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Hey, can’t you get the aroma from my tiffin? Not at all, but what do you have in your tiffin? Today my mummy has given me something very special. What is it? Its potato breads and pickle of raw mangoes. Potato breads and pickle of raw mangoes!! Thanks Bunty, your mom cooks yummy food. I enjoyed it. You ate all my tiffin, I will never forgive you. Sir, Gintu ate my tiffin. Was it anything special, that you got today. Yes sir, my mummy had given potato breads. Gintu, you stop coming here. You are not a student of this school. If you want to meet Vir, then meet him outside the school gate. I shouldn’t see you next time in the school, now get out. Gintu, go away and never come here. Mr Kakkad, we need a temporary teacher for some days. I have an idea, now let me see, who stops me from coming here and keep me away from Vir. I will come to school, not as a student but as a teacher. haha!! Agadam bagadam aalam phaalam ikadam tikadam dum dumadum. Sir, I am a teacher. My name is Hardayal Sharma. Can I get a job? Ok. Mr.Sharma, show me your degree certificates. One minute, I will show you how much degree temperature I have. What are you doing? I meant your educational qualification. Like someone has a degree of a Doctor, Engineer, Pilot etc Everyone has their degrees respectively. I am asking you about your work experience and degree. Oh! My degrees, yes. Here they are. You are a Doctor, Engineer and Pilot? Oh! You are also a scientist? Businessman from America. Painter, Artist, Singer, Actor? You are so talented then why do you want to be teacher? Because I love eating. Oh! I mean teaching. Haha!! So then you are rewarded with this job right away. Let me introduce you to the students and rest of the teachers. Children this is your new temporary teacher. Mr Sharma you can meet other teachers during the lunch break. Ok sir. Hey, he looks like Gintu. Yes, I feel the same, we can’t trust Gintu at all.He can do anything, to be with you. Ok children, tell me your names. Sir!! Leave it, what is the use of asking your names, I am a temporary teacher. I won’t remember them. Tell me, who is the smart student in the class? Leave it, ok tell who is the most intelligent student in the class? Leave it , you are a temporary teacher , what is the use of knowing it. Sir its Vir, the one sitting next to me. Vir, why didn’t you stood up? Because I don’t like to praise myself. Very good, but now stand up, because I am saying it. Will you have it? This arrow got reversed, hahaha!!! Bunty, I will teach you a lesson. Hey you what is your name? Bunty. And yours, the one who was laughing, what is your name? Keki, Feki. You all stand up on the bench. But why sir? Because, in school phone is not allowed, and you all have phone in your pockets. No sir we don’t have any phone in our pockets. Look into the pockets. Sir this isn’t ours He is Gintu for sure. Wait I will show him. What are you doing here Gintu? Go back. Who Gintu? What are you talking about? Sorry sir, I was about to say something else. What time is the lunch break? When the bell rings sir. Sir joining us to have some snacks? Come on, come lets go. I don’t eat snacks, out you may go now. Vir , you can’t catch me, I will never allow you to find out that I am Gintu. I will catch you Gintu. New teacher Mr. Sharma, I am Mrs.Sengupta. You don’t seem to have degrees in doctor, engineer, pilot etc. I too can’t believe it. Sir, you didn’t get your tiffin? No. No problem, you can have my tiifin. Yes have little from every one’s tiffin. Have it sir. Thank you very much. You are welcome! Till the time I am in this school, I will have your tiffin’s every day. So that you don’t feel bad. Don’t think that, just because I have so many degrees, I will boss over you all. I will be a good friend with you all. This teacher is Gintu. I am too sure but how do we prove it? He has magic. To handle the magic spell, we need to do the magic, I will be back. Grandpa Jinn, come fast. What is the matter Vir? Gintu is very stubborn, he won’t stop it, if I say. What to do? I have a plan, I need your help. Ok, I am ready. Haha!! Now Gintu will be normal. I will be invisible and watch you, this is gonna be fun. Imli you hide, come out after sometime. Daddy!! What dad? Who is your dad? Who are you? Dad you forgot me. Oh brother, I don’t have any son. Who are you? Oh dear, why are you making our child cry? No I don’t have any wife nor child, I am going. Hey sir, what are you doing? Domestic fights happen everywhere, but you can’t disown the family. What a sweet child you have, the child looks so similar to you. still you are lying, Sharma sir have some shame. Dad give me a kiss. You will get a slap from me, go away. I think you won’t agree. Sir Gintu is my friend, don’t do this to him. I too didn’t know that you are his father, sir can I call you uncle? Yes of course, call me unty. Vir he is not Gintu, it’s a disguise. This is Gintu. No not at all. If not then who is? I am Gintu. Oops! Sorry, ok Vir you win, I lose. If you are Gintu then who is he? Ok grandpa, so you are the one helping Vir. Sorry grandpa. Say sorry later, first get everyone’s memory lost. Haha!!

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