United Airlines Flight Attendant Kills DOG On Flight

A family is mourning the loss of their dog
who died after a united airlines flight attendant forced them to put him in an overhead bin. More on this today on IO. Welcome back to IO, I’m Charlotte Dobre. The internet is outraged over a story about
a French bulldog named kokito, who tragically died as a result of a flight attendants poor
decision making. Instead of letting kokito sit under the seat,
the flight attendant insisted kokito be put in the overhead compartment. The Family who owned the dog has finally spoken
out about the incident. 11 year old Sophia Ceballos told good morning
America that kokito was a member of their family. Sophia got Kokito for her birthday. She was on the flight with her mother Catalina
Robledo and her two month old brother. They were coming back to New York from Houston
Texas, and brought kokito on the flight. The family was planning on placing kokito,
who was in a TSA Approved, soft sided carrier bag, under the seat in front, but the flight
attendant insisted the bag be put in the overhead bin. The bag was partially blocking an isle. Despite the mother pleading with the flight
attendant, as well as sophie shouting, it’s a dog it’s a dog, the flight attendant said
‘it doesnt matter, you have to put it up there. The flight attendant later claimed she had
no idea there was a dog in the bag. Kokito was barking throughout the 4 hour flight,
during which there was quite a bit of turbulence. Still the cabin crew ignored the dog. When the flight landed, kokito wasn’t moving. Catalina shouted, Kokito, wake up wake up,
as she and Sophia burst into tears. Other passengers stood in shock. At the time of this recording, the exact cause
of death is unknown. United Airlines has taken full responsibility
for the incident, saying that pets should never be placed in an overhead bin. The price of the tickets were refunded, as
well as the $200 that the family paid to bring kokito aboard the flight. They declined to share the identity of the
flight attendant who made the fatal decision to stuff kokito in an overhead bin. With the way this flight attendant treated
this dog, its no wonder United airlines had the highest number of recorded pet deaths
last year. 18 animals were killed in 2017, and 13 injured. On behalf of IO, our hearts go out to this
family over the loss of their family dog. This should not have happened. And if a flight attendant ever tells you to
put your dog in an overhead compartment, refuse. That is all for this video, if you would like
to continue watching IO, check out our playlist See ya.

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100 Responses

  1. Video Maker says:


  2. Chris Soto says:

    Put the dog in a over head? I don’t know anything about the rules about having a pet on a flight, but I thought you had to have them with the luggage in the back of the plane? Like in a dog cage or holder.

  3. Silver Wolf Productions says:

    First there was a guinea pig and now a dog has been murdered. What are you seriously up too airports and flight attendants?!

  4. Sami Seidl says:

    United is just the worst airline possible.

  5. Bonnie Lockwood says:

    what bad luck.

  6. Your Mom says:

    United strikes again.

  7. TheTruth Sirmadame says:

    Poor puppy… He died scared of asphyxiation and scared . This is horrible.

  8. Hood Hippie says:

    I wouldn't have done that my dog is to big to be put it there but still but if something were to happen to my dog because of the actions of someone else they would die

  9. The White Alpaca says:

    I just saw this on Inside Edition!

  10. batmanfanforever08 says:

    I'm just gonna use a different airline from now on. I will never fly with United Airlines.
    RIP poor doggie. Prayers and thoughts to the family.

  11. Rollo - M says:

    United airlines my fav eh be killing doggos dump them

  12. Hannah Renee’ says:

    This is screwed up! They need to fire that flight attendant and she should serve jail time, due to the fact that SHE insisted the dog go on the overhead compartment. SHE put him there. And SHE is obviously ignorant when it comes to common sense. It was obvious that the dog would die due to suffocation.

  13. FTR Motivated Gaming says:


  14. Jason Krane says:

    So between the Asian doctor and this how many customers does United intend on having still

  15. Isaih Vasquez says:

    A dog die no why couldn't it be a cat

  16. Ashley Maculit says:

    Ik who the girl is she goes to my school

  17. julia mount says:

    Go damnit United airlines

  18. Cm Punk says:

    united airlines good customer service again

  19. caitxo says:


  20. caitxo says:


  21. purple communist donkey says:

    United just wants some Ls because their name lacks them.

  22. rodel ibita says:

    replace the dog with the flight attendant…..just kidding

  23. Sasha Stokes says:

    first of all I would not of allowed them to put my dog up there. this whole thing is complete bullshit.

  24. Bob leroy says:

    She killed him Murder
    Lock her up. Boycott United

  25. Geeky Galaxy says:

    They say that to me I’m being like bish gimme the pilot

  26. Miranda Paige Deleidi says:

    Of course it’s United Airlines.

  27. DudDud ___ says:

    The world is getting worse and worse

  28. Amazed Doggo says:

    Thats why I never go on airplanes because I have a puppy And he's so young so I don't leave him alone

  29. Eric Kirby says:

    Disgusting United airline. Boycott again.

