“Unwanted” dog becomes hero at Corbin clinic

(angela) BUT TODAY … HE IS SAVING LIVES. I HAD THE CHANCE TO MEET THE DOG THAT WAS ONCE “UNWANTED.” (pkg) NATS MEET RASCAL. THIS SIX-YEAR-OLD GREAT DANE-LAB MIX … IS MAKING HIS ROUNDS AT THE CORBIN ANIMAL CLINIC. (sot up full) REBECCA BRYANT – RASCAL’S OWNER – 18:19:06 – :18 I feel like he gives the animals a peace of mind. When he walks around and sniffs cages, they will sniff back and wag their tails sometimes. It’s kind of like he’s saying, it’s OK, you’re fine. I’ve been here for years. REBECCA BRYANT FOUND RASCAL WHEN HE WAS JUST A PUPPY. SHE SAYS SHE WILL NEVER FORGET THAT SNOWY DAY. (sot up full) REBECCA BRYANT – RASCAL’S OWNER – 18:15:29 – :37 – He came out of a bail of hay and he was barking. He ran up to me like he had known me forever and jumped into my arms. THIS ONCE “UNWANTED” PUPPY IS NOW A “WANTED” DOG. RASCAL SAVES LIVES THROUGH BLOOD DONATION. HE HAS GIVEN MORE THAN 80 BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS. (sot up full) GARY HAMLIN – VET – 18:30:44 – :58 We probably see a pet that needs a blood transfusion every month or so on average. When they need them, they need them bad. BRYANT SAYS SHE ALWAYS KNEW RASCAL WAS SOMETHING SPECIAL. SHE SAYS HIS STORY TEACHES AN IMPORTANT LESSON. (sot up full) REBECCA BRYANT – RASCAL’S OWNER – 18:18:40 – :50 – I believe it makes everybody kind of look and give their animals a second thought or a second chance. Just because it starts out as a puppy that no one wants, doesn’t mean it can’t turn into something everybody needs. A GENTLE GIANT WHO IS KNOWN AS MORE THAN A COMPANION … BUT A HERO. NATS: GOOD BOY VERY GOOD. (angela) THE VET TOLD ME RASCAL CAN SAFELY GIVE BLOOD EVERY FOUR TO SIX WEEKS. THEY SAY BECAUSE HE IS SO BIG AND WELL-BEHAVED … HE IS THE PERFECT DONOR. (steve) A FLOYD COUNTY PHOTOGRAPHER GOT THE CHANCE TO TAKE SOME PICTURES

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