Watch CATS Tour Grizabella Keri René Fuller Belt Out “Memory”

(music) (“Memory” piano introduction) ♪ Memory, turn your
face to the moonlight ♪ ♪ Let your memory lead you ♪ ♪ Open up, enter in ♪ ♪ If you find there the
meaning of what happiness is ♪ ♪ Then a new life will begin ♪ ♪ Memory, all alone in the moonlight ♪ ♪ I can smile at the old days ♪ ♪ I was beautiful then ♪ ♪ I remember the time I
knew what happiness was ♪ ♪ Let the memory live again ♪ ♪ Burnt out ends of smoky days ♪ ♪ The stale cold smell of morning ♪ ♪ A streetlamp dies,
another night is over ♪ ♪ Another day is dawning ♪ ♪ Daylight, I must wait for the sunrise ♪ ♪ I must think of a new life ♪ ♪ And I mustn’t give in ♪ ♪ When the dawn comes ♪ ♪ Tonight will be a memory too ♪ ♪ And a new day will begin ♪ (piano interlude) ♪ Like a flower, as the dawn is breaking ♪ ♪ The memory is fading ♪ ♪ Touch me ♪ ♪ It’s so easy to leave me ♪ ♪ All alone with the memory
of my days in the sun ♪ ♪ If you touch me, you’ll
understand what happiness is ♪ ♪ Look, a new day has begun ♪ (music)

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100 Responses

  1. Mindrea alanis says:


  2. Bragaul Hunter says:

    I saw her perform live today and she's even better live!

  3. Trevor Clarke says:

    Just saw her in Toronto. She was absolutely incredible! I almost cried listening to her.

  4. Jordan Brasil says:

    Truly mesmerized, I am. Wow! I cannot believe that Keri René can have this much power over someone. I am simply blown away and in awe. Fantastic! Pure! True! Real! René embodies everything. I am her captive. Bravissima!

  5. Luv1234 says:

    Excellent, perfection but Paige still my fav

  6. Becca Bubbels says:

    2:50 your welcome

  7. Curly Guy says:

    this is an Emmy award winning performance period

  8. Wesley Tipton says:

    I…. I…. I can’t even make words…. how?

  9. littlered1666 says:

    And she shows the cat filmmakers exactly how to do this without even having to try.

  10. Janis Amzallag says:

    Just experienced her rendition of Grizabella live in Cats playing in Toronto. She took my breath away and brought down the house. Just an awesome talent.

  11. David 777 says:

    Take all my money.

  12. CaitlinAeRee says:

    Better than J.Hud…

  13. Samantha Stiglitz says:

    I hate her mouth.

  14. Nick Paganetti says:

    30 seconds in & I’m already tearing up

  15. Tiffany Elefano says:

    I had the absolute pleasure of seeing her sing this song live today in Toronto! Brought me to tears; her voice and ability to convey emotions are incredible

  16. tankmaster1018 says:

    I was actually more impressed by the power behind her low notes at 1:27 and 2:50 then the big finish… Also, that first bridge from 1:37 to 1:55 was just absolutely stunning. It feels like someone pouring ice water down my back when she gets to those big notes for the first time!
    Edit: I think I'm in love…

  17. Zachary Manier says:

    I think most of us can agree that the modulation on the word “memory” at 3:18 is one of the best notes in all of Broadway…

    But the way she lands that note with that timbre literally scalped me. 🤤

    My mom has tickets upcoming and was debating on going after seeing the movie, but I told her she needs to go STAT!

  18. Danielle says:

    I have no words, this is too beautiful

  19. abby b says:

    Her version is the best rendition I’ve heard

  20. Shaannon James says:

    Wow.. she brought tears to my eyes you cam really feel the emotions!..x

  21. Elizabeth Nicole says:

    Why are broadway vocalists so superior!

  22. cait feanny says:

    i met this talented woman in toronto and omg she is the most humble person. as well as having incredible skills she has an amazing heart and is willing to share her advice to others. such an amazing person.

  23. Colby Jones says:

    I heard a little Barbara Streisand and Celine Dion mixed

  24. VocalEdgeTV says:

    No expense spared. They brought out the “high end” Casio keyboard. But yes, this lady is so strangely gorgeous. And voice VOICE…DAYUM!! That is art. She’s not playing. The phrasing …wow.

  25. Captn says:

    Sounds like a combination of heather headley and betty buckley

  26. Jennifer Rainey says:

    I saw her live in 2018 and it was amazing. The only thing I like about Cats was this song and Keri René Fuller singing it. I was looking for a YouTube video of her version since seeing the play. Best version ever!!!

