Vintage Revival Fashions – 1950s Clothes, Poodle Skirts

Greetings, all you Vintage Fans! Heidi here,
with another quick video about the fascinating world of retro clothing, vintage fashion,
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the bell to be notified of the next upload! Poodle skirts were an icon of 1950s clothing,
but the fashion designers delved much deeper than an iron-on dog. Since women are the subject of most fashion
and diversity, they’re a great first stop. The aforementioned poodle skirts were just
one installment of the new style of skirts. After World War II, the styles slimmed down,
creating a more natural silhouette of the body. The poodle skirts and other styles were
knee-high or longer, since showing leg was considered too racy for sophisticated women,
and they tended to be full and round. The pencil skirt was introduced in this period,
but tended to be overlooked. Wide belts over the waistline were popular as well because
they made the midriff look smaller. The shirts and jackets were fitted, even around
the shoulders, and the dresses were loose-fitting and hung over the body very freely. Heels
were higher than previous decades, and gloves were a popular accessory for women of all
ages. For men, think the 1955 movie Guys and Dolls,
starring Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando. Their fashions were right on, since the movie
was filmed with a “modern” setting to reflect the current time period.
Men were the breadwinners, and they spent most of their waking hours in suits. Plain
colors were virtually the only choices they had (charcoal, black, dark blue), and the
suits didn’t have much variety to them. A fedora was the hat of choice for businessmen,
and no suit or dressy look was complete without one.
There was a more casual look for boys and younger men. A cardigan sweater was the look
seen around most schools; the letterman sweaters seen in movies were accurately portrayed.
Shirts didn’t need to be tucked in during a casual setting, and some men opted for the
“cowboy” style of shirt instead of the classic plaid button-down.
The clothes of the 1950’s have made up one of the most reproduced looks ever. The styles
have been immortalized in numerous movies, and have even made a few comebacks in retro
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