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Timbaktoon, you are useless. Everytime I send you to destroy Vir but each time you fail and come back. He is useless boss. Ok if I am useless then you go and finish Vir. Huh! Boss has never sent me to do that, Otherwise itís my left paws game to finish Vir. True. Why did i not think about this before? This time you will go and kill Vir with your paws. Meow boss, i was just kidding, you took it seriously boss… Yes, i am serious. I will apply this virus on your paws, And as soon as you will scratch Virís body with them, The virus will flow in his body and jam all the machines inside him. Cat Mona, all the best. Me and my big mouth… Meoww aaahhhhh Meow aahhh Whose there? Whose there? Vir, there is a cat here. Eyaahhhhhhhhhh What happen Chulbul? Why are you shouting so much? It was just a cat, seems like she ran away. Today nobody can save you from my paws Vir….. Mewnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Vir, save me, this cat is after me. Vir help me…. Meowwwwww ahh from where did this donkey come in my life? Aahhhh I am not able to defeat the donkey then how will i defeat Vir, Boss. Come on Gintu, letís play tip-cat today. Yeah, we haven’t played tip-cat since long. Meoowww… Ahh.. How many more beatings are left for me to take? Ill go and get the stick. Yeahh meowww… First let me deal with this donkey then I will see Vir. Yeahhh… such a big dog…. boss, i lost, boss… Boss, first that donkey harassed me and then a huge dog made me run. Boss, i couldn’t even reach close to Vir. Yeahhh, saw how difficult it is to kill Vir. What is this boss, you adopted another cat, that too like me. Donít do this boss. Timbaktoon has failed so many times but you didnít fire him then why are you firing me off. Ha ha ha ha. This is not a cat, it is a robot. The work which you couldnít do will be done by her. Yeahhhhhh.. its not a cat its a robot Ahhh…! Now it feels good. Vir, be careful. Robot suit on. Robot suit on. Ha ha ha ha, Vir this time nobody can save you. Cat Mona is my creation. She is programmed to kill the enemy. She will hunt you in the same way a cat hunts a rat bye bye Vir ha ha ha ha. My hands can also grow long not just yours. Vir, are you alright? Yes, i am all right but this robot cat is not. Timbaktoon boss if Timbaktoo was not able to defeat Vir what would Cat Mona do, Mona failed even her robot failed, every robot is useless in front of Vir the robot boy. Shut up!!!! Mad max is mad, very very mad, So what if one robot failed I have dozens of robots, Today right now I announce the robot was, Timbaktoo go find out where is vir. Today I will teach them a lesson. Bunty, you harass me every time. Take this. Vir Vir Vir Vir Vir piranha fishes have arrived in this lake. Look there. Ha ha ha Look, after seeing me everybody is running away. Robo suit on Robo boy suit on Ohhh!! Run Wow! The Piranhas are here? I need to inform boss. Bos Boss Help Help… Boss boss piranha piranha is here… What? Piranha in this lake? This is not possible. Piranha is there boss. It is there. Piranhas are responsible for this condition of mine. Oh Yes. This is really a Piranha. Let this Piranha stay in the lake and destroy everything. Vir will definitely come to save his people. But I will include my robotic Piranhas with the real Piranhas in the lake. And what will happen when Vir will come to rescue his people from the real Piranhas? Then, boss’s robotic Piranha will rescue Vir only. This is my robotic pirahana Now you see amazing work my robotic pirahana does. Yes, I’ve heard that Piranhas have entered our late. Come here, Ill show you something. This area which you can see is the place where Piranhas reside. Is it? Then why these Piranhas have come here? I guess, the area where they reside must be facing some difficulty and this is the reason why Piranhas have come here. What If we send the Piranhas back to their area by solving their problem then? Yes, we need to do that. Vir, this is dragging liquid. By pouring this into the river you can direct the Piranhas where you want to. Wow! My work is done then. Boss, be careful, the real Piranhas are also there. They are very dangerous. I know that, you fool. We just have to send this robotic Piranha into the lake. Now this lake will face detriment. Look, listen everybody be careful. Imli, Chulbul, you wait here. I will go and save that kid. Vir? There is something strange. This Piranha seems to look different from those Piranhas. X-ray vision on. Oh! So this is a robotic Piranha. This is definitely Mad Max’s trap. Whatís wrong with Vir? His data’s aren’t reacting. I will talk to him via talk back. Hello? Vir Vir are you okay? Dadaji, I am fine. There is a robotic Piranha between the real Piranhas. I guess, this is Mad Max’s plan. Yes, this is his plan only. I’m taking the real Piranhas in their own area. Later I will deal with the robotic Piranha. Drilling suit on. Drilling suit on. Ha ha ha ha! Ohh! Robo boy.. Vir Wow robot boy, you are great. No No, you are super great. You are genius boss super-duper genius She is right boss she is right. But why is she appreciating you so much, All your robots fail in front of Vir, even robot piranha failed. Robot war finished before it could start, and still Mona is appreciating you. Trust me boss you should stay from these flatterer Shut up useless person, My