  27. Kenz0104 says:

    Anyone know if this version is on itunes?

  28. Immortal door 960 says:

    I’m a 12 year old boy and I’m singing this for a huge show and I’m so nervous

  29. Peachykeen says:

    this is an absolutely stunning performance

  30. History and Headlines says:

    Excellent job! 🙂

  31. Emily Piccinin says:

    The most perfect Grizabella of all time

  32. Isabel Castrejon says:

    I have 100% never heard someone sing with such clarity. Someone go find my wig.

  33. kathberry8 says:

    just WOW

  34. Juli Ponciano says:

    That vocal control. The power in every note. Wow just wow

  35. Kevin says:

    This was like… flawless.

  36. Hey I'm Genevieve says:

    She's SO DAMN GOOD at this song!! She has incredibly precise control and articulation. This is the only rendition of "Memory" that I truly like and even LOVE. I listen to this all the time, it's AMAZING.


    She is giving me Céline Dion vibes with her “optional” breathing just to appear human before us. She’s not doing a very good job tho. #Inhuman #MasterfulSinging #Wigless

  38. Fennec Fox says:

    I keep on coming here to listen this. She's incredible. So touching, thank you ❤️

  39. rachel k says:

    i literally got chills omg

  40. Ross Mandell says:

    Betty Buckley and Elaine Paige own this but she is very good.

  41. Trevor Network says:

    Saw her live in Boston this evening. She was absolute perfection. An absolute legend. The audience was stunned silent, and then the applause, and cheering was deafening.

  42. Victoria Bowler says:

    Saw her in Boston and the final belt shook my soul, absolutely brilliant!

  43. Aceris says:

    My wig was chosen for the Heaviside layer

  44. britt234997 says:

    Saw her Thursday night, and for how amazing this is, it doesn’t even do hearing it live justice!! Incredible performance

  45. Chade Fallstar says:

    This is the only other rendition that comes close to Elaine Paige's, and it is damn close, almost enough to bring me, a grown man, to tears. Bravo, outstanding.

  46. tobii says:

    when she hit the "touch me" i spontaneously cried. like a fricking nuclear bomb button being pushed 😂😂

  47. stick_ ahhh says:

    I saw her at Nashville TPAC and she was AMAZINGGGGGG!!!

  48. Jesse_ Mills says:

    Ok I literally saw the thumb nail and thought “cats??” bc she low key looks like one 😂😂

  49. polpasilan05 says:

    This is like, the BETTER version of Celine Dion's Memory rendition

  50. dum dum says:

    my wigs are gone they were snatched

  51. Fabio Kaneziro says:

    …sings like a cat!!! like a meowwwmory

  52. Brittany Corcoran says:

    I like to listen to this at least once a week to remind myself of how utterly talentless I am

  53. Graesi Trakulwatanachai says:

    3:05–3:26 just cured my depression

  54. SadOceanGirl - says:

    As soon as she started singing, I got goosebumps

  55. Sarah Rivera says:

    This song always kind of bored me and now I can't stop listening to this, she's so amazing!

  56. Evie Robertson says:

    Anyone’s else’s heart sink at the climax?

  57. Phoebe Chan says:

    this rendition has so much emotion! keri's grizabella is right up there with elaine page's

  58. kokichi ouma says:

    This made me cry in the theater lol

  59. Kate T-G says:

    How is it possible that I can watch 3:06 to the end 20 times in a row and get goosebumps every. damn. time. ??? Either my body is broken or I've just heard the voice of God.

    Edit: I'm on round 21 and am now crying uncontrollably. Please send help.

  60. J. Walt says:

    ya know, the jazz is really putting me out of it lmao

  61. Jeannie J. says:

    This has cured me from the movie

  62. SxFm says:

    The red lip is amazing

  63. Rachel Helen says:

    I’ve listened to this an unholy amount in the last 24 hours, and I get chills and cry every damn time. I want to see her sing this song live SO bad

  64. Isaiah Baston says:

    Hey can we maybe put this on Spotify?

  65. mema says:

    She looks like a white panther. No offence meant here. She is simply gorgeous

  66. Clarina Mascarenhas says:

    Gorgeous. Amazing. I am in love.

  67. Andrew Perucho says:

    Seeing her perform this live was such an out of body experience.

  68. Natalya Duncan says:

    My phone speaker literally couldn’t cope with her voice STUNNING

  69. Audrey Penington says:

    Sometimes I start to feel talented and then videos like this remind me I’m about as skilled as a cabbage.

  70. Lucy Hinds says:

    She puts so much emotion in her face. If I did that my mouth would hurt and I would be able to move it 😂

  71. FrankD491 says:

    Is she from Avatar?
    I bet she has a tail.

  72. Mad Juicy says:

    Idc what theatre she was preforming in, I would literally get up and give her a standing ovation myself…

  73. Richard W says:

    First video I ever saw that brought tears to my eyes!! Such passion and such a powerful voice !! The voice of an angel…..

  74. Ryan Brown says:

    I saw her live and this video cannot come close to communicating the power of her voice. Also, I really want a video of the entrance of Grizabella. Her “you see the boarder/corner of her…” lines were so incredible. I love her!

  75. Theriddlesoflife says:

    Just saw her live and my jaw legit dropped during this song

  76. Keighlys Art says:

    Her technique is the most impeccable that I’ve heard. So beautiful.
    She is perfect for this role.

  77. M.R says:

    She does have a beautiful voice and articulation.. but IMO emotions just not there.
    Elaine Paige felt the song, therefore her expressions were natural.

  78. Nathan Woodings says:

    CEO of articulation

  79. Kat M says:

    I can never watch any rendition of this song, it reminds me of all of my Jellicle cats who have gone to the heavyside layer, and my little Ginny kitty is going to have to make that journey soon…

  80. Rudy Abrego says:

    I have seen her perform this in the play in person. I got chills when she peaked….. she made me fall in love with this play..

  81. Kristine Kelly says:

    Just saw her perform this on stage at The Hippodrome theater in Baltimore last night. I legit cried. It was phenomenal.

  82. maddie Mith says:

    She was the Grizabella when I saw cats

  83. Anna Goldizen says:

    the “touch me” caught me off guard… damn what a voice

  84. Brenda Urbina Gutierrez says:

    is there any sheet music for this version online?

  85. Am I homophobic if I hate myself? says:

    Her voice somewhat reminds me of Elaine Paige's performance of Grizabella, and that makes me love it ❤

  86. P!ATD Fangirl Trash says:

    I love this because you can tell how much she’s singing this song from her soul.

  87. cassie newsham says:

    Watched this too many times…she makes it look effortless.

  88. LightTruthLove says:

    Incredible diction. Wonderful range. Bravo.

  89. The Architect says:

    Dear God, can I borrow someone’s pearls? I have nothing to clutch…..🤯

  90. Chris J. says:

    Had the privilege of seeing the full production recently…was misty eyed by the end of Ms. Fuller's performance. Thank you and the rest of the cast and crew for a memorable evening!

  91. UkuleleLauren says:

    I just saw her in the national tour, and wow, was she incredible! Her performance gave me chills and brought a tear to my eye. Truly outstanding.

  92. Gαвяιєℓℓє Pσттєя says:

    Turn your face to the moonlight
    Let your memory lead you
    Open up, enter in
    If you find there the meaning of what happiness is
    Then a new life will begin

    All alone in the moonlight
    I can smile at the old days
    I was beautiful then
    I remember a time I knew what happiness was

    Let the memory live again

    Burnt out ends of smokey days
    The stale cold smell of morning
    A streetlamp dies – another night is over
    Another day is dawning

    I must wait for the sunrise
    I must think of a new life
    And I mustn't give in
    When the dawn comes, tonight will be a memory too
    And a new day will begin

    Sunlight through the trees in summer
    Endless masquerading
    Like a flower as the dawning is breaking
    The memory is fading

    Touch me
    It's so easy to leave me
    All alone with a memory
    Of my days in the sun
    If you touch me, you'll understand what happiness is
    Look, a new day has begun

  93. Elizabeth Phillips says:

    Seeing it live is a whole different experience, she made me cry fat tears.

  94. Phoebe Redfern says:

    and that’s on vocal stability

  95. againstthetimes says:

    Oh My Gosh!!!! This is so good! Keri's voice is so clear! It's very beautiful! 😀

  96. lisha k says:

    i need to know her lipstick brand she used in this

  97. Joseph Johnson says:

    Saw this live. It was an INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL moment absolutely destroyed by the audience bursting into applause prematurely while she was on the high E.. I was so incredibly livid. So happy to have this here though

  98. Joseph Johnson says:

    Btw I love when singers go for no breathe between "all alone with the memory" and "of my days in the sun". To break up such a brilliant line is criminal

  99. Miranda McGuire says:

    If you think this is good… I saw her live over the summer and I will tell you she was even more amazing than this. When she belted out "touch me" I think pretty much everyone in the audience was crying. She's absolutely incredible.

  100. nala beans says:

    girl looks like a cat.

    in the MOST complimentary way.

    somehow her makeup/costume for griz makes her look LESS like a cat. don't be fooled, she's pure feline.

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