’s not necessarily a lost art form, but it’s something that people certainly haven’t prioritized. A lot of people don’t study
it as much they used to. Now, we’re gonna get in the box. Okay, oh, my god. Oh, my god, okay. So the first item we have in this box is what looks like a photo
of himself working. So this is a framed photo of Cubs the Poet on his vintage typewriter. (upbeat jazz music) This item is a portrait that was done by another local artist named Jose Cotto. And what he does is, he
takes portraits of people, but he has them close their eyes first and think of a memory. And then once they open
their eyes, he snaps a photo. So he takes a really
special moment for someone that they wouldn’t not
necessarily be present for, and he makes it a memory for them. For me, what it does is it lets me, it gives me a little more information into Cubs himself and who he is and how not only his process works, but how he loves to learn about other people’s artistic processes. And he likes to sort
of help facilitate them and help to observe their work. And I also think that this speaks a lot about the New Orleans
art community, right? There’s a lot of people there who are all trying to make an impact, or are all tryin’ to sort of GoDaddy phrase, “Make their own way,” and just really do their
own thing and make a mark. And I think it’s safe to
say that this man did it. So, you know, kudos, Cubs. This is a really nice, beautiful portrait. And he’s at his typewriter,
which we love to see. The next item we have in
the Cubs the Poet box is, (bags crinkling) (laughs) Sort of a bevy of Smartfood Popcorn and Cajun Dill Gator-Tators. (upbeat jazz music) So I am actually quite
thrilled to see it in here because I love snacks. And, in particular, I love these snacks. I am at, my achilles is
white cheddar popcorn. I have eaten bags of this to my face. And I think this. (laughs) I also love these ’cause
these are regional, right? This is just because everyone
loves Smartfood Popcorn. (upbeat jazz music) He gets a treat. Oh, my God, where’d it go? I still have one left over. I still have one left over, so he got one. Look at that. He gave me paw and he gets
a reward. He’s so smart. Cajun Dill Gator-Tators. Kind of makes me think Louisiana, right? I’m there, it’s transported me. I’ve got the Cajun, I’ve got gators, and I’m like, okay, there’s only one place
you can be for that. I can imagine this might be
nice to have on the go, right? Cubs is always setting up
around different places in the city to do his poetry
and to meet new people and to write poems for them. So this is something that I
can see being very portable. And I also bet he just loves it. Wait, okay, there’s, hold on. There’s, and you have to stay
very far away from these. So on top of his,
(laughs) this guy’s great. He knows how to live. So on top of Smartfood Popcorn
and his Cajun Dill Chips, he also said that he
needs a really fancy bag of milk chocolate-covered almonds, which came in sort of a Tiffany blue box and had the same impact of
finding a diamond inside. So this is, (bag crinkles) sort of the holy trinity of snacking, I think it’s safe to say. You’ve got your sweet,
you’ve got your savory, you’ve got your fat, you’ve got your nut. (bag crinkles) You’ve got your sort of briny, sort of pickle flavor. What more could you want? A salad? Oh, do you see that? He really, you are so (beep) out of luck if you think you’re gonna get
chocolate-covered almonds. You cannot have those. Okay, the next item we’ve
got in the Cubs the Poet box is, ooh, “Ralph Waldo
Emerson on Self Reliance.” (upbeat jazz music) Cubs loves this because
Ralph Waldo Emerson is one of the people that
inspired him to do what he does. It’s a meditation on self reliance, and Noodle is not self reliant. Noodle, you could really
use with reading this book. I think you need to learn a thing or two about being able to rely
on yourself for things. And what’s great about this, obviously, whether you are a poet
or a creative of any kind or just your own sort of business owner, I’ll scratch you, how’s that sound? I’ll scratch your gams. Yeah, we’ll do that. You’re gonna wanna be self reliant or at least you’re gonna wanna know how to take care of yourself
and your own business. So if you are a business owner or anyone who just wants to
go out and start something, start creating, this could be
a really useful tool for you especially if you find
yourself going back to it and finding pieces in here
that are inspirational and help you at least stay
a little more grounded. And, okay, this is what I wanna do and this is how I’m gonna get there. Okay. The next item we have in
the Cubs the Poet box is burner and 20 bricks of, oh, it’s incense. (upbeat jazz music) I have a ton of incense around my home. I love having this around. I can imagine that he lights
this when he’s writing. This might be something
to help set the mood, something that might help him
get into a creative mindset. There’s something very
ritualistic about going home, taking off your coat, and then just lighting a stick of incense and letting it burn. And just being like,
well, A, I’m not leaving while this is still burning. And, by the time it’s done, there’s gonna be sort of a whole new aroma and kind of vibe in my apartment. So I think this is an incredible addition, and whoever gets this
is a lucky, lucky dog. The next item we have in
the Cubs the Poet box is, it looks like a dehydrated flower. It’s certainly a dehydrated flower. Is this a poem? Did he write something? Nope. It says it’s from The Almond People. Okay, so this isn’t an item really, but it is and you’re gonna get it. I’m gonna write a little message in here. And it’ll be (laughs), it’ll
come in the little box. So Noodle and I will do that. Oh, you want me to do it right now? Thank you so much. Yeah, I’m gonna write
my message right now. I’m not gonna try and write a poem, ’cause Cubs is the one who does that. I do, however, have a pension for haikus. (upbeat jazz music) The dog on my right
has a very yeasty face, someone come help me. Cubs, if you ever need an assistant. Okay, (laughs) that was not
an item but that was a thrill. Okay, the final item we
have in the Cubs he Poet box looks like two vinyl, ooh, ooh, records. (upbeat jazz music) We’ve got, oh, we’ve got Solange. We’ve got “True.” We’ve got Solange. What great taste you
have, Cubs the Savant. Okay, so we’ve got “True,”
which is delightful. And we have, oh, Tank and the Bangas, “Green Balloon.” Oh, my God, these are, Cubs, I can imagine, now I’m sitting here thinking this man’s writing his poetry, he’s got his typewriter with him. He’s got his incense burning. He’s nomin’ on some really fancy almonds. He’s contemplating the thoughtful
poem they put on the card. And he’s playing some Solange. Come on. I bet this is a combination
of things that he has to get him in a creative mindset. Okay, that’s it! Oh, my god, that’s everything. That’s everything that was in this box. I am so grateful that he took the time to curate this for us. Thank you so much. And thank you so much for watching. I hope you were inspired by
the items that were in here. I know I was. I’m kinda hungry now. One of those bags of Smartfood
might come home with me. I didn’t do a solid count, so you’ll never know if one’s missing. But there’s everything
in here, I think, again, it really spoke to who he was as both a person, as an
artist and as an entrepreneur. So if you loved the items
that you saw in today’s box, you can win them. All you have to do is
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when a new video like this, or another one, goes live. On behalf of myself, on behalf of Noodle and his perfect little tongue. Do you see that? It’s just sticking out of his face. Thank you so much for watching and we will see you next time. (upbeat jazz music) (dog barks) (bell rings)

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