  30. Jessica Webber says:

    So sad

  31. King Night elf says:

    I want know how a dog is allowed on the plane where people sit

  32. Unklwigz says:


  33. Jake Carey says:

    The only one star airline is Air Koryo (a North Korean airline) United is worse much much worse then Air Koryo I have never been on United and I never will be

  34. Jake Carey says:

    The Flight attendant should die

  35. D Harrell says:


  36. Jake Carey says:

    R.I.P doggo

  37. ExtremeAutocorrectFails says:

    United Airlines is pretty much a meme now. How are they still in business? This is insane.

  38. Keeli Mccaul says:

    That’s actually disgusting. She said that she didn’t know that there was a dog in the bag but the daughter was telling the flight attendant that there was a dog in there and the dog was barking. Like are you deaf or something?

  39. SimsForever says:

    Just say no to them

  40. The Painter Daisy says:

    I've always hated their horrible service anyway. The flight attendents are always so rude! This is why I prefer Alaska Airlines above all. Their service is way kinder and I've never had a bad flight with them

  41. ultra baloney instinct says:

    I hope she goes to hell

  42. Mr. Ahegao says:

    $200.00 won't bring back the dog.

  43. Johni Ortiz says:

    If you believe a flight attendant knowingly stuffed a dog into an overhead bin then you are an idiot. There are so many questionable things about this story in regards to the pet owner. Also all pets are registered, so if the flight attendant didn’t know then it was probably because the pet owner was trying to get the dog onboard without paying the fee. Which would explain why she wouldn’t have told the flight attendant that there was a dog in the bag… i smell a scam or a really stupid pet owner. The flight attendant was just doing his or her job

  44. KittyKabootlez 007 says:

    U failed to blame the owners! I would tell the dumb flight attendant I'm putting my dog up there I want a manager! It's common sense. I don't believe there was any real force of putting the dog up there. What was she gonna do if they refused to put the dog up there? Kick em off the plane? So fuckin what! I'd rather be thrown off than to put my pets life at risk! Cuz idc no one will ever make me put my pet up there. The owner n flight attendant are to blame ! It's called common sense! Most likely this is how it happened . They brought their dog n the flight attendant told them to put the bag in the overhead bend n they didn't even disagree. N then after the fact they were getting worried when it stopped barking n wanted to check on it but the flight attendant said no there was turbulance n then by the time the flight was over the dog was dead all cuz of those dumb people the Owner n flight attendant. I'm not gonna attack a kid but it was also on her too cuz she should have spoke up n made a bigger scene. So three people have a dogs death on their hands congrats morons! I think the airline's should b sued n some charges b issued! Cuz if this was a Home issue the owners would b held responsible n the abuser would go to jail

  45. William says:

    I’m going to cry, this is so horrible they should sue

  46. Kirsti Swanson says:

    I am crying. Poor dog. The flight attendant should be fired

  47. CG_Plays says:

    Punch him/her

  48. Ok peace says:

    The owner needs to sue the airline to make them pay it's time for United Airlines to stop thinking they can believe their passenger it's time to them to start caring about their passengers and taking responsibility for their actions I would so so if it was my dog I would so make them pay big-time

  49. Ok peace says:

    Everybody needs to stop Flying on United Airlines ever never fly on with them again they're animal killers they killed that puppy

  50. Angela Nebedum says:

    I remember back when I was a kid hearing on the news that an entire LITTER of puppies was allowed to die on the plane they were being transported on. The puppies were being transported by their breeder/handler somewhere to meet their future owners, and they were being kept down in the planes cargo hold.

    Supposedly there was some kind of malfunction down there with the planes heating/cooling system that would put the puppies lives in danger unless they STOPPED the plane and turned back or land in the closest airport to get the puppies out and take the time to fix the malfunction.

    Problem was, the flight crew let the passengers VOTE on whether to stop the flight and go to the nearest airport, OR continue on to their destination which was to some tropical vacation spot. Since the malfunction wasn't going to affect the passenger side of the plane, and despite the begging and tearful pleading of the breeder/handler when they heard that their puppies might be in danger, a majority of the passengers all voted to keep going, because none of them were willing to put off their trip for what was going on in the cargo hold, especially not even for the lives of the puppies or any other animals who were down there.

    By the time they reached their destination and unloaded the cargo hold, the puppies were all dead thanks to a bunch of selfish humans. I hope the breeder INCLUDING whoever it was the breeder was taking the puppies to SUED that airline.

  51. Aperture Laboratories says:

    Classic United.

  52. Family channel says:

    😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡 that's stupid they should report there ass

  53. non Username says:

    I hate dog

  54. The UFB says:

    What's next? A baby?!

  55. JC Bronson says:

    They hurted a doctor then suffocated a doggy😲what's going to happen to meh😨…hiss*🐈

  56. Trang Huynh says:

    I was born in New York and I own two French bulldogs

  57. Don’t touch My Jin! says:


  58. Olivia Pinault says:

    Should I be going on United airlines in may to orlando

  59. Daniel de santos says:


  60. The BronyCrafters says:

    They paid 200 dollars more to keep the dog with them on board. And they still was forced. Comon

  61. hilshfjfotot Yu says:


  62. Blue Vortex says:

    The poor animal died a dog's death!

