[Vlog] Birthday Surprise: Boba the Frenchie

hi guys, we’re back yeah, so this week was pretty busy I
went to the Olympics Yeah, it’s really cold
we’re cold And it was Valentine’s Day
Single’s Awareness Day or yes that…for us And~ I got a very special surprise this week Everyone say hi to BOBA! look at that face ARF ARF ARF Boba is two months old he was born in December December first and he was the only boy in his litter he has four sisters hi sisters we went somewhere that was
about an hour and 15 minutes from the center of Seoul area
it was literally countryside please don’t fall off the road I don’t even know if it’s one way it has to be What if there’s another car that comes? They have to back up Yeah, I wouldn’t back up
I’d be scared I’d fall off Yes, countryside… but it was nice, we went there to go pick up
this little guy here and drove back with him he was such a good passenger,
very calm and quiet in the car and so far his personality is he’s very
chill which I like about him he has a big tummy and a lot of rolls
but he’s very cute because of that He looks like his dad Say bye to your dad He’s the biggest out of the litter? Yes, he’s the biggest both his parents are short but very robust I love
that word, look at how short and compact he is … toodoo~ and I love that he lets me do anything to him I tried to squeeze him in a hoodie that didn’t fit so well might be too small for him you’re in the hood, at least it fits on your head, that’s kinda cute look at his face
he looks like E.T. So Man, why did you choose to get a frenchie
out of all the different breeds out there? for a very long time I’ve had I guess
you could call it a dog crush of frenchies because as soon as we got
him home like first of all he’s very chill he just layed around and I would say Frenchie’s are
the class clowns of dog world they’re so goofy and you
can’t help but laugh at them and I love to laugh so I love frenchies
a good match so tell us a little bit about the breeder the way I found Boba’s parents was on Instagram
that’s a good way to find things and I really liked his dad
so I wrote to the owner they’re a married couple they just got
married actually really sweet really cute we took pictures together and they all kept saying goodbye to Boba apparently he’s the cutest yeah they
kept saying he’s the best he’s a birthday present to myself
which is in February so I asked if they were going to have a litter
sometime in December so they’d be ready to go in February and at first they
said no, not til summer so I was ready to just say okay but then all of a sudden they were like of no,
we can puppies for you and so I really think that they bred
his parents to have his litter just because that’s the dog I wanted
and she kept telling me he’s the perfect dog, he’s the dog you’ve always wanted
he’s the best I think they’re proud of him Alright, next up you’ll see some footage
of our Monday trip to go pick up this little guy here
so please enjoy I’ m bringing all this stuff: blanket,
has pawprints and bones on it for puppy I got this collar that has a bell
it might be a cat collar, I’m not sure but it’s cute and treats hopefully he can eat those and I brought two outfits because I didn’t know which one I want to put on him this one says “MERCI” cause he’s French I’m so excited… let’s go! we’re on our way driving there’s Yuri, hi Yuri she’s gonna help us translate she’s excited about that she didn’t know? I guess she just thought she was coming to see puppies
I tricked her, hahaha chauffeur for today, driving us wherever we need to go I’ve always had a chauffeur
hey that’s true! because my sister always drove I hate driving
little fact about me, I don’t like to drive I guess I don’t hate it but I prefer not to cause I like to look around and look outside so where the breeder lives is like an
hour away driving, hopefully without traffic but if I was taking the subway,
it would have taken two hours, so thanks Imo We’re almost there, I’m scared
why am I scared? Manda how do you feel? He’s so cute!!!
hi puppy~ they meet at last are you gonna miss your family? Awww look at all these cute puppies~ hi guys you missed it when I first walked in the room,
I was like ahhh~~ cause it was him and all his sisters and cousins we got the Boba
BOBA~~~~ He’s got so much, look at this, look at all this skin
it’s so cute right Boba? He’s like, “wha?”
He’s like. “let me do that to you” look at that face he’s just sitting there he’s like, “where are my sisters?” that was us meeting Boba for the first
time as you can tell he was super excited to meet us or maybe I was just
excited to meet him well a little bit of both and he actually has his own Instapage so if you want to follow along with his life how he’s growing what he’s doing the weird stuff
thought he’s getting into, he already ran into the mirror a few times Yes, he likes looking at himself
Yeah, I think he thinks it’s another dog you can check out the link below in the description
yes, follow his Instagram, he’s quite popular and also if you enjoyed today’s video
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Thanks!!! alright until next time see guys!!!
Bye~ okay you ready?
this is your big moment Boba~ he’s just like, “the camera’s on me, I’m ready” You’s a good boy!
You went pee pee outside~

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