Visit to the Pittsburgh Pet Expo 2019

Hey You Tube, Mark here, today’s video the
Pittsburgh Traveler spent the evening at the opening of the 2019 Pittsburgh Pet Expo. We put together this video to give you a glimpse
at this event. If you can ever go we suggest that you do. For those who could not make it here, check
this out. Remember to help us out and subscribe, remember
to hit the notification button and leave a comment down below! We walked the floor and checked out some of
the over two vendors, we will list for you on the screen on the right, please go to the
event website for more details There is a three-day dog grooming competition,
allot of fur is going to hit the floor over three days of cutting! Competitors from all over the world come to
compete for prizes over the weekend! This area was for dogs and their owners to
show off how well they play catch! Real fun to watch! As you can see there was allot to do! This was the opening night and the weekend
promised to be action packed with all sorts of activities for pets of all shapes and sizes. The was a really neat event to attend. Maybe next year you can make it out? Thanks for watching and see you next time!

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3 Responses

  1. Mark Allan's Travelogue says:

    Wow that's allot of dogs!

  2. Trivia Night says:

    That is pretty neat. I like the area where you can bounce the ball around to play catch.

  3. 나무넷 says:

    영상 잘 감상했습니다.

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