  63. Jotaro Kujo says:

    Did the flight attendant get fired

  64. Surge Astro says:

    When I go to vacation I have a French bull dog so the flight ppl better not tell me to put him in the overhead bin or I will smack them.😡

  65. Romeo Brown says:

    I’m sorry but I blame both the people who own the dog and the person who told them to put the dog in the over bin. Now here is why I blame both people. I blame the dog own for putting the dog in the over bin because the dog owner could have said NO point blank. So what if they may have been kick off the plan at lease the dog would have been alive. I blame the flight attendant for telling them to put the dog in the over bin. Here is why both are at fault the flight attendant force them to put the dog in the over bin right. Now CORRECT ME IF IM WRONG BUT THE DEFINITION OF “FOUCE” IS WHEN A PERSON PHYSICALLY MAKES ANOTHER PEROSN DO SOMETHING AGAINST THIER WILL. There for the dog owner shouldn’t have NEVER PUT THE DOG IN THE OVER BIN. I BLAME BOTH DOG OWNER AND THE FLIGHT ATTENDANT.

  66. W K says:

    United seems to have the highest % of problems with pet handling. Now it's biting them in the ass. The only solution is well trained employees & zero tolerance for failure to follow policy. Also passengers need to forcefully bring any real & obvious violation to the attention of the FLIGHT CREW, not the flight attendants, ask to speak to the flight crew, they must comply. People should understand that attendants & regular ground personnel are not FAA Airmen. Only the pilots; engineer; & aircraft mechanics are AIRMEN, & have substantial training. Flight attendants are trained for safety & evacuation, & to smile. Flight attendants do NOT go through YEARS of training like Airmen do.

  67. Ryan James says:

    They kill pets all the time.

  68. Snap Dap says:

    Oscar Munoz runs this nightmare of a company, he's an piece of work. It's his policies at work. Tu hese people are total militants in the air, you don't want to fly on that airline trust me.

  69. Florence Rolfe says:

    I'm crying so hard right now

  70. I Missed Your Joke, Didn't I? says:

    Humans are beginning to be so stupid and brain-dead these days.

  71. fev man says:

    if i were them that attendant better be wearing something bullet proof

  72. Mocha Mochi says:

    I'm so sorry for the family.Im also sorry any other people,couples or family's who have lost a pet on board a flight or just in general.I feel so bad for them I wanna stuff that flight attendant in an over head bin.

  73. killian coscoran says:

    United airlines is getting a bad name for its self

  74. Pingu says:


  75. TheFatKidFromUp says:

    I hope United gets sued the ABSOLUTE HELL out of eventually, I would take American over United anyday

  76. TheFatKidFromUp says:

    “Me had no idea der was a puppy in there, A DER!!” Reveal you identity, cause there is gonna be a lawsuit coming your way

  77. Francesca Colby says:

    One get rid of united. 2. WHY WOULD THEY LISTEN TO THE LADY? They should of just not listened because it’s illegal to do this

  78. Hunter Holif says:

    That flight attendant should be killed

  79. Manuel Sanchez Sanchez says:


  80. doug bull says:

    I'd so sue please sue this is a fkn outrage take everything you can from this airline

  81. doug bull says:

    paid for you flight and price of the dog hell no this is a case of cruelty to animals

  82. Artistram3d1 says:

    they literally said u could bring your puppy

  83. Midnight says:

    United airlines=🖕to you

  84. Off The Air says:

    Thank you for wording the headline correctly. so many "journalists" tend to call it an accident or even blame the family for not putting the dog under the seat or for not expressing clrear enough that the "bag" slightly obscuring the aisle was a pet carrier with a live animal in it. Other passengers came forward that the flight attendant for told adamantly by the family that there was a dog in there. The family claims they were assured of the dog's safety. That flight attendant accidentally killed their dog, and then lied about not knowing there was a dog.

  85. Hey It's Morgan says:

    The flight attendant needs serious help.

  86. Moon Owhles says:

    That flight attendant should be put to death and tortured.
    In all seriousness, that person should be fired on the spot.

  87. Atharva Toskar says:

    why there is no charges of animal cruelty against United Airlines Flight Attendant?

  88. Jason Learakos says:

    Who wants to take Amtrak now?

  89. United Kingdom says:

    Sue 999,999,999 dollars

  90. John The Junkie says:


  91. Sheriff Scout says:

    I hate United airlines! They deserve to be sued by the federal government. If this actually happens then they are screwed.

  92. oncetober says:

    That person should get fired! That is like making a baby getting put in the top and die!

  93. oncetober says:

    Him- Just put it in the top-
    Me- What did you say to me? You might wanna go away before I make you go up there.

  94. MSP Bubblescent says:


  95. Random Human says:


  96. Proxy’v Lor says:


  97. Wolfy De queen says:


  98. Full OfFood says:

    I dIdN't kNoW tHaT ThErE wAs a dOg tHeRe

  99. Heather Feather says:

    When are flight attendants suddenly endowed with such authority??? If United wants to claim that such incidents are inconsistent with their policies (which travellers rely upon) maybe they should remind their flight attendants that they don't have any individual power.

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