Violent attack on Husky – who is responsible ?

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46 Responses

  1. Miss Ganga says:

    So sad😔

  2. Rakesh Kumar says:

    This incident is very heart wrenching.

  3. Krishan Bishnoi says:

    So sad … Get well soon hachi

  4. Abhishek Pinjarkar says:

    Get well soon hatchi

  5. Abhishek Pinjarkar says:

    Jisne bhi hatchi ko marra wo khud issi taraha tadpega

  6. Vicky Singh says:

    Get well soon hatchi😪

  7. Meena Kumari says:

    Jisne bi kiyan hai usko god maf nahi karega

  8. k Bisht says:

    लव भाई इस बेजुबान को मार ने वाले को ईश्वर माफ नही करेगा

  9. Sanjeev Babbar Guitar Teacher says:

    Shocking incident

  10. dimple mantri says:

    So bad for something like this to happen to an innocent animal.I hope Hachi recovers soon.Whoever did this is a monster.


    dont worry dear…he will be alright. 🙂

  12. Arya's Blogs says:

    Pity for Hachi.Get well soon Hachi

  13. kiran Puri says:

    Get well soon cute hachi

  14. Kiddos tv says:

    I too have a husky puppy and I know how it feels 😭😭😭 GBH

  15. Anu Nekkalapu says:

    Poor hachi who ever did this is a stupid monster

  16. Indu Deepak says:

    I feel sorry for hachi.😥😭because even i have a beautiful dog just like him. But i assure that the person who did that to hachi,
    Will suffer his/her whole life and will die in pain

  17. chal vat says:

    Aab kaisa hai bhai

  18. Subhajit Das says:

    Abhi hachi kaisa hai bro???

  19. SOUMI BAKSI says:

    God bless you hachi 🙏🙏🙏

  20. Shivam Thakur says:

    I am not surprised not at all

  21. Siddharth Gupta says:

    Aise log ko pagad ke marna chaiye jo pets logg ko marte

  22. kunal verma says:

    get well soon husky ♥️♥️♥️
    jissney bhi ye kaaam kiya…..uspe law of karma lagega

  23. Arjun Sharma says:

    Maa chod do uski .. bosdike madarcod. …kitna harami hoga…..usko bhi saale esi hi maro Bhai I am with u…

  24. barbie doll says:

    Behenchod vo insaan marega Kyu ki jo janwaro ko marta hai vo jldi marta hai

  25. Prachi Bisht says:

    Haiwan hi h jisne yeh kiya h😤 inka hisab god hi krta h.. Plz take care of hachi in fact urs too.. I can totally understand how devastating n furious u n ur fam must be right now. 😔 Don't worry what goes around comes around.. That person will suffer too whoever showed such brutality towards a pure innocent soul..Sala narak ki aag m jalega dekhna

  26. Raghav Sharma says:

    Kabar pe naam nahi likhwaya ab to use jinda hi gaad denge dharti me….ab kutte ki maut wo marega…generally dont want to spoil your comment box sorry…but I wud also not spare him for doing that….

  27. Nishidev Akoijam says:

    Sorry for my comment.This was not for friendly I think he must attack to a thief that's why…

  28. Payel Kumari says:

    Bhut dukh hua mujhe to

  29. Mani Sheoran says:

    love u hachi

  30. Nikita Sanklecha says:

    Please take care of hachi he is soo sweet and give him the 2× love from me also

  31. Billy The Bunny says:

    Hachi get well soon dear.

  32. barbie doll says:

    Uttrakhand pas me hi hai or jis object se mara hai vo bhi hai pata lagao usse bhi hurt krege

  33. Utkarsh Kumar Singh says:

    Jisne bhi aisa kiya uss kutte ke sath bhi bhagwan aisa kare!!

  34. simas kumar says:

    Apni dushmani nikalne ke liye iss bezubaan ko kyun mara sala chutiya

  35. irfan afridi says:

    Jisne ah kam Kia hai ose jiban me kabi santi nasib nahi hogi

  36. Dari Shabong says:

    Get well soon my cute hachi god bless u dear

  37. Guglu Ghosh says:

    Who the hell is he, such an act against this beautiful animal is heart breaking,😭😭, who ever did this should not be spared.i can understand how it feels being speechless 😓😓.the person who did this to HACHI should be treated the same as he did to HACHI

  38. HYP3RTRITON says:

    It was not an animal bcuz animal only attack on the neck

  39. venus the smart gsd says:

    Sir pls dont leave him alone anywhere.. There is no dangerous animal as human… Pls sir…

  40. Pro Gamer says:

    feeling sad

  41. Ishan Gour says:

    I am also a pet lover

  42. Aman Rajput says:

    Or y uske liye bhi hai jo kisi be juban ko mjak masti ke liye presan krte hai

  43. Aman Rajput says:

    Insan se jada bejuban vfadar hota hai bhaiya sorry ghao dekh kr gussa agya

  44. Kanchan Darmwal says:

    Get well soon hachi 😚😚
    Love u 😍

  45. Rajesh Gupta says:

    That guy who hurted hachi he is a phylogenetic

  46. Atlas Lion says:

    😨😨😨Thats crazy.get better.😡😡🤬🤬🤬Screw the people or wild animal that did this.

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