Vlog 1 Rottweiler mix vs Pharaoh Hound Mix

My morning class passed my math test, missed
two questions… One I over achieved and one I underachieved… Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days… I’m always late to the music. Time to head home, get some sleep before the programming
class. I wonder what kind of program I’m going to write today… I guess this is a good point to start doing
a vlog, say hi Huh? You’re actually doing it now? hi I don’t know it’s supposed to say
well they’ll say hi you said well like you were gonna start talking I will say
well as and nor do they I just make a girl happy with some cheesecake, man I miss my
bike uh-oh that pumpkin cheesecake pumpkin cheesecake with caramel like
drizzled over the top yeah it was pretty good oh like cheesecake but it was
pretty good it anything like cheesecake it had like a different consistency look
now we’re gonna go check out the yeah Wapato watch imma call it are we going
lake park yeah but what you call that building just like Oh your rental space
I guess, it overlooks the lake and stuff Well Wapato rental space for our potential
ceremony after the UH No reception, okay reception I don’t know, one of those
things after your wedding you see how I’m Sarah

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  1. Steven Milton says:

    Excellent video! I do videos too and its nice to see more people joining the youtube community! Keep it up!! 😀

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