robot war has not come to an end, it has just started. Timbaktoon, this is a robot car. This will bring Vir here. Take this and leave it in front of Vir’s house, rest all the work will be done by her. Help vir helpp help Vir, what is happening? How did we get trapped inside? This is a robot car, it does all the work automatically. Mad max must have sent it, let me break the glass and then we can get out, you move behind aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Are you ok Vir? Yes, my laser beam will not work in this car, I need to ask grand pa This car has Phone jammer, I can’t call grand pa Vir, you are my guest now, I will look after you so well that you will remember this lifelong ha ha ha hahha Vir, how are we going to get out of this car? Wing suit on Wing suit on It is difficult to break the magnetic shield of this mountain; I have to take help of Grand pa This is an ultra-magnetic shield your laser beam will not break this. We have to think of something other way. Vir, look, this place has no magnetic shield, This looks like a drainage pipe which goes through the mountain to the opposite side, It is a dry pipe, it has no water, and you can go to the other side by this pipe. It will take long time to cross the tunnel. I will give you a new gadget to cross the tunnel All the best Vir Vir
Sliding wheel on Sliding wheel on Wing suit on Wing suit on Vir you have come, I knew you would come, I wasn’t scared Vir… Vir You move from here, don’t come in between Welcome Vir, welcome, I hope you did not have any problem to reach here, You have harassed me a lot. I want to teach a lesson so that you will never dare to harass anybody, if you can escape then go head and save yourself Vir Laser cutter on Laser cutter on Vir, why are you running? My energy is over after using the laser cutter, I need energy now, my battery is down. aaahhhhhhhh Imli Sorry Imli, I can’t get up now ha ha ha ha Vir this is you end Vir, Prem Shaay help Vir if you can Wing suit on Wing suit on No no Vir will not let you go, I will be back. Even my robot car failed, mad max is mad very very mad Boss boss you are afraid very very afraid, I feel you should end this robot war No!!! Never my robot war will not finish Vir before it ends Boss got the news that in Vir’s school some toy companies, Are keeping an exhibition to promote their toys, Boss do something like this that Vir cannot go to the exhibition. You have a big body with small mind, There is even more nice idea in my sharp brain. Listen you will open a toy shop there, These toys is for Vir, this will kill Vir, Imagine Vir dying in the hands of toys, ha ha ha ho ho ha. You are genius boss super-duper genius She is right boss, she is right Boss Vir has not yet come, what to do..? Leave all your robots behind the children, They will get scared and start screaming and wherever Vir is there he will come running, Eyaahh what is this..? Run Whose toys is this? Take care of it, stop them. Vir, run, over there robot toys are creating problems,they are firing laser beams, All the teachers and students have been locked in one room, run You go, I will just check it out.. Vir you wait, I will check, so small toys and creating big problem. I will just go and solve the problem. I think now I will have to go..Imli, Chulbul, you all stay here. Vir Thank you Imli, these toys are small but they are very dangerous, I will destroy them, you go and release other students and teachers. Robo boy suit on.. Where are the robot toys? Robot boy has come, so they have gone behind him, now no need to worry. Let’s start the competition. How are you Vir? These toys looks small, but when they hit it hurts, Ha ha ha ha bye bye They are small,but they are smart,I will have to bring them towards me. Magnetic rays on Magnetic rays on Thanks robot boy Thankyou Robo boy.. Where are those toys? Those toys are destroyed by the robot boy,till robot boy is there we don’t have any danger. Boss don’t be sad, you just wait one day Vir will be finished, Let’s go for a holiday on the mountains, There with chilled mind we will think how to finish Vir Till the time I don’t finish Vir I wont breathe in peace, And you are thinking about holidays, I have not given up yet, There are a lot of arrows in my quiver. There is a robot exhibition at Fursatganj,people from different countries will bring robots. Wow wow, Mad Max is glad very very glad What happened boss, suddenly what makes you happy? Fursatganj is having a robot exhibition, Dr Prem Sahay and his robot will come there for sure, You take this magnetic robot with you, As soon as Prem Sahays robot comes you give command to this robot. Look Vir, here there are so many wonderful robots Yes Imli, I am very happy to come here Vir, son look at the robots carefully and study their system, All this information comes handy some day Look there comes Prem Sahays robot in blue jacket, go catch him Vir vir Somebody stop that robot Leave him, leave Vir alone Imli leave his leg, leave him Vir Imli I am coming Vir help Imli I am coming, just few seconds more Magnetic rays on Magnetic rays on Come on, lets have the competition again. Vir there is fire inside, so many kids are inside First let me settle accounts with him, then I will save them Vir Stay away from me, stay away I am flying, now it’s your turn Ohh he is coming right over my head, boss help… My