urineFREE: Removing Urine in Synthetic Grass

– Synthetic grass is a great alternative to natural grass, particularly
with our hot climate. There’s no need for watering, no mowing, and it always looks lush and green. However, if you do have synthetic turf and a pet that uses the lawn, you may have come across the problem of getting rid of urine odours, even after you’ve hosed the area down. One of the reasons
urine on synthetic grass smells stronger than on regular grass is simply heat. Synthetic grass is made
of synthetic materials like plastic, which retain
the heat of direct sunlight. In fact, it can get six to 10 times hotter than regular plant grass. To understand why urine
is so difficult to remove, we need to be aware of how
synthetic grass is layered, and what happens to the urine
once your pet has visited. Synthetic grass is usually
built on crushed rock and sand, with small holes in the
material to allow for drainage. When urine comes in
contact, it may seep down through the grass and into the rock and sand layers underneath. When urine dries, it crystallizes, and it’s these uric acid crystals which remain under the grass
and are difficult to remove. As soon as there’s a
bit of heat or humidity, these uric acid crystals,
which are the main source of the urine smell, activate
and release the urine odor. Detergents or water
alone will not break down these non-soluble uric acid crystals, and they will remain, as will the odour. Only a bio-enzymatic
formulation found in Urine Free will remove these crystals for good. If your pet is going to
revisit a lawn continually, then complete routine
removal can get costly. Backyard Fresh, a high-performance, safe, odour eliminator, can be a
cost-effective alternative. Although this product
won’t permanently remove urine deposits like Urine Free, it will provide instant, temporary relief to the smelliest outdoor areas. Backyard Fresh will leave
your synthetic grass smelling fresh and clean in
between Urine Free treatments. For more information
about our product range, directions on how to use,
or where you can purchase Urine Free, please visit our website. Urine Free. The only urine odor and stain
remover you’ll ever need.

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