VU in the Community: VU and Western Bulldogs Partnership

I grew up loving sport, it made me realize
that I wanted to you know further my sport, in terms of you know
joining up good teams and and I’m really starting to love my footy and now
going to finals I love it every more so you know,the attention helps so yeah it’s good. I found it that joining up with Victoria University and working here has given me
so many opportunities in terms of what I wanted to do past my sporting career. It’s a good culture here as well at VU. I knew that Victoria University had
placement opportunities but I never thought it would be anything as exciting
or great as this. So I’ve come on as GPS analyst for the VFL site so I’m
involved with all the data collection for the GPS tracking so that’s my
official kind of role with the club yeah So I worked casually already with the
Bulldogs in their fan engagement team and then I got an email for this
opportunity and I thought straightaway yeah this is what I want to do this is
my dream job so I applied got an interview and here I am!
Since being around the team I have formed a little bit of a soft spot for
the team you know seeing logos and whatnot out and about it’s kind of nice
to know that I’ve had the opportunity to work with them

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