Vet Workshop | General Info About Umbilical Hernias and Treatment for Puppies, Dogs and Cats

I’m Dr. Clayton Greenway with One of the things we see in puppies that’s very common is umbilical hernias. What this is it’s a genetic defect that cats and dogs will have when they’re born and what happens is the muscle layer that closes the abdomen doesn’t fully close over the belly button or where the umbilicus went into the abdomen during gestation. So what you’ll see is a little lump on her belly sometimes it’s quite small and you’ll only be able to feel it and not see it that well. This is a defect that over time and with activity, it could get larger and so we want to correct this surgically when we spay or neuter your dog or cat. The lump will typically be abdominal fat that is coming down through that hole in the muscle, however, some hernias can be big enough that you might have abdominal organs or a piece of intestine come down into that area as well. This can get quite dangerous if a piece of intestine where to get entrapped in that area and twist it could restrict blood flow and could have major damage to intestine and make your dog or cat very ill. So the first opportunity to perform an anesthesia is when we spay or neuter them and that’s our opportunity to correct it. It’s usually an additional service that’s added on to that procedure price and it’s an umbilical hernia repair. You want to talk to your veterinarian about that cost and the issues related to correcting it and it healing. You can find out more here at

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  1. Keyonna Berry says:

    i always wanted to know where my cat novel at

  2. Johanna Warkentin says:

    My dog is 7 or 8 and she has a bump in the same place the puppy in the video did so should I get that's checked out ???

  3. Thover says:

    My dog had a hernia

  4. Raptor Boi says:

    My toy poodle puppy is nearly 1 in a few days and usually just developed the same thing. I am going to take him to the vet tomorrow, and I am very nervous if something happens over night or if it is bad. I hope nothing bad happens because I was crying so much and I love my puppy so much 😭😭

  5. Hyper Meat slap says:

    Dog tongue big big

  6. Evee stone says:

    My Berner puppy has a hernia

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