child is inside call fire brigade, fast Please someone helppp Now I have to removes those kids from fire. Fire suit on Imli you wait here I will get the kids. Donít worry I will save you all. Come along with me No no I wont go, I am scared Have courage, nothing will happen to you Mummy, help…help.. Vir when you help others I feel very happy, I feel that the purpose for which I made you is fulfilled Dadaji lets leave, fire is increasing Looks like Vir has fixed everything up Hey, thank you very much friend Thank you robo boyyyyyyyyyy Oh Chadda walks ahead in leaps and bounds. Oh Chadda walks ahead in leaps and bounds. If I give him two kicks from behind then maybe his leaps and bounds will be bigger. Help! Help!! Hey! Why have you grabbed me? Let me go! Those aliens want humans not a donkey!Leave me!Let me go!!Vir! If Mr.Chaddasleg had not got free from the net then those aliens would have taken me also! The lord above has saved me! Grandpa, can the aliens come back? Who knows I have switched on all my radars. If they even enter the air space of the earth, I will get to know. Ohhh they’re back!!! Run!!!! Imli, run from here quick. Ok I’ll get Vir Help! Save us!! Help!! Mummy!! Papa!! Stop! Stop!! Vir! Wing suit on! Wing suit on! Imli, you don’t worry we will save your mummy papa and the rest of the people. Grandpa, I’ll fly around in all directions and keep a look out. Ok Vir, you take care of yourself,I will go back to my lab come Imli. Grandpa, I’ll stay with Vir. OK Imli. Vir, they are landing again,location the pool square… I will go and have a look. There they are! Lets follow them and see where they go. Imli, go to the side and hide donít show yourself. OK. Vir!! Imli!!! Fire suit on. Fire suit on. Ha ha ha ha.. I have waited a very long for you. Now Iím going to study your whole system and make many more robots like you… And Doctor Prem Sahay will be able to do nothing! I won Doctor Prem Sahay! So you did this whole drama of fake aliens to trap me? You got that right my boy you got that right you have a weakness you think good all the time; you think of doing good for others; I took advantage of this weakness and trapped you here! To think of doing well for others is not a weakness but a strength. Let him hang inside the bubble till morning. Once his battery is drained we will take him out Hahaha Iím glad very very glad! Grandpa…Grandpa…where is Vir? He had gone behind the aliens. I cannot seem to find him now. I will have to track his space ship and find him. Vir’s space ship is in that direction; I will find him soon. Here is some tea and snack for you people. Boss,this man came in a small little space ship into our den and was spying on us. Hahaha Dr Prem Sahay welcome, welcome so in the end you had to come to my door. Where is Vir? Wherever he is, he is comfortable and he will face no trouble. Now I will make robots like Vir and become the richest man in the world!! Take me to meet Vir…right now! I will take you to meet him…Iíll take you; what is the hurry? Vir! Wake up Vir! Vir! Wake up fast Vir!! Imli… Vir, are you all right? I’m fine. Vir, grandpa is also here captured by Mad Max come quick we have to save everyone. Just a minute Imli when they put me down on this table I had a little power left in me and I heard that… Boss, Boss, lets tie Vir with this chain or he will run away… If he gets up from this table it will blast and be destroyed!! Are you listening Vir? I know you have enough energy in you for you to listen; Donít get off this table or there will be a blast!!!! Imli, I cannot get off this table as soon as i get off there will be a blast. Vir, there is not much of a difference in your weight and mine; it is important for you to get off; I will lie down in your place on this, you free everyone and then come and get me from here…all right? Thanks Imli. It is very difficult to get a friend like you Imli I will be back soon but you don’t get off this table under any circumstances. Ok, Vir… Doctor Prem Sahay, here…Have a look at your Vir… today he is so vulnerable and helpless and you cannot do anything!! Ahhhhhhh! Timbaktoon!!!! Where are all of you?!! Mad Max! Your game is over! Put your hand up and come quietly with us. Hahhaha I’m Mad Max, not some common criminal that i will put up my hands and walk away. My robot war has just started. Number 1, destroy Vir. Well done number 2! Number three; four, five, six, seven…attack!!!! Destroy this Vir!! I do not need him anymore!! Mad Max, I think you should concede defeat now Mad Max is mad! Very, very, mad!! Today no one can save you Vir!!! Now you cannot escape from me Vir! Jet shoes on! Jet shoes on. Jet shoes off! Jet shoes off. No, no, not off…not off…no…no… Wing suit on… Wing suit on. Doctor Prem Sahay, if I cannot have Vir, neither will you! Now this whole lab will be destroyed in just a few seconds! Vir I started the robo war and will end it I am happy that I will finish you. Hahahaha Bye-bye Doctor Prem Sahay!!! Boss, boss, take me too…boss…. Vir, we have to get out of here, quickly; there are going to be bomb blasts here. Look, there is grandpa, he is coming here with the Robo-boy…Yay… There is no time. You all sit in my space ship and go from here. Imli…Where is Imli? I will find her and get her. You people leave. Thanks Vir You are welcome